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~ Welcome To The Page Of Royal Magic ~

Ever wonder if magic is really real?  What about those old world magicians that were appointed to Royalty?  There were kingdoms, there were Kings, and Queens, Dukes, Duchesses, Lords, and Ladies ….all in their royal realms of old world glory..  Do you feel a bit nostalgic in thinking about the magical days of old?

Now times have changed, and so have kingdoms, realms, as they were called in the days of old, but have you ever wondered who the best magicians were and are today?  Do you ever wonder who is real and who is not?  

Ever wonder who is performing a magical feat that produces only a figment of your imagination, or perhaps produces something you are SURE at the time is real, only to find out later that , “ oh, it was all in the wrist ?”   That can be very disappointing, can’t it?

The most famous magicians in the world are known for performing what seems to be really amazing magic tricks, stunning illusions, and starring in some of the most eye mesmerizing magic shows. 

The list of notable magicians includes famous illusionists like Criss Angel and David Copperfield, endurance artists like David Blaine, and old school magicians like Penn & Teller, and many Las Vegas magicians. Whatever your favorite magic style, the list of illusionists and magicians goes on and on, and has all the greatest magic men and women in history.  

These are the types of magicians that do “tricks” meaning they are doing what seems to be magical things right in front of you that you cannot see with your naked eye.  Such as pulling a rabbit out of your ear, and then you realize later that they had the rabbit inside their sleeve the whole time.  They did the trick so quickly that you only THOUGHT they were actually pulling a rabbit out of your ear, as did all your friends that watched, ooed and awed, and said things like, “ wow, how did he do that?”

Or perhaps you have seen a so called magician “saw a lady in half” which is yet another very elaborate trick by skilled magicians that only gives the ILLUSION that someone is actually being sawed in half.

The world of magic is a skilled and complicated place, shrouded in secrecy and mystery, or so many world famous magicians would like the public who watches them would think.

The secrets of the world's greatest magic tricks are known by few, revered by many, and shared by almost no one. From the granddaddy of all magicians, Harry Houdini, to the new school of comic magicians and Las Vegas staples like The Amazing Johnathan, there are always new magicians coming up making their audience ponder the question of, and again, “how'd they do that?"  From huge magician names, to lesser known illusionists, and arguably the best magician ever, the world of magic isn't just contained in Harry Potter books.   Besides, Harry Potter is only a fictional and so called magician.  

Who is the best magician?  Who is the best magician in the world? Perhaps we cannot tell you who the best magician is in the entire world, and perhaps this is not a complete list of all magicians, so if you don't know who your favorite magician is, or perhaps you do not even have a favorite magician, there is something we would like to tell you now that we think you will be very pleased to know.

We are the real deal.  We are not illusionists, we are the Wizard and Enchantress that cast real magic spells, that live in the real Enchanted Forest, just like the Wizards and Enchantresses did in the days of old, that had Royal Appointment to the King and Queen….the Dukes, the Duchesses, the Lords, and the Ladies of old……here, now, in this present day and age today - as of 2015.

We are the Wizard and Enchantress that can bring you your dreams on the wings of Angels !  This is the very web site you have dreamed about and thought you could never find because you did not know it even existed ! Yes, here we are, and we are REAL !

We are the Wizard and Enchantress that know true and real magic because it has been in our bloodlines for hundreds of years, passed down to us from Ancient relatives who were in the olden days, Wizards and Enchantresses that knew and passed down through the hundreds of years what real magic is and exactly how it works.  Yes, we have the secrets that have been passed down from our magical relatives from the days of old. 

If all this talk of magic has raised your desire to see some great magic, get inspired by knowing and seeing real and true magic for what it really is, we would love to speak with you.  

Real magical spells start in the mind, and once the mind is mastered, the body and other actions will follow.  This is basically how spells change things.

Let us go to the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, specifically Daniel 5:11 that says, “There is a man in your kingdom who has the spirit of the holy gods in him.  In the time of your father he was found to have insight and intelligence and wisdom like that of the gods. Your father, King Nebuchadnezzar, appointed him chief of the magicians, enchanters, astrologers and diviners.”  

This person was what we term an “old world magician” because these types of magicians were who we are today, appointed for Royalty, to take care of all the spiritual needs of the King, the Queen, and the Royal subjects of their kingdom.  

We are those same Wizard and Enchantress who have the ability to see the writing on the wall before it is even written.  We are the Wizard and the Enchantress who have holy illumination, insight, and great wisdoms like the gods that are found residing in us. 

We are the very same Wizard and Enchantress that can warn the King or the Queen of things that are to come.  In the Holy bible, one passage of the scripture in which the plagues of Egypt the magicians did appear and results were provided by magical rites.  Even the magicians of Egypt could imitate the plagues sent through Moses with time to prepare.

In most kingdoms, a Wizard and or an Enchantress would only perform one spell for the entire year and sometimes more, and the feat was so great that everyone was not only amazed but completely satisfied and therefore approached the Wizard and Enchantress with the greatest of respect and admiration for all of their good and miraculous deeds of magic for the greater good of all concerned in the kingdom.

God / Divinity  has gifted us to be who we are- servants of Divinity / God, Jesus Christ, The Blessed Virgin Mary, The Holy Spirit, Angels, and Saints. The Holy Scriptures prove that magicians of old had supernatural powers to use at will.  And they were very successful at doing so.

The Persians especially loved magic because the magicians in their day of old had occult powers of nature to produce bumper crops, or produce prosperity in the way of fruitful crops, livestock, and many other things in those olden days that were considered great treasures- all wrought by the skilled hands of magicians.  

Whether a Wizard or an Enchantress, the magical rituals were performed, and people were happy, successful, and everyone had what they needed to live and survive, and live a life of happiness.  

Old world spells consisted of finding a true love, bringing back a lost object or person, changing the weather, revealing an enemy and what the enemy did, punishing the enemy, bringing abundant blessings and money, health and healing not only for the body but for a saddened spirit that perhaps suffered some sort of loss in their life, and even for ridding the atmosphere or actual people of an evil that may harm or destroy innocent people.  There is magic for protection, and for removing a curse or a hex that perhaps an evil person has put or willed upon someone. Real and true magic has nothing to do with evil, but only good, the greater good of all concerned.  

Real and true magic  consists of making positive changes that greatly benefit the recipient of the magic.  And magic is kept secret, and nothing that is discussed with the Wizard or the Enchantress goes any further than that, for a Wizard and Enchantress are also protectors of things that are sacred, such as privacy and or conversations about magic that are always completely private and sacred. 

The magical practices were an essential element in many ancient religions, especially among the Persians, Chaldeans, and Egyptians.  King Saul consulted with the Witch of Endor.  Great miracles were wrought by magical arts in the days of old.  The real and humble wise magicians never gave themselves credit for the manifestations of their magic but would say “this is the finger of God / Divinity Who wrought this miracle” and such things as that. Magicians always remembered where they attained their magical abilities and gifts from, and they never lost sight of that.

Even in the book of Job it states that great things were handed down to us by the authority of the Scripture.  It was not by any small power of visible miracles that Job lost all he had, and both his children and his bodily health itself. 

Now let us refer to a passage written by De Moribus Ecclesiæ Catholicæ  written in 388 A.D.  which is St. Augustin about  morals.

“It is laid down at the outset that the customs of the holy life of the Church should be referred to the chief good of man, that is, God or Divinity. 

We must seek after God / Divinity with supreme affection; and this doctrine is supported in the Catholic or Universal Church by the authority of both the Old and New Testaments. 

The four virtues get their names from different forms of this love. Then follow the duties of love to our neighbor.  In the Catholic or Universal  Church we find examples of continence and of true Christian or morally right conduct.”

Catholic is a word defined as “Universal.”  It means for everyone, not for a chosen few.  Magic is for everyone to benefit from, not just a chosen few.  We the Wizard and the Enchantress, along with all the Magicians of old, know and do profess that magic is for the benefit of everyone, and everyone has their time, place, and reasoning for wanting extra help or magical intervention for something in their life.

So if you are a King or a Queen, or even a Duke, perhaps a Duchess, a Lord or a Lady, and you need a bit of magic, or even if you need a miraculous deed or a miracle,  we hope you will feel free to contact us.  

We would love to tell you more about all of our wonderful magic and how we have helped people from all walks of life all over the world….over the course of many, many years, over thirty years as a matter of fact.   

We have practiced our Art for many years and will continue to do so in order to bless the people of God / Divinity.

If you do not contact us for a spell, we would love to speak to you just the same even if just to talk about the days of old and how things really were in the old world magical circles.  And if there is something that is perhaps troubling you, we would love to be here for you and help you out if and when you need us.

If you are Royalty and are considering after reading the rest of our site here either contacting us for a magical spell, or perhaps appointing us to your Royal Realm, we would be honored to accept, for we have much to offer you, and all of your kingdom...

In Divinity’s Service Sending Blessings And Abundance,

Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll

High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows


When calling our Skype telephone business line, please be sure to speak clearly and slowly, leaving your name and your contact telephone number.  We will contact you with 24 hours or less time.  Thank you for reading this page and we truly look forward hearing from you soon.