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The Negativitiy Releasing Candle Prayer Copyright Blood Love And Lust Spells And Castle Dragon's Eye By Master Wizard Morgan ll And High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows
"The Negativity Releasing Prayer" 

Have you been searching for the answer to your life? Have you been searching your entire life for the REAL Holy Grail? Search no further.......for you have found it here !. Before you begin your Negativity Releasing Prayer, please view these two videos first- part one, and part two, where Master Wizard Morgan fully explains how he created the NRP over 18 years ago, what it means and how it will help you change your life for the better, plus empower your spell work to it's maximum..

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"The Negativity Releasing Prayer"

This is next step in your spell process is cultivating your own personal relationship with Divinity, to soul search within yourself, to see if there are any traits that you feel have held you back from having complete happiness and success in your life.
You should read and study this more than once because in this you will find the KEY to not only spell success but success for your entire life, for the rest of your life.
For the next few days it is really important to follow these instructions to the letter, and try not to worry too much about your current situation, or when your casting date is, when you will attain your spell results and so forth.

These next few days are for you to have that special one on one relationship and special time with Divinity. While you are performing the Negativity Releasing Prayer, I will be hard at work preparing your spell for the casting, which requires a few days. By the time you are finished with this, I will be able to give you your casting date. Be be careful and make sure NOT to include into the NRP in any way, your spell wishes, that is not what the NRP is for, but that is of course what the spells are for. This is something totally different. Why, you may ask is this so important to my life?

The idea is to step up to the plate and address different things in your personality so that Divinity sees you as righteous and willing to draw closer to Them. This is the reason so many spells FAIL which is because the provebial caster and client forget all about Divinity, Who They are, and how a client's relationship with Them will make the most profound difference in how not only their spell results are quickly attained, but in the client's overall life, as a whole. This is where a lot of people miss it. They wonder why they went through so many casters and spent so much money and got NOTHING. Well, this is why- because they did not take first things first and do what is the most important.

They rushed through and put the cart before the horse and were impatient and gave their attentions to what they wanted instead of first considering what kind of relationship they have with the Divine, the High Angelic Host Who GRANTS their wishes........this is the very reason why a lot of people yell SCAM. They forget all about Divinity and usually a caster will only take a person's money and then throw the baby out with the bathwater leaving the client hanging and wondering why they never attained their spell results. Some casters can be downright lazy, and actually create Karma when allowing this to happen, but then again, there are most casters that are scams on the web and are only out to take the client's money and nothing more.

My philosophy is that I take the time to educate my clients and make sure they do everything correctly and the first foremost thing to remember in any spell casting is to first and foremost PLACE DIVINITY FIRST. Not because you want spell wishes to be granted, but because you LOVE Divinity. And believe me, Divinity knows when a person approaches Them because of wanting something and They also know your needs, and know your love for Them, and why you love Them. Be a child that wants to sit on Mom's lap because you love Mom, not because you want to borrow five dollars from her, LOL.
Being honest with Divinity, and with yourself, in this next step of soul searching, which Divinity requires from all of us in order for us to draw ever closer to The High Thrones Of Heaven, to Divinity. Plus in doing so, Divinity sees you as the greatest thing since sliced bread so when you truly make an honest effort, then Divinity sees that effort on your part thus, Divinity is much more apt to grant your wishes quickly. The key element in any successful spell is to consider the Grantors of the wishes, and to of course place Divinity first and foremost in your life. When Divinity know that your love for Them is pure, simple childlike love together with simple faith and complete trust, They will move mountains to give you what you want.

Read the long list here below of different traits, and after carefully reading them for a day or two, pick nine that you feel are ones that you would like to see Divinity remove from your life. While you are performing the NRP, I will be preparing your spells for casting. If you have any questions about the text here below, let me know, but please do not ask me any questions until you have taken this weekend to review these instructions. It is very important that you do not rush through this part of the spell process.

The Holy Grail- Tree Of Life &The Human Spirit Yes this is the HOLY GRAIL you have heard so much about... "The Negativity Releasing Prayer " www.bloodloveandlustspells.com ( these are the NRP Traits-please read carefully and choose nine traits ) The Holy Grail is WITHIN YOU.
Spanning down through the ages and throughout the countless generations of Humanity, the laws of Divinity have been taught by the various spiritual Teachers and Prophets sent to the diverse nations of the Earth. Down through the eons, the living message has consistently remained the same in each of these holy doctrines and the traditions they have procured, or were built upon over time, and it is in these same holy text that we as a people were, and are given the keys in obtaining a much smoother or productive lives and eternal existences over both in practice and theory.

To quote one teacher of many, Jesus of Nazareth said: "The sower will cast the seed upon the earth and some seed will land upon fertile earth and grow because they have accepted the message, yet others of the seed will land upon stony ground and die because they have seen but remained blind to the truth". Even in the days of the ancient Gods and Goddesses, these same spiritual principals, or wisdoms could be found throughout a diverse array of mythologies be they Greek, Roman, African, Egyptian, Babylonian, Samarian, Chinese etc.

When Jesus spoke on the issue of casting the seed down upon the earth, he was mainly speaking in regards to long held wisdoms or knowledge that would be given to all that would hear and receive it much like others had done before him. The spiritual wisdoms that he, and the many before him spoke in regards to primarily dealt with personal conduct or the way a person should navigate through life and thus becoming a positive or beneficial force in creation instead of something detrimental, or opposed to it.

Of course some will be receptive to the holy knowledge while implementing it into their lives, and others will reject it as they are the stony ground that doesn't accept the seed of knowledge or anything that induces positive change in their lives for whatever reason. How can a stone give the seed room to grow, not alone soft earth to prosper within. This of course is talking about the human mind, heart and spirit and these ageless truths and wisdoms. I would like to add something here regarding the seed being cast upon the stone, I do this by saying that there is yet one more category in which I'd like to shed some light on concerning a particular seed falling upon the stony surface, this particular seed manages to find a creves in the stone that's filled with just enough soil for it to grow to a point.

This is where a lot of people are finding themselves standing today and this is why the recognition of this category is so important and needs to be explored further on this page. Most folks want to do the right thing, they want to be looked upon as righteous people in the eyes of Divinity, they wish to grow spiritually, however, they, like the rest of us have these pesky little negativity traits and blocks to deal with in order to get from here to there in many cases. In other words, from the darkness and into the light of full knowledge. Ok, knowledge is a powerful thing, however the right knowledge is a all consuming and what gets us through in the end. The right knowledge not only gives us power in this world but in the spiritual realms as well.

The church understood this along with many others in the past and this is why they had been very veg with us in the past we, in some instances, the church was even down right suppressive concerning this information about self evolution for without us where would they be ?. Also, If your not aware of the spiritual problem within yourself then how can you address or fix that issue that has always brought you disruption in life. It takes more then dropping a few coins into the collection basket, more then rushing off to church every Sunday, more then recognizing Christmas or Easter a couple of times throughout the year or even performing acts of charity from time to time as the many are now finally understanding. In these days we must understand that it's just not prudent to blame everything on some super being named Mr. Satan, and that the time has come that we as a global people under Divinity must begin to accept accountability and responsibility for what we do in our lives.

Regarding the Tree Of Life expounded upon in the Kabala and the Forbidden Fruit, or forbidden knowledge mentioned in the Bible. Many scholars and scientist along with others found in the main stream global church systems have grossly mistranslated and confused what was once known as the tree of life, the living word, the living water, the eternal message of life. Why ? Because humanity always tends to turn something good and simple that serves everyone in the beginning, into something very complex that further only serves a few in the end, and thus this violates the very spiritual law in which they proclaim to uphold over all. The Tree Of Life has been broken down in every way possible regarding everything from train of thought to magical invocations, for instance: the ranking of angels, the recognition of energy points in the body called Charkas, magical initiation for those pursuing magical study and the ordering of numerical values to just about everything found in life and so on.

Is this a bad thing ? absolutely not, however it really has very little to do with what the tree of life was originally designed for in the way of it being a spiritual guide book or map in getting people through this mundane life in a positive way concerning day to day decision making or personal conduct, or in achieving an eternal spiritual existence here after. The tree of life is about a combined earthly and spiritual knowledge that Divinity gives freely to those who will listen, learn from, and in obeying its divine laws, it's not about realizing that your sham in being naked more so then realizing that your responsible and accountable for your own actions be they of a righteous or evil nature.

It is about learning from your mistakes and ascending up to the next batch of karmic lessons in life, it's about seeing the other fellows point of view and moreover knowing, then implementing what can serve the many and not just the one, it's about understanding that we are all cut from the same cloth and assisting others that may fall short of the common goal. We do this through generous or charitable acts, and times through tough love regarding another when called for, to understand that none of us are exempt from this rule. It's about DOING THE RITE & FAIR THING, and having over all common sense, forgiving those who are less evolved then you are. To judge fairly and to always temper your justice with compassion and mercy, including yourself.

The tree of life has been taught by every spiritual teacher in every faith system ever known in the world as each spiritual discipline exhibits good rules or laws for conducting a life to the benefit of all. These same doctrines and faith systems teach a host of positive ways of carrying out certain actions that not only keep a person out of trouble in this earthly existence with others, but further ensures that this same individual stays within Divinities grace and protection through righteous thought, speech and actions, case in point: The Ten Commandments to which every faith system has their own rendition of when reviewing over each of them. Of course, every faith or religious system has one thing in common being that all of them start out with that person in the mirror looking back at you. Religions and faith systems that teach otherwise are dangerous notions that are moreover built on shaky foundations.

You may be asking yourself how you can be sure that your on the right path or the path of light that will free you from many hardships in life. (1): Firstly realize, that every religious system has its value that you can learn and grow through, however you must ascertain what is real in each system from that which is designed for another's self-gain. (2): That all faith systems have the potential to be corrupt like that of anything humanity procures into any kind of doctrine. (3 ): To weigh out of mind and heart, or distinguish the good fruit from the bad pertaining to what a certain doctrine states. (4): To discern, be prudent and ask Divinity concerning anything you read including what your reading here to establish the truth.

The Divine knowledge resides within and all about you, and it is you that must make this journey alone. A person must quest for the Holy Grail within before they can obtain it in the exterior world. It is only through knowing yourself that you can understand others in the world around you and thus your journey begins in the here and now with some of the traits listed below. These listed negative traits are the enemies of life and spirit, the snares and pit falls of ones existence, the traitors of a persons faith and the devil that dwells within all of us. And now with all this aside, let us begin to explore the mind and our actions in life.

The lack of resolve in any given situation despite a persons best efforts will typically lead to frustration, anxiety and subsequently fear of the inevitable out come concerning a certain issue or event. From there, and depending on the circumstance, this turns into impatience and anger that quickly evolves into ill- thought out speech or hasty actions that usually fail in resolving anything. in fact there's even the heightened possibility of making the matter even worse through lack of thought regarding any plan of action or speech. As a result, this generally ends up submersing the unfortunate recipient of a given negative situation into a deep state of depression as the lack of resolution seems to be some what out of reach.

In some cases or instances, a repeated cycle of negative action and event can eventually, and or often times does, lead to Confusion, Self-Esteem or Self-Loathing issues that further impedes a persons emotional and spiritual growth. The traits below are a consorted array of known emotional imbalances that normally impede a person in life as they are at times running in excess, there of causing unnecessary blocks in life. The good news is in the way that these emotional processes can be modified and balanced with a little emotional discipline, self-honesty and a lot of hard work over time and thus breaking the chains that place us into bandage, or doom us to a repetitive cycle of negative event and repercussion.

Believe it or not, such traits as anger, anxiety and fear can be good traits to have when held in their proper context or balance, Again, over generosity, unconditional love and tolerance can be a bad thing if taken out of their proper context. Please also notice how many of these traits can lead to either to other negative traits or contribute to positive attributes in a given personality. Ok, let's explore the traits below that will typically serve us when in balance, more so that causes us irreparable harm over all when in excess.

Please know that all of these traits below DO NOT apply to any one particular person, and that this page is simply a list of general traits acquired from past case histories over the last 15 years. The main purpose of this material is to discern what traits or set of traits belong to each individual or reader of this paper in order to assist their spell work along, and is not to be taken as accusing or judgmental in any way, shape or from.

Depression: can help us on occasion by keeping us sober and attuned to our environment, It keeps us from seeing the good in a particular situation where good might not be present in reality. This emotion can keep us grounded and balanced while allowing us the ability to take advantage of introspect, soul searching and problem solving. When depression exist in excess, it can blind us to all the good things that may be taking place around us and thus causing us to miss the many opportunities that would ultimately benefit us in our lives should we recognize them.

It can ruin our relationships with others not to mention our relationship to ourselves and Divinity. It can greatly impede our rational mind set and further isolate us from those who love, and only wish to help us. When depression occurs in excess, not only is the recipient of the depression miserable but so is everyone else around them including the Boss, Co-workers, Family and love interest.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen depression in excess ruin the lives of outstanding people, It ruins their marriages, relationships and friendships into bad relationships at best. Depression, will typically lead to other sub-negative traits such as: Anxiety, Confusion, Stress, Anger, Self-Pity, Self-Loathing, Self-Esteem issues that further seems to result in self-defeatist attitude and self-Sabotage type problems that leave one feeling hopeless. Depression can become so bad that it will draw physical sicknesses or other emotional based problems to you.

When people become depressed to any degree or excess, this condition tends to cloud and distort the issues at hand and thus a persons good judgment is seriously diminished as a result, when this occurs, then it's hard to engage in right thought, speech and actions. When resolution doesn't occur because all the facts aren't present, or perhaps there are to many facts present coming in at a alarming rate of speed, this only adds to the enigma or problem.

Maybe facts are mixed with speculation and there of overwhelming a person due to their imagination running away with them regarding certain misinformation or no information pertaining to a situation. Basically when a individual is taken back with a situation because they find it to shocking, or a surreal event, that apparently doesn't seem to have a valid resolution to it, then this is the way most people will end up dealing with it pertaining to depression, just wanting to shut down emotionally in short.

Even though depression can be treated without drugs in many instances most people tend to fall back on medical treatment instead of simply confronting the issue first hand to see what is really causing the problem in the first place. Excessive depression can lead to physical ailments as mentioned above such as back and leg pain, circulation problems, headaches and other far more serious conditions. Spiritually speaking, prolonged depression will draw physical illness to you.

Lack of emotional balance will place you out of sync with the mundane and spiritual realms, many times, depression can be traced back to childhood as a way of dealing with a given problem. Depression is the collapse of trying to which in turn leads to despair, giving up and just hoping that things will work out in some way by themselves without anymore personal effort.

Anger: Is a beneficial emotion when balanced through constructive actions and thought process, that moreover can be re-directed into positive avenues of resolution. For instance: If someone tells a person that they will never accomplish much, if anything in their life, a person can become so angry at this statement that they actually convert their anger into determination and then accomplishment. The individual is driven to succeed in the face of adversity in a effort to prove the statement made by another to be incorrect.

Anger can be used constructively as motivation and for all the right reasons, or in taking right action. This emotion can drive us to protect our family, friends and self in the way of proving others to be wrong in certain instances, or to prevent a negative occurrence from even happening in the first place. Our anger can protect our home by compelling us to install lights because our property was vandalized at one point in the past. In other words, let anger work for you instead of against you.

Excessive anger can, and often times does get us into that much more trouble by making a situation worse as a result of our wrong actions and speech as we latter regret what is said or carried out in the heat of the moment. Unbridled, unbalanced anger can and will subject us to more of the same if not corrected. Quote: ( I'm so dam mad I can't think straight ), Quote: ( I'm so mad I can't see straight ). Out of control anger can make you entirely oblivious to what's going on around you and thus your not perceiving any situation in it's correct state of being past what is effecting you directly or what another has done to you.

Again, fear, anxiety, depression, pride, hate, self-pity may accompany anger and excessive anger and there for only compounding the problem into something that much worse. Anger tends to lead into other such emotions such as resentment, loathing, gossip, vindictiveness, paranoia, Irresponsibility and being callus to the innocent ones around you. Between depression and anger I would speculate that there are more reasons to keep a firm grip on these two emotions then not as they can cause some major troubles in our life.

Fear: Some of us love to be scared on Halloween because it's fun, a eye opener so to speak, something to let us know that were alive. We like to watch scary television shows while cuddling up next to our loved ones, some of us even like to play scary practical jokes on our friends for laughs, however real fear is no laughing matter as you know. There are several types of fear really as I'm about to explain but let's explore beneficial fear first, fear in its proper perspective or balance can be the alarm system in which we use to keep our families and selves out of harms way.

The fight or flight syndrome usually comes into play when fear is induced in any given negative scenario that creates and or constitutes real physical threat of loss of life. Fear is a part of our primordial make up that is more so geared for self-preservation and nothing else. Fear, when out of control, or out of balance can really cause us not only a lot of inconvenience in our lives such as : Causing a person to become a Hermit, various psychiatric conditions that induce neurotic behaviors such as washing your hands fifty times a day, fear of conflict of any kind either occurring to you or others, fear of standing up for ones self, fear of getting involved even though the situation calls for it. fear of success.

Fear of losing a love interest in your life, this particular instance unlike the other examples of fear above not only effects just a singular life but multiple lives when left un-checked. When fear is out of balance, it causes one to become co-dependent, jealous, greedy, possessive, Fear of being caught or exposed, domineering behaviors, indecisiveness and Materialist in instances, however it can also lead to more serious problems like Self-Loathing and other Self-Esteem issues in a prolonged situational circumstance.

Fear can absolute destroy your life depending on what type of fear is present at the time and concerning a specific situation over all. Alexander the great said it best when he stated: ( Conquer Fear, and you will conquer death). Fear like other negative traits found in the human make up can be a beneficial thing or emotion, like all other traits it can either work for or against you. It pretty much depends on how a person would choose to use this particular emotion, or how they would choose to act out concerning the circumstance and the emotion that is endured throughout a given circumstance.

Anxiety: This is a given in the human personality, anxiety is beneficial in the way that it causes us concern even though anxiety is normally past, or up a degree past normal concern. Anxiety is good in the way of keeping us attentive to a given issue of concern, it encourages us to follow up on a certain issue of concern and thus we prioritize the important matter over other things of less concern to us in our daily decision making processes.

Out of balance or in excess, this emotion will cause excessive worry and stress that moreover can lead to such things as fear, depression, indecisiveness, muddled thinking on occasion, obsession regarding a certain instance. Anxiety and stress can and will cause physical problems of every kind not to mention the loss of sleep and effecting our dietary habits. Anxiety distracts us away from issues that we really need to be paying attention to and causes us to walk through life with a pair of blinders on. The thing to realize here is that you can only say and do, or take action on a singular event and then wait for the effects to occur, past this, anxiety and stress can do nothing for your on a positive level.

Anxiety can also provoke other negative emotions such as Bad Timing, Impulsive Behaviors, Forcing Issues as the result of Impatience. All the worrying, stressing out and anxiety will not change a thing concerning positive resolution, however it can make a situation mush worse if left un-checked. Anxiety and worry are basically a person second guessing themselves in a situation that appears to have no real or effective mode of set resolution, thus the individual tends to look for resolution in a repetitive way over a prolonged period of time without success. Basically what will be will be, and you can only do and say whatever you can to correct a situation, past this you must wait for the eventual out come of the situation in question.

Impatience: This is a emotion that really doesn't have any positive aspects in light of it directly causing hasty speech and actions in our over zealous efforts to force given resolutions to occur before their time. Impatience not only harms us in this way but also invokes other such imbalances as situational manipulation, anxiety, stress, obsession, and depression in a good many instances. Impatience's not only slows spell work but tires a person out more so then just releasing the situation over all. Anticipation to the excess along with impatience's causes us to step into situations thinking that we are prepared to deal with a certain problem only to find out that we were ill prepared when its all said and done.

Impatience's also invokes bad timing as person enters into a situation that hasn't evolved, or become strong enough yet to support the next plausible action, thus causes the situation to either stop or to regress back to what it was before the anticipated action was implemented. At very best impatience's can lead us into following up on matters such a job interview or to make sure someone is doing well, however there exist a very thin line that can be crossed very easily as impatience's in excess can turn into obsession and harassment in cases to which ultimately harm a situation rather then assisting it in any way.
Example, following up on a job after a interview is a good thing, however following up on it every day, or calling to check on it every four or five hours will ensure that they don't give you the job because you can come of as high maintenance person or a pest. Checking on someone to often can become a burden to them rather then them looking at this act of kindness as something beneficial or helpful to them.

Excessive Impatience's and anticipation can cause us to carry out a lot of things that we wouldn't normally do and moreover cause those around us to maintain a lesser opinion of us concerning their thoughts of our perceived trespass or intrusion into their lives, even though we had, or have the best of intentions at heart. Of course, impatience's can cause other traits to get in our way such as indecisiveness, frustration, anger, depression, insecurity impulsive behavior or rash thought processes just to name a few.

Impatience invokes lack of faith in Divinity or ones self and not forgetting that it a act in futility. In short, it's better to carry out a action then wait to see what happens rather then forcing anything along. Self-Esteem: This trait is one of the most destructive by far as it can lead to other harmful behaviors as: over all fear, self-loathing, self-hate, hopelessness, self-critical or being critical of others, failure to stand up for yourself, fear of conflict, insecurity, indecisiveness, bad communication skills, introverted, depression, internalizing, frustration, distorted body image that often times leads into bulimia,
anorexia or excessive weight gain, loss of motivation, lack of goals, submission, dominated by others, hate of others, jealousy of others, vindictiveness, lack of faith in Ones self, failure to recognize personal accomplishments, allowing oppression to occur in life by others, receptive to the negative actions and statements of peers, giving up and not finishing projects, overly defensive, anxiety, insomnia, self-blaming.

This negative trait is often times traced back into our childhoods, or young adulthoods in the way that we were at one time subjected to repeated negative assessments of our personal charters time and time again to which intern caused us to believe the propaganda as it was. It normally goes back to others not recognizing us for our accomplishments and the lack of parental support in our lives, in other words, we were always looked down on and diminished in some way that eventually caused us to believe these statements even though they weren't correct in most, if not all instances.

We are in this instance a byproduct of our one time environments that moreover carry over into our current lives, in short, when we suffer from self-esteem issues we are in effect living in the past and conducting our lives accordingly to the past even though we find ourselves standing in the present. Of course, this doesn't work to our advantage in any way, shape or form as the world changes with each passing day while we remain stationary.

This terrible cycle along with its sub-traits can be broken by simply choosing not to live in the past, forgiving yourself and others who have offended or trespassed against you, not giving credence or power to the past by letting it influence your life, not letting the past rule over the present in your life. By understanding that your just as smart and capable as the next guy and that you have a lot to offer not only the people around you but to the world as well. It's about choosing to be happy in life no matter what situation you find yourself in not to mention realizing that you, like the rest of us will make mistakes from time to time.

It's about not giving yourself errors or blaming yourself for things in which you had, or have no control over. The world will always have some negative crap to say about you or others so take it with a grain of salt and know who, and what your really capable of in this life. Honk your own horn and don't wait for others to do this for you. Remember that moderation and balance is the key to all things. To be critical of yourself is fine to a point because it can keep you humble in realizing that your human, however to be excessively critical of yourself can keep you out of the mix of life its self not to mention making your life miserably over all.

Egotism: Oh yes, Pride before the fall as its been said. You know, it's not a bad thing to be proud of what you have acquired in the way of material things, or even your over all accomplishments in life, however egotism is considered excessive, or extreme pride in the eyes of Divinity. When pride turns into egotism then it doesn't stop there as arrogance, judgmental, excessive self-love, forcing issues, self-serving actions, lack of un-attached giving, lack of compassion, Internalizing, manipulation,
insecurity, bragging, bad communication,obsessive behaviors, equality issues, abandonment issues, vanity, domination of others, carnally or materially minded, opinionated, looking down the nose at others. self-absorbed,Vindictiveness, vain, superficial and other hateful actions soon follow in suit.

To be egotistical is the absolute opposite of humility, compassion, fairness and other perceived positive traits and thus will typically not exist in a person filled with ego simply because there's no room for them in the personality in question. Egotism is usually born out of a couple of different things such as never wanting to be wrong, wanting to be noticed, wanting to be respected, wanting to be heard, a desire to be over everyone else in a given environment.

Ego is the product of being over defensive, or protective of ones self and accomplishments in my opinion. Ego and materialism will often times go hand in hand with lieing and manipulation in some cases that intern only compound the over all set of problems. Egotistical persons are usually the ones talking over everyone else in the room that moreover has to voice their accomplishments over the accomplishments of others to which they care very little about.

Materialism: Again, we all like nice things, right ?. It's only to be expected that we should like nice items in our lives and Divinity will be the first ones in providing these wonderful items should we make the right decisions in our lives. Things to make our lives much easier such as a nice car, home, washing machine, dish washer, cloths, jewelry and other little toys such as snow mobiles, motorcycles, boats etc.
Materialism along with Egotism are the most destructive and hated human emotional traits regarding Divinity when unbalanced according to every holy doctrine ever devised and written in the world, like ego, Materialism doesn't leave to much room for any other balanced human emotion, it throws off our psychological make ups for the most part as they tend to be self-centered and self-serving behaviors that not only cut off the spiritual realms but everything in the mundane realms of life as well.

Materialism is the inevitable out come of insecurity and greed in most cases plus the need to establish ones self-worth to the world through the acquirement of possessions solely, it's like going without food for a prolonged period of time and then gorging yourself because you feel that food will be absent in future days or hours ahead, so you over eat just in case.

Materialism is about showing everyone that you can make it on your own and that you don't need anyone else help, it's about number one and no one else when it comes down to it, self-preservation over even family or friends even though a person might convince themselves that they engage in this type of behavior for family or friends.

Materialism will usually line up with other negative traits such as: greed, insecurity, manipulating, self-worth according to possessions, insecurity, excessive over striving, dominating, self-critical, criticizing others, power plays, flaunting wealth, attached giving, ego, pride, arrogance, blaming, depression, gossip, miserly, self-absorbed, self-love, loving objects, Vindictiveness, Self-Serving ,Vanity, lack of charity, jealousy, impatient, judging, self-loathing, Internalizing, self-acclaim, attention seeking, influence peddling, vain, superficial, shallow, transparent.

Lieing: Telling the truth isn't always the best thing is it ?, and some things are left better unsaid. Like with anything else listed on this page, balance is called for here. Of course it's better to tell the truth most of the time as this will make a person more credible to those around them, BUT knowing when to shut up is key here.

For instance, if someone ask you if their heavy, ( You would say: you may have a pound or two you could do without), and the truth has been told in a kind way in this instance. However to elaborate on a persons weight by saying: ( that your really heavy) would be truthful but inhuman or rude at best even though they were asking for your honest opinion. To tell an out right lie is in saying: ( Wow, your thin as a rail ), you would in essence not only be lieing but misleading the person, and possibly cause them to continue on with a certain diet without realizing that there's anything wrong with their weight etc.

Ok, these are a few light examples of what it is to tell the truth and being kind about it, or being brazen and rude concerning righteous speech or the truth. You can also take the fifth or simply not address a question put to you should that question present a great threat in being harmful to others or self, especially if the situation has nothing at all to do with you at all. These are the veg boundaries above, however lieing for whatever reason in excess will also usher in other such harmful traits as:

deceit, wanting to be liked to the point of saying or doing anything, gossiping, judgmental, aversion, illusive, shallow, manipulating, secretive, avert, illusionary, self-serving, influence peddling, attention seeking, power plays, using others for negative deeds, sneaking, pride, hate, insecurity, back sliding, lack of faith, fear,Vindictiveness, hasty actions, bad timing, jealousy, self-Pity, self-sabotage, betrayal, fear of conflict, irresponsibility, hasty speech and actions, blaming others, indecisiveness, negative communications, lack of trust, busy body, shit stirrer and Paranoia.

Their is a huge difference between prudent speech and out right lieing. Typically, people will enter into this type of behavior as children and never quite break the habit, yes, I said habit, or learned behavior. It's a learned behavior or habit because this type of behavior has been taught and rewarded to a particular person for lieing at some point in, or throughout their life in the way they were TEMPORALLY accepted by others or another, got away with something such as stealing candy from the store or much worse etc.
The trouble with lieing is that people are eventually caught as one lie is needed to cove another, worse yet, ultimately collide on a massive scale in the end and are totally exposed in the end. Excessive lieing is disastrous at best and will only cause the loss of friends, family members, jobs, finance and on and on. Excessive lieing or even lieing will cause others not to take a person seriously to the point of actually mocking them in public and in private.

Also, another thing that is ultimately disastrous is when the person in question starts believing their own lies and there for builds their life on and around illusion or fantasy instead of factual truth. When this occurs, then there can be only confusion in direction at best. Lieing is also a form of external and personal denial that only immerses that person that much more in a state of fictional being that moreover keeps a individual from ever experiencing rational and factual life. In short, if your walking around with your head in the clouds then it's impossible to see where your going, you might just end up falling off a cliff because everything that a person sees might not be as it really appears.

Gossiping: We have good gossip and we have bad gossip. An example of good gossip or communication would be in the way that you inform your neighbor that his home was being cased out by a thief and thus he could take preventive measures to ensure that his home wasn't broken into. Or that Joe put to much a given fertilizer on his grass and burned it up, this type of communication is a good thing and is expected by others from yourself as they would do the same for you.

It isn't considered intrusive because of its helpful nature, it is more so considered responsible activity by others on your part because it shows that you have not only your neighbors best interest at heart but the entire community. Good communications leave the realm of beneficial speech or positive communication when the information isn't positive in nature nor is it helpful to anyone, Gossip can really be defined as bad communication when it only serves to belittle others in a fictitious way.

Excessive gossip can lead to other less then desirable qualities in a given personality such as : lieing, ego, belittling others, judgmental, distortion of a situation, twisting facts, interference, influence peddling, attention seeking, bearing false witness, busy body, intruding, hostilities, subversive, intolerance, dispute, anarchist, lover of drama and chaos, manipulation, contemptuous, hateful, embarrassment peddling, nosiness, self-serving, negative intent to do harm towards others, unnecessary chastisement of another, harassment, malicious, malcontent, betrayal, disloyalty, being a traitor and so fourth.

Remember, it's said that if a person in particular is talking about another in a negative way to you, then chances are that same person will be doing this to you on down the line some where. Why do others take part in this less then admirable activity concerning excessive drama and gossip ?. I'll try to give you a few reasons why I think this occurs to the point of being a epidemic, firstly, I think people engage in this sort of negative activity because they simply want to be liked and accepted in a community. However this really does have the opposite effect in the way that it actually removes them from the very goals they are attempting to obtain.

When another gossips they are forced to take sides against another, and then another, and then another until these sides make up one day and come together against the one that at different time speak ill of them. It really is a lose, lose situation, not only do your fellow gossipers turn on each other over time but eventually turn on you in the end to repay the favor I would surmise.

It's a heavy price to pay in the end for a little temporarily acceptance into the crowd, however, and again, to a person looking for acceptance or belonging through negative gossip his or her reward when it's all said and done is typically retribution, isolation or exile from the very people they sought acceptance from in the start. Divinity does not smile on this negative trait and will most assuredly yield karmic pay back in this area of negative human emotion concerning any harm they have rendered to those around them.
Over Generosity: Hey, wait a minute, how can over generosity be anything to do with being negative ?. Many spiritual teachers down through the eons have ministered good will and charity including Jesus, however simple charity can, and will like anything else when practiced in excess will be harmful to both the giving person and the recipient of the good deed. To be generous is a good thing as long a few simple rules are observed such as making sure the recipient of your generosity wants your help, in making sure the recipient is deserving of your help and lastly, making sure that your assistance isn't detrimental to others or self in any way, shape or from.

To be sure of your reasons in offering and carrying out generous acts, to revaluate your action of generosity in the way of it actually being a simple act of humane nature or something with strings attached, perhaps something that will serve you in the future at some point. Generosity is in fact a act of kindness most of the time and Quote: Blessed is he whom entertain Angels unaware). Unfortunately, unattached generosity can at times turn into apparent generosity with strings attached and thus becoming something that it really isn't what it appears to be.

Often times, and apart from the previous statement above, many people will become overly generous for several different reasons such as: Wanting to be liked, accepted into the crowd, admired, loved by a partner, ridging one of self guilt, prove to ones self that they are a good person, to fill a void otherwise not filled. Some people like Jan and myself are generous people who moreover have gone overboard at times and thus pay for it dearly.

Some folks just can't say no to others for whatever reason and write this off to being generous with others. Balance must be observed here as what can be considered generous by some can actually be considered harmful via Divinity. Other things that over generosity can lead to are: inability to say no, attempting to buy friends, using generous behavior to invoke guilt or obligation onto others, manipulation, influence peddling, charity with conditions, favors with strings attached, fear of conflict, emotional barding, buying others off. Several people have the false perception that generosity will get them into Heaven along with going to church every Sunday, however this is debatable and more then likely not the case according to what I know and in my opinion.

Greed: Again, greed can be a good aspect of the human emotional system if held in its proper context, or in balance with generosity. Greed is a primordial condition found in the make up of every living creature upon the earth that moreover ensures that we all get our fair share of whatever is needed for our survival. Greed, is the balance of generosity as we all know, a safety catch against careless giving, greedy behavior is something that allows us to care of our families and self before anything else.

Some would even go as far as describing this human emotion to be prudent action, or even conservative choice when practiced in its proper balance to generosity. Now, let's look at what is considered to be excessive greed, Further, what the harmful by-products are from this particular trait. Greed in excess leads us into miserly behavior, penny pinching, excessive striving, insecurity, aggressiveness, lieing, manipulation, depression, self-esteem, self-loathing, egotism, bragging, anger, frustration, confusion, indecisiveness, power plays, materialism, envy, jealousy, hatred, sloth, judging, lack of mercy, betrayal, insecurity, self-absorbed, self-serving, internalizing, self-centered behaviors if left un-checked.

Greed in excess will eventually separate a person from every other aspect of their life being family, friends, co-workers etc. Apart from the people that this miserly activity or behavior has offended, excessive greed will also cause a person to become a introvert or hermit in life and thus causing them to become captive to their own brand of self-imprisonment. Greed and materialism go hand in hand and or are joined at the hip in many respects in my opinion.

It is through excessive greed, that money and possessions become a persons God more so then Divinity. It's through excessive greed and materialism that a person shuts themselves down and off from experiencing life, and life off from including them in the rest of creation. Greedy actions are the worst of the worst regarding negative traits that will most absurdly cause us to be blocked by Divinity in our lives.
Typically, Divinity will lead us away from prosperity and happiness when greed becomes a prolonged problem in life, and thus leaving a person all dressed up with no place to go in the end when it's all said and done. In short, when you make things and money your God, then Divinity will take your God away from you and make your bed fellow loss and advert poverty.

Procrastination: This particular trait can be beneficial to a point, especially when used in conjunction with patients, however procrastination is rarely joined with patients in the over all balancing of a persons emotional state. Procrastination is often times considered to be a by-product of dread, laziness, bad timing, fear, indecisiveness, bad communications, manipulation, lieing, making excuses, lack of emotional or physical energy, not completing task, depression and so fourth.

Procrastination also leads to irresponsibility, tardiness, being undependable, can't be relied on by others, not to mention causing a person to be out of sync with important events and those around them. Procrastination actually causes us more trouble then it's worth, for instance: a bill is paid late, someone is left waiting for you when they needed to be picked up a hour ago, a speeding ticked gets paid late and fines are added on. This trait isn't the worst of traits on the list, however it can cause a lot of confusion, indecisiveness and other over all tangible and emotional problems in your life.

In fact, if excessive Procrastination goes unchecked, then it could very well cause a person great financial and other loss simply because their timing is bad, or they weren't there to meet a beneficial situational at the right time or place. Over all, Procrastination doesn't serve us in daily life and tends to work against us in major ways when in excess, thus preventing us from enjoying our lives, Procrastination can also be linked with self-sabotage, self-esteem and self-loathing issues depending on the circumstance.

Self-Sabotage: Why do we do this to ourselves ?. Well, there's a lot of different reasons for this, such as : fear of success, fear of responsibility or accountability and fear of failure. Typically, this comes out of either bad experience or set of negative experiences suffered in the past having to do a lot with self-esteem or self-loathing issues that were developed early on, that more so never were resolved on any level within the persons mind.

Self-Sabotage has much to do with fear of failing and self-fulfilling prophecy that further gives the person in question some level of power and control in their lives, it has a lot to do with insecurity and forcing issues to resolve a matter, or to bring it to it's conclusion. Many people aren't even aware that their doing this to themselves, at least not in the end when it becomes a real problem that inhibits them in the areas of financial security, love relationships, and or general relationships with others around them.

For instance: A woman enters a relationship because society expects her to do this for social reasons, the woman isn't ready to commit to a solid relationship, yet her family and friends apply pressure on her until she does. Perhaps the woman is afraid of commitment or has severe self-esteem problems in the way that she believes that she isn't a good partner for anyone. The lady enters into the relationship to appease society, family and friends only to start her efforts to destroy the relationship in question by normally using negative actions to cause one conflict right after another.

This like perpetual arguing, over spending the families budget, constantly fussing, being irresponsible etc. In other words she is either performing negative task to bring the relationship to an abrupt end for the sole reason of freeing herself from it entirely. It is only in this way that she will be excused from the relationship via her family, friends and over all society by saying : (Well, I tried but it just didn't work out between us). This type of behavior is carried out both intentionally and subconsciously when a person is on automatic pilot. This same type of negativity can play out in many diverse ways such as in the areas of employment, other relationships, intimate relationships, family relationships and so on.

This negative trait also has lots of little monsters that come with it such as: depression, anxiety, frustration, lieing, manipulation, anger, hatred, physiological warfare, ego, pride, greed, domination, suicidal tendencies, controlling and vindictiveness on top of the issues of self-loathing, fear, depression and self-esteem problems that are mentioned above. On any level, to any degree, for any reason, this is a absolutely destructive type of negative behavior that doesn't serve any constructive purpose that I can see. There's just nothing beneficial to it as it is geared for personal and societal emotional death.

Living In The Past: There are advantages to looking back into the past and learning from it so we aren't doomed to repeat it our mistakes, and or to avoid the misfortunes that befell us at one time. To remember and appreciate all the good things that have now passed away into history that moreover have contributed to making us who we are today, however it is a bad thing to live in the past as history has no bearing on the future past learning from our mistakes made in the days forever gone. Of course we can look back into the past and be proud of our accomplishments, but there again, one has to look toward the future while setting new goals or achieving new accomplishments in order for their life to move forward in a positive and progressive way.

When people live in the past, often times they can't deal with the occurrences in the present and dread, or have a great fear of what the future might bring, and thus they revert back to a more comfortable time and shield themselves from what they consider to be a hostile environment or possible hostile environment. Living in the past certainly stunts, or even stops our psychological evolvement and worse yet, our spiritual growth, as it prevents or removes us completely from taking part in life as it progresses ever forward.

We become lost in time and very out of touch with reality, we lose our ability to act and react efficiently and properly to any given situation as our problem solving capabilities are severely hindered, impeded or non-existent for the most part. A person that lives in the past becomes a living remnant of history and there for caught between the past and present and there for not really belonging to either the past, present or future. in short, A time traveler stuck between worlds forever. Other negative traits to which accompany this negative block are :

Over all denial, inventing fantasy lifestyles, fear in ever area of life, depression, anxiety, reclusiveness, internalizing, self-esteem and self-loathing, anger, confusion, muddled thought process, forcing issues, over defensive, overly aggressive, territorial, excessive yielding of compliments, yet is unable to receive phrase or compliments, impulsiveness, mood swings of happy and sad, procrastination, laziness or sloth, over spending in attempts to fill the void that is never filled, lieing, passive, aggressive, failure to retain instructions or what has previously been learned. Living in the past, just isn't a good thing that is all most just as bad or comparable to Self-Sabotage in it's worst form.

The past only has power over a person as long as that same person gives it power over them, and thus to break the bondage of living in the past, the individual must remember and cherish the good times long pass while only remembering and learning from the negative past. Forgiving the mistakes of both themselves and others in order to have a clear field of vision concerning the future that awaits them.

Manipulation: Is excessive emotional process in contras to balanced problem solving, Why ? because a person tends to focus on, and force issues to the excess through manipulative means. Basically, manipulation is something that we all try to carry out from time to time in a effort to get a grip on the events unfolding around us on a daily basis, or even just so we can feel assured and safe about what's going on around us in life by having a little control over the out come of any situation. This really isn't a bad until we become so obsessive and excessive about it that we actually start imposing our wills on others and there off effecting their lives to some greater degree in a negative way.

Manipulative thought process turns into manipulative behavior or action and thus manipulating speech and actions go from just trying to carry out a little problem solving for ourselves to dominating others through the circumstances we have created for not only others but all concerned. So, I guess the bottom line regarding excessive manipulation is all about not only controlling your own environment but the environments of others by your premeditated design for a specific desired result or out come.

There's a host of problems that accompany this sort of imbalanced behavior pertaining to excessive manipulation such as: insecurity, controlling, domination, being dominated, fear, Anxiety, stressing out, forcing issues, lieing, vindictiveness, anger, false joy, fleeting contentment, negative, ego building, sense of accomplishment, false justifying, illusive or evading behaviors, egotism, self-love, lust for power, dictating, sly and deceptive, hate, obsessive, judgment, lack of compassion, fantasy, self-centered, self-serving, anarchist, perpetual drama, self-esteem self-loathing, power striving, greed and glory seeking just to name a few examples of how a individual can be effected under this type of trait. Most typically a person will pick up this less then admiral trait early on in a effort to achieve their goals through the hard work of others rather then earning, or obtaining their goals through the traditional way of hard work and self-accomplishment. Again, please remember that were speaking on excessive manipulation that will very in degree from situation to situation.

Communication: Why is the lack of clear communication considered a negative trait ?. Bad communication basically blocks us off from life generally for the reasoning that if we are incapable of communicating our wishes in a clear and decisive way then how can others understand us on any level. Communication problems or ambiguous speech over all, yields us nothing but problems rather then bringing us resolution in issues that we may be trying to resolve, let me give you an example of bad speech in the following statements.

There was a man that was very unhappy with his life one particular day, nothing seem to be going right for him and thus he went home and began complaining to his wife. The wife was at a loss and didn't really have much to contribute in the way of finding resolution for her Husbands set of issues so she remained silent for the most part and let the husband go on with his venting. Now the husband finally realizes what he's doing and stops immediately, but then turns to his wife and says: ( Hey, are you listening to me bitch ), LOL. Of course the wife takes his statement the wrong way and walks up and gives him a slap across the face and says : ( Did you feel that Bitch ? ) lol.

Of course the husband was in a state of shock when this happened because he met to say: Are you listening to me run around here fussing at things I really can't do anything about presently. He was shocked at his own behavior and was attempting to convey this to his wife, however she took his statement as a personal insult, and this in-turn started a major conflict within their personal relationship. So, can you imagine how incorrect communications full of ambiguity, misinterpretation and confusion could effect not only your life at home but in the work place and with friends ?

Aside from bad communications occurring between your significant other, family, friends and co-workers, what about the bad communications that take place between Divinity and yourself. Better yet, what about your communications with yourself ?. Bad communications between yourself and others along with this same issue existing between Divinity and your own spiritual nature is likened to a person wearing ear plugs and blinders in a strange country that they have never been to before.

You can attempt to communicate with others, but all their going to do is in looking back while just smiling because they don't understand a thing your saying if you communication is lacking in conveyance. Their going to feel as lost and as helpless as you do in not knowing the needs your trying to communicate to them, and your going to feel just frustrated in not being able to communicate your point of concern effectively back to them. Now, the downside to bad communications and the possible sub-negative traits are:

Depression, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, hopelessness, aggressiveness, clouded thought or muddled thinking, mixed up priorities, confusion in what is actually meaningful in life, hasty actions or ill informed decisions, perpetual conflicts, trust and faith issues, esteem issues, lack of realistic goals, self-sabotage, falsely judging and denial just to name a few. Really, this is a real bad and notorious negative trait that instantly turns into a negative block in life that destroys millions of lives every day.

In fact, these are just a few traits and blocks this type of behavior produces. In short, I've only touched the tip of the ice burg in essence but I think you get the drift. If you'll read over the heading on the previous paper of (Born In Sin- Learned Behavior ) under ( Righteous Thought, Speech & Action ) you can discover more about this trait while turning it to your advantage instead of allowing it to work against you.

This next section following below is in regards to other negative traits that a good many folks are dealing with and what my held opinions are concerning them. Like I've said before in previous papers we are all effected in one way or another by these traits including myself and thus we are all in the same boat in our efforts to grow as a people living under the divine laws of Divinity.

The negative traits and blocks following below are just a few more examples that I'd like to not only elaborate upon but re-iterate regarding the statements above. Many of these off set emotional states of being can be fixed quit easily with and little psychological discipline and effort on a individuals part. It's just a matter of recognizing a harmful behavior and then the modification of that harmful behavior into something that serves not only you but the others in your environment.

Arrogance, Pride and Vanity: There's absolutely no room for this in life as when one becomes so indulgent in self-love, then there's no room left over for the sharing of love with those around you. When a person becomes so prideful to the point of being extremely arrogant, then this means that their so wrapped up in themselves, or their own accomplishments, that they fail to see the accomplishments of others, and this makes a one sided life or island unto its self built on a sandy foundation.

In other words, the person that engages in this type of activity is usually left to ( Me, Myself & I ) in the end to which makes for poor company. Life can be long and boring when traveling it alone. Remember, it's not about the one, more so then it is about the many, and further team efforts geared towards positive and constructive accomplishments. It's about giving credit where credit is due, and recognizing others for their accomplishments, in return they will recognize your accomplishments and thus all will be working toward the main goal.

It takes a master craftsman of stone to build the foundation to a home, yet, this in its self means nothing as it's just still cold, flat and thing open to the winds. It takes more then the craftsman of wood to build the walls and roof top to the home, or the Plummer, more then the electrician or the many others involved in building the home. It takes the many to make the home a warm and safe place for the few who live within, and so it is with life and our affiliation to the many we meet in life.

Being Needy: This trait usually comes from excessive insecurity that will typically turn into a need for control, domination or simply a unmistakable urge to smother others in the name of love. The problem is, when a person begins to control another, or becomes to reliant, co-dependant on another to such a degree of not only controlling or being totally submissive to another that eventually leads to fully losing themselves in that relationship, then this inhibits both the spiritual and psychological growth of both persons involved.

Maintaining the two distinct personalities within a relationship is the key to success in my opinion as this keeps the relationship unique and interesting to all parties involved. It allows both people to grow in every aspect of life and builds new things in common via creating new experiences on a daily basis with their perspective partners. When two people retain their own unique personalities then equality is preserved and the relationship can benefit on the whole as it is built on two different foundations and not just the one in question, thus any relationship becomes stronger with each passing day as a result.

In my experience of dealing with cases pertaining to matters of the heart over the last ten years, I've noticed this to be the number one relationship killer along with lack of good communication and a in-ability to problem solve on a mutual level. In short, being needy causes more problems then it's worth and usually tends to drive off one out of the two people involved in that particular relationship sooner or later.
Even love can be distorted when taken out of its proper perspective as many will perform or carry out certain acts ion the name of love without ever knowing that they have crossed the line in performing actions against their partner that have absolutely nothing to do with love for another and everything to do with self-gratification.

Busy Body & Drama: Every body likes to have a little excitement in life right ? well, this can be, and often times is taken out of its proper context. To watch a soap opera on T.V is fine from time to time, as long as you realize that it's just a story and not a factual happening in life anywhere then your fine. When people take it past this medium of entertainment and begin to induce negative real life situations in not only their personal life but the lives of others, then this eventually turns into subsequent negative drama, chaos or anarchy. This becomes something very abstract to the divine laws of Divinity and they will absolutely induce karmic retribution for this offense of the human mind and spirit.

This type of behavior is linked to many other negative traits really, primarily a great need to be liked, needed, accepted, belonging to a group and so fourth. It moreover is associated with a person not being comfortable with the progression of their own life in reality, this sort of activity is basically a aversion or a self-induced situation to distract the individual in question from the harsh, or boring realities of the life their living currently by focusing on the lives of others etc.

The bad thing about this sort of behavior is in the way that the person can't grow spiritually or psychological in the right ways or areas in life because their caught up with other negative situations that have no real basis or validity for growth. This type of behavior keeps other from growing as well by the very nature of the external distraction.

Another reason people engage in this sort of thing is in the way of building self-ego no matter how brief the high, effect or rush obtained last from this particular activity. Like gossiping, being a busy body that takes part in excessive drama can only lead to doom. In other words, it might be fun at first to some at first or in the beginning, but will turn on all in the end like a rabbit dog, the once popular person that wanted to be the center of everyone's attention will eventually witness their world come crumbling down around them and they will be powerless to do anything about it. To quote Christ: Beware of that little member within for it will bring destruction to you.

Not Getting Our Own Way & Being Stubborn: Often times we think that our way is the right way and then we become stubborn to the fact or issue when things don't go our way, or the way we think they should go. Everyone is guilty of this to some extent at some point in our lives, however we must consider that we aren't always perceiving things exactly in the way that they are in reality at times, this is due to our own prejudices, beliefs or value systems, in other words, you can look at a piece of cloth at night and think this would look beautiful as a table cloth spread across the kitchen table, that is, until the next day rolls around and you see the many stains within the fabric of the cloth in the light of day.

And such is life, as all that appears to us may not be what it seems when taking a closer look at it via another's perspective. Of course holding out and being steadfast in your opinion or views can be a good thing, especially if others can't prove that they have a better way then yours, however a person must remain open minded and receptive to positive and constructive suggestions, and or the criticisms of others, especially when dealing with others wiser then yourself, or those who have been through a similar experience.

Believe me when I tell you this, it not always beneficial to get what you think you want all the time, and there's no benefit in being stubborn about things as this can, and will shut you off from the knowledge that can serve you. In the end when perplexed, Ask Divinity what path your should take then act accordingly.
Self-Serving Actions: This is something that goes against every law of Divinity that I know of, I mean, it's ok to carry out some things or actions to benefit ones self, however when it becomes all about you with a total disregard for the needs and wishes of others, this is when it leads into greed, shallowness, self-absorption, self-centeredness and other nasty traits that don't serve anyone. Again, it's a prudent thing to look out for yourself in today's world, but not to the point that you become a taker all the time without giving something back to others occasionally.

Remember, that Divinity exist in every living thing including us, Divinity, is all knowing and takes record of everything performed in its behalf along with the actions taken against it. It's important to balance this aspect of your life in doing the right thing at the right time, to balance the actions that will serve you with the actions that will serve others. It is through others that our lives are enhanced or enriched and thus the lives of others are enhanced through our interaction with them, all that any of us can do is in attempting to do the right thing in life, furthermore to remember the golden rule as this rule really says it all in a nut shell. It is said, if you shall quest after money and make it your God, then your portion in life will be adversity and advert poverty.
If you seek love for the sake of love without knowing its true meaning, and further hold that love for something or someone over Divinity, then your portion in life shall be love that flees from you. This is sad and true at the same time. Again, Questing for instant self-gratification consistently without regards for the rest of creation, make the person in question a leach and a counterproductive part of creation, and thus creation its self will act accordingly in regards to that part of its self it considers to be sick or pervert to the natural laws of existence.

Hasty Actions, Indecisiveness: We've covered these traits above, but let's go into them a little further as these traits are the very foundation to failure in ever area of life. Basically all these traits are interconnected as we all know, however by getting rid of confusion and impulsiveness we then rid our selves of hasty actions, we do this by becoming clear and decisive in our thought patterns, speech and actions that moreover lead to good decision making and grounded actions regarding any situation, Why ? because we are privy to all the situational details or facts.

When we go off emotionally half charged into any issue as a result of our indecisiveness and confusion, then not only will hasty action tend to disrupt what were attempting to implement in the way of resolution, but it also impedes us through our bad timing as well. It's all about thinking things through, being clear and concessive through your speech, making sure that your actions are planed out in advanced and beneficial for everyone concerned.

Again, it's about having good communications with yourself because if you are not understanding your own motives then others won't understand them either, and thus people will draw their own conclusions in the end be they correct or not. This will take a little patients on a individual's part, and here in is the challenge as patients is the number one cause of hasty actions and ill thought out plans or goals.

Over Striving: This particular type of behavior typically steams from a couple of things as we all know the first of which being insecurity, or living in fear of failure, the second being that we are preconditioned in accomplishing unrealistic goals when we are young solely as a result of peer pressure or the wishes of family members. Again, as mentioned above in previous paragraphs on this page, having solid goals and working hard to obtain success in life isn't a bad thing, and you can be competitive within reason.

Like anything else you must carry this out for the right reasons, this must be carried out with balance in mind and not as a result of being insecure or in attempting to achieve goals because you feel that it is expected of you via other people. Realistic goals that work for you and the maintaining of those certain realistic goals is the most important thing here.

Our perceived success is biased on two things really, that begin not so much with what we want, but with what our families and society over all to view us as a success person or life. The other being that we don't want to let our family, friends or co-workers down in any way, we want to keep our own personal morale up, and or self-value in tact. The bad thing about over striving, or being a over achiever is that we tend to focus on one thing, and one thing only instead of taking a over all perspective on other things that might be going on in our lives, such as family matters, material matters and so fourth.

One excuse that I hear often is in the way of a person saying " I do everything I do for you " or , " It's my job to which allows me to take care of, or to make sure everyone is comfortable by getting everything they need etc. These last statements are true to some extent but, Where Is The Line ? when is it enough. Where does the work end and family begin and visa versa?

Of course, the best way around this is to enforce time limits on yourself with no exceptions to the rule. Again, this is easier said then done in a good many instances, however it must be done just the same to maintain the integrity of the many other diverse aspects of a persons life. What good is it to be at the top of your game when you've lost everything else because of your compliancy that ultimately leaves you standing alone with no place to go in the end. Other traits that can come from this behavior are self-esteem, detachment, obsessiveness and other negative behavioral problems on top of the traits mentioned above.

Equality In Relationships: Unfortunately, many couples out there today move into a marriages thinking that this quality in life is automatic with their spouse or mate, only to find out that this isn't the case as time passes. Relationships of any kind must be built on the foundations of mutual respect, trust and loyalty right off the bat, and anything less then this is nothing more then a recipe for disaster. Many couples out there assume that these traits can be found in one another soon after the dating process has begun, is over, or because they've been with someone for a number of months or years , but again this isn't always the case as many realize way to late in the game.

Of course, trust must come from both people in the relationship that are moreover continually showing respect for one another's feelings regarding the various issues that might be occurring in the union, respect comes when both people have good communications with one another on a daily basis about general topics, and in the way of day to day problem solving. Good decision making coming from both people involved and not just one carrying the load. Loyalty, is in staying together no matter the odds, to always remain united and not divided on any issue of concern. A IMPORTANT NOTE: This only works if both people are playing by the same rules and moreover have the same goals for their lives and particular union.

To stand as one unit against the world. Respect, trust and loyalty are emotions that typically aren't made of granite in the mind of any individual and have to be earned, then maintained throughout the evolution of the relationship in question. In short, One can obtain trust, respect and loyalty only to quickly lose this status with their partner through repeated imprudent thought, speech or actions occurring against others and within the relationship its self against their spouse. Again, to be equal in a relationship, BOTH persons involved must accept joint responsibility and accountability for everything that occurs in that relationship with no exceptions.

I used to believe in unconditional love, however I have since learned that everything is conditional in life including the emotions of love and hate. People fall in love given a specific set of positive circumstances that line up and occur in the lives of two people in question, that more so make it feasible for a union to develop and grow. If these same set of circumstance are allowed to disintegrate on any level, then the union on the whole disintegrates eventually and is no more. In summery, people fall in love due to the emotional set of circumstance, and then can fall out of love when those circumstance change to a greater negative degree.

Other emotional problems or negative traits that can steam from this issue can be the underlying problems of: One in the relationship feels taken for granted, what he or she says is taken with a grain of salt or not taken seriously, the opposite spouse never sees their side of the issue, stubbornness, denial, detachments, self-esteem problems, complaints of one spouse not spending enough time with the other, jealousy issues and on and on. Some times, over achievement is used as a vehicle to escape a unhappy relationship or over all living situation.

Like I've stated above, there are many reasons that drive a people to excessively seek and pursue alternative goals in life, especially when their attempting to fill the huge void that they may be experiencing in another part of their life such as a failing relationship or extreme family problems. In most cases it really goes way past feeling insecure or having a great fear of failure and thus we tend to numb the pain or emotional upset by excessively delving into our work and thus blocking out any other part of our lives that we view as pesky or not pleasant to be in.

Excessive Self-Reliance: This trait is closely connected with issues of abandonment , insecurity, shyness, self-critical, self-confidence, trust, paranoia, internalizing, stressing out, worrying, overly protective, control, power seeking and ego just to name a few things. It's a good thing to be self-reliant or independent to a point, or as much as you can, however when it causes a person to become introverted or paranoid to such an extent that it closes them off from others, then this is very detrimental to both that persons spiritual and psychological growth.

Eexcessive self-reliance is usually due to being let down frequently by others in the past or in the way of people not being there for you when you've needed them the most. It's due to a person attempting to obtain some state of control in their life after they have trusted others to carry out something very important for them, that other persons had promised to carry out but failed in the end and thus leaving the trusting person in a rather awkward and some times embarrassing position as a result.

Excessive self-reliance is a safety catch that protects a person from being taken advantage of again, or to protect a person from being compromised again by trusting others in their life to carry out certain things. In other words " If I want something done right I'll do it myself ". Another reason that people tend to be self-reliant to the extreme is for the reason that they don't wish to be obligated to others for any reason and thus this can lead into such traits as being greedy or self-serving. Please keep in mind that these traits can go the opposite way as well such as not only taking care of ones self but feeling an obligation to take care of others around them to the point of doing without themselves.

No one trait or set of traits will have the same pattern with any two people and thus will variant in each set of circumstances, It can be likened to a pie in essence as different cooks will add their own specific ingredients into each pie. So this is with positive and negative traits as some emotions will be greater or lesser then others depending on a individuals experiences in life.

The bottom line here is in knowing that we all have no other option but to trust at some point in our lives no matter how many times we have been let down, we have to remain prudent in our decisions without becoming so paranoid that we completely shut the entire experience of life completely out, it's important to realize that we can't all ways have control in our lives and things will occur no matter if we are responsible for that occurrence, or that trouble comes to us from a exterior or out side source. It is only through others that our life unfolds and thus to exclude them is likened to a one man band who is incapable of delegating his musical task to others, the one man band might have excellent show, however it could be a much better show with more players in the end.

Forcing Issues: This trait has been reviewed previously under patients as can be seen above, however I would like to discuss this trait a bit further as it's been a huge issue in most of the cases we've counseled in the past. Forcing the issue can be considered a direct by-product of impatience's, anxiety and excessive anticipation that has moreover led up to hasty and negative actions that in-turn has harmed a certain number of cases in the past.

There's really no need to force a issue past the point of following up on it once or twice with positive speech and action if needed, Why ? because people will tend to see you as a pushy or needy person who just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again that they have all ready heard the first time. Not only this, but these same folks may begin to see you as a pesky individual that they need to get away from at all cost and thus the situation becomes more deteriorated instead of resolving it on any constructive level.

It's best to speak and carry out positive actions in the way of resolving a particular situation, and then to realize that you've said and done all that you can do a say. It's a far better thing to stand back and wait for the situation to progress, or unfold at its own speed instead of forcing it along, forcing it through will not yield the desired outcome you may be hoping to see, it may get you a totally distorted version of what you hoped to obtain. Forcing a problematic situation along is like being so hungry that you don't give your food a chance to cook all the way through and thus this isn't tasty proposition by any standard.

In closing on this issue I will just say that some thing and actions are left better un-said and un-done no matter the suspense, anticipation, anxiety or inpatients, some times we just have to leave things alone and either let the situation cool down or fade away on its own accord. Some times, not everything is fixable right off the bat and some things will fix themselves automatically when given a chance. As far as spell work goes, it's far better to let the spell work the entire situation around to your benefit rather then attempting to force the issue on your end as this will typically sabotage everyone's efforts in the end.

Obsessive Behavior: Generally, Bad News, yes, obsessive behavior is bad news because this is the number one thing that holds up in spell work for a good many people if they let it. There's a couple of main areas in obsessive behavior such as repetitive, negative thought, speech and actions that basically cause a persons life to simulate a scratched record via the a repetitive mind set, or thought process that further impedes the individual from learning from past situations and the mistakes made therein, dooming them to repeat the same physical action or entire situation over and over again without them ever knowing why.
As a result, the person finds themselves living in the past while continually attempting to bring resolution to unresolved incidents that moreover, and sadly enough, never have any level of success in the resolution of any given problem. Either this, or a person obsesses on their past accomplishments more so then attempting to create new goals, or in achieve new accomplishments in the present day life.

The largest problem we have in the aspect of obsessive behavior is in that a Client will obsess on a current problem while perpetually looking for resolution in a problem where a feasible resolution may not exist at the time. Further, the Client will excessively focus on the situation at hand while letting everything else go in their life and thus shutting themselves off from life its self, moreover in not realizing that other problems may be developing in the over all life situation due to their lack of attention regarding these other issues.

People become so entranced in the current crisis that they become oblivious to both the negative and positive situations that may be approaching them, in other words they don't see a negative situation approaching them in time to get out of harms way, or become very blinded to the highly advantages opportunities that they should engage and become a part of for their own benefit. Lastly, Even though other spell casters state that it's good to think about your spell situation, I find myself agreeing some what to their statement but disagreeing with them to a larger extent in some respects to their ideology.

Of course we don't expect everyone to forget about their crisis situation, or not to think about it at all as this would be asking a lot on our part. But we would like folks to balance things out a bit and not let one part of their life rule over the rest of their life as this is, and can be extremely detrimental to the spiritual health to the person in question over all. We would like the Client to think positively about their situation or situations but not become so entrenched in that particular that they stop living over all past the crisis issue.
Obsession is also detrimental in the way that our thoughts are likened to prayers that are normally spoken to Divinity, when we perpetually think about one thing that might be bothering us in life, not only do we block out and inhibit the many other things that are going on in our lives but are basically holding up our spell work to a greater extent by not having enough faith to release it.

Divinity is basically waiting for us to quit talking and trying to handle everything ourselves, their waiting for us to exercise faith and trust in them and to release our wishes to the winds of change. Of course we achieve this through simply releasing the crisis at hand after having a spell cast while moreover paying attention to the rest of our lives, after doing and saying all you can do and say, we must release it and free ourselves to be happy in life no matter the previous occurrence, this is a hard feat, yet it is done every day by thousands of people that have been through this process, it's hard but not impossible in short.

To become obsessed on one issue in life is like dropping something on the floorboard of your car then trying to look for it as your moving down the highway at 80 miles an hour. Magically speaking or regarding spells and the way they work, the longer you hang on to a situation and try to handle it yourself, the longer Divinity will make you wait for your results pertaining to any case or goal your trying to accomplish through spell castings. The car has numerous parts to it, however if one thing breaks in the vehicle in question the car either runs poorly or not at all, thus when people become hung up on one thing in their lives, then their quality of life is greatly diminished or stops entirely and this is why it's so important not to obsess on one thing in life.

Releasing The Past: You know, we've touched on the issue of living in, or releasing the past in the last article, but let's explore this a little more just for the sake of unlocking a few more lives. It's proper to look back over your life while remembering your accomplishments and further pulling off the knowledge of past incidents and or issues that didn't work out for you, however to perpetually live in the past restricts people from living in the present, or in setting new goals for themselves in the near future at any point.

When the day passes, then that day becomes a part of history, and history is what it is to no matter how much we want to re-live, or change it. The past only has credence over a person as long as they choose to give the past power over them by acting out on its memories either to the positive or negative, all you can do is to either take pride in the accomplishments of the past, or to learn from your mistakes made in a time long gone so that you won't be doomed to repeat these same mistakes in the future.

In short, remember, cherish and be happy the in the good times you've shared with others and remember and learn from the mistakes made in life so that you can avoid being snared in this type of negative situation ever again. Releasing the past is so important, we do this by forgiving others and ourselves by realizing that were all cut from the same cloth and to error is only human, in other words, no one is perfect and there's no use in beating yourself or others up for something that happened long ago either in the recent or distant past. Once a mistake is made we can't go back and change it especially after X amount of time has passed, however, we can ensure that the mistake never occurs again in our lives.

If a person chooses to live in the past and further recluses into themselves, then how can that unfortunate person be ready for the lessons, opportunities and rewards that might be approaching them from the future days ahead ?, they can't is the answer to that one. Living in the past can be construed as the direct by-product of lack of stamina, lack of fortitude, lack of will, giving up on the future, settling for second best, lack of faith in ones self, fear of the future, fear of success, failure to accept responsibility, lack of accountability, esteem problems, moral issues, faith issues in self and Divinity, denial, anger, depression, self-loathing, hate, envy, jealousy, dogma, and always feeling second best just to name a few areas that contribute to this negative trait over all.

Betrayal: Oh yes, betrayal, one of my personal favorites regarding negative traits found everywhere today, LOL. Have you ever been betrayed by someone you thought was your lover, wife, husband, friend, best friend or family member, boss, co-worker ? , have you ever betrayed another in your life at any time and why?, have you ever considered what causes people to carry this out this highly negative action against others ?. You know, Jesus said "that the loyalties and allegiances of men will change with the wind" , he wasn't lieing was he ? because we see this going on around us every day in our lives to some extent, right ?

Moving past the rudimentary bass composition of what brings betrayal into play in our lives such as financial motivations, sexual conquest and or a over all need, or lust for power in the work place and over others, what really causes this perpetual state of humanistic negative emotion that intern equates down into negative physical acting out against a person or persons in question who trusted the offender. What forms this less then admiral, or undesirable trait in people?  Let's explore.

Typically the root evil of this trait comes from jealousy, greed, envy, or power questing of some kind, It might have to do with the imagined slights of others against the one because the facts of a situation aren't, or weren't fully known before the act of betrayal was carried out, perhaps this is a act of hate or spite from one towards another for whatever reason like politics and a great need for notoriety.

Betrayal, is the out come of, or by-product of other hidden traits existing within not only us but others such as the lack of good communication, , allowing negative outside influences to come into our minds and lives. Betrayal is the direct result of ill placed trust in another who goes on to sell someone out for reasons of self-gain in most cases. Perhaps betrayal is a way to get back at someone because they feel that this other person is smarter or better looking then they are, who knows. Is it possible that betrayal occurs for reasons of one person wanting to be liked or admired so much by others that they don't mind betraying the one merely to obtain a new set of friends or conditions in life.

The Traitor or Betrayer tends to be a greatly trusted, but false friend who turns traitor for whatever reason, moreover this is a despicable act that generally causes self-loathing for the betrayer in the end that further isolates the person in question from the whole of society. No matter how you slice it up, betrayal is a bad thing over all, a manipulative deception against the one who trusted the betrayer or traitor in short. The antidotes in completely avoiding betrayal are: don't be a open book in life as their are those out there who will come to you in the guise of friends, lovers etc, who moreover aren't friends but enemies who have hidden agendas for self-gain. Don't wear trust upon your sleeve and realize that trust and respect must be earned through time like anything else in life. To the person that betrays another in life, I would say: BEWARE for Divinities justice is swift against the unjust and only they know who is who.

Please keep in mind that were talking about unjustified betrayal of trust and love for self- gain, and that other common sense laws will apply to what is acceptable spiritual and physical defense verses unacceptable negative actions taken against another for no apparent reason other then for self-gain of some kind, there is a fine line that advances or recedes from situation to situation depending on the existing components therein. In short, one persons defense might come off as betrayal to another when this might not be the case at all. Yet, another's seemingly righteous actions against some one else may be hidden, or watered down betrayal in the eyes of Divinity. This is a multifaceted situation or act that has numerous rules of engagement to it depending on the set of circumstances involved, and thus, when in doubt seek wiser council then ones self. The best weapon against bad judgments can be found under righteous thought, speech and actions.

Overly Passive: Jesus said "Blessed are the meek of heart for they shall inherit the Earth", moreover, " He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword". Yes, a violent contras, but necessary for clarity or decrement. it is a noble thing to be humble before the eyes of Divinity while being its messenger of peace, love and fairness, yet justice must region supreme in not only the singular life but in the wicked world over all. Ok, like everything else there must be a balance here. Being passive, patient or shy are admirable traits to a point, however the time will come when a person must show courage while speaking up for themselves with truth and fact in the face of adversity, to do otherwise isn't being true to ones self or Divinity.

Righteous courage is called for here along with the tempering of judgment with mercy, to remain firm, open minded and fair to all concern, to further practice humility with unwavering command over any oppressive situation that a person may find themselves in. Being overly passive is often times the result of self-esteem and loathing issues, fear, and doubts in ones own ability in standing up for self in a prudent manner. Persons in this particular situation have a tendency or inability to simply say no to things that might be detrimental to them, to assist others continually even in light that no one ever seems to be there for them when personal assistance is needed.

Over passivity substgates the individual to being bullied by others, or pushed around by family and friends, publicly humiliated or scorned repeatedly, and thus frequently becoming the object of jokes and emotional torment. Overly passive behavior is typically viewed as cowardly or weak attribute in the persons personality thus causing the passive person to become the blunt target of verbal and physical attack in most instances if un-addressed. This particular trait becomes a major block in life that nurtures the great fear of conflict that further facilitates a lack of faith in ones self, doubt, fear, and allows the person in question to fall under the malicious control of others.

This unbalancing of emotional process also causes reclusiveness, internalizing and self-hatred amongst other things. Other issues that induce this type of behavior are such issues as : distorted body image or other appearance or verbal issues, wanting and needing acceptance from others that usually began with the parents and classmates when one is very young. On the other hand, folks with this condition can swing the other way as well such as not wanting to be visible to anyone, to remain invisible and detached from the world in every way. This particular condition can develop or manifest in a host of different ways depending on a persons conditioning throughout his or her life. Seriously folks, this is a bad thing in having to go through as it simply brings a person nothing but grief through self enforced servitude.

The way around being to passive as mentioned above is in recognizing that the self has just as much right in being in the world as the next guy, that a person must have courage in the face of opposition or adversity, that a individual has just as much to contribute to society as the next person, and lastly, what anyone has to say is just as important over anyone else's opinion. Unfortunately, assertiveness to a degree is necessary given the state of affairs that were all experiencing today and thus to come off as to reserved or passive can cause us more harm then good. In short, know yourself, over all situation and specific circumstance and act accordingly under Divinities law of righteous thought, speech and beneficial action.

Overly Aggressive or Assertive: Again, there's a balance here to be observed as to be to assertive or aggressive can be ( over kill ) in most, if not all situations and thus making any preexisting volatile situation that much worse. It's prudent to be aggressive in obtaining long desired, or cherished goals in a ethical way that benefits all concerned. It's a good thing to have courage in the face of hostile opposition or oppressive circumstances, however, fight the good fight and be sure that your in the right and have plenty of evidence and right action supporting your position in a given conflict.

In relationships, one must understand that there's a time for assertiveness in a dispute that is moreover carried out in a rational and ethical manner. There is absolutely no room for negative psychological emotional warfare or combative physical aggressiveness in any relationship as this only serves to be a detrimental force that will eventually undo everything that has been attained by both people involved.
Self-restraint and fairness are called for in this instance to further ensure that the balance between passive behavior and assertiveness. Over aggression, or being overly assertive like the many other traits listed above has a lot to do with bad communications and living by the golden rule. Sub-traits in this instance are considered to be: stubbornness, anger, stress, anxiety, ego, pride in always having to be right, depression, arrogance, repetitive negative speech, bitching, dominating, trust issues, negative thinking, narrow mind set, overly defensive, overly protective, excessively territorial and so fourth just to name a few.

Sometimes aggression, or being overly assertive can work against you especially when this mental process becomes a predominate activity over any other emotions that would normally neutralize this behavior to some extent, or soften it. On the exterior side, most people will tend to look at a overly aggressive person in the way of being a bully, busy body, drama queen, someone with something to prove, angry and unfulfilled person, resentful soul, UNHAPPY, a forcing person, attention seeking, insecure and petty in some cases. If you want to be, or remain alone in life moving from one relationship to another then being over aggressive is the best way to go because it automatically alienate most people over all. The trick is in finding a happy medium some where between passive and aggressive as it's no fun rocking when your walking through life alone.

Excessive Domination: There's really no use in attempting to dominate, or control others any more then it's advantages for someone else to be dominate over you. Unions of any kind must be built on mutual respect and the principals of joint equality. Now, looking at it realistically, we all know that there's always one in the relationship that tends to be a little more dominate then the other, and this can be a good thing when held in its proper perspective or balance, however this isn't always the case as were about to discover. When two people come together be it in a love relationship, or even a friendship capacity, then it's important to realize that each of the Entities should come together but also retain their hold and separate identities in order for that relationship to maintain its uniqueness. If this principal isn't observed, or is otherwise carried out in a opposing way, then disaster awaits the union down the road at some point.

We, for the most part are creatures of habit looking for both similarities and unique differences in our love interests, and when this happens, or when we find someone with the right alchemical make up, then look out world. Often times, many people have these principals down in the beginning and the relationship is good or proper to the personalities involved, however as time moves on the two persons involved can become complacent towards one another and the negative break down of the relationship starts to occur slowly at first and thus likened to a rolling stone collecting troubles as time marches on. Dominating others is typically the by-product of other such negative traits as insecurity, paranoia, needyness, ego and so fourth that can branch off into other traits that over all compound a all ready unhealthy situation.

It is through domination that some believe stability to be derived from in a given relationship or social situation, however this is merely a illusion as others will become weary of a imposed tyrannical personality and thus eventually rebels via breaking away from what they consider to be a oppressive set of circumstances while seeking freedom from the source of their pain being the spouse. Many times when we handle a case with this type of situation in play, often times hear from the Client " She or he says that I'm to smothering ", I don't trust ", " I'm controlling " , " they need room to breath ", " I won't let them have any friends ", I'm always checking up on them", " It's my way or the highway " and so fourth. Again, typically when one starts hearing this sort of speech coming from the Spouse then trouble is brewing.
Another couple of signs of impending trouble are: lack of constructive communication, lack of intimacy, the spouse wanting to be away with friends and family all the time verses being at home with the spouse, the spouse communicating their troubles to the out side world verses talking the issue or issues over with the spouse, prolonged internalizing, to jealous, detaching and becoming very complacent to what's going on in the relationship and so on. We also start hearing other things coming from the Client that their spouse or love interest has stated to them over time such as : " You don't listen to what I have to say ", " your taking someone else's word or side over mine ", you don't appreciate me, or take me for granted ", " it's all about what you want and what I want doesn't matter", " you don't validate or recognize my contributions to the relationship " and so fourth.

It's important to recognize what causes Excessive Domination that might be actually occurring in a relationship, more so why others might accuse us of this trait even though it's not present in a given situation, it is only through the identification of this behavior that we can make adjustments in our personality to avoid this sort of behavior entirely. We want to not only avoid this behavior over all as it's not advantages to us, but don't want to be falsely accused of carrying out this sort of thing against another such as our love interest or spouse. It's really ironic in the way that most men in particular can become very oblivious to what's going on with their relationship until it's to late and then try to compensate for their lack of attention throughout the relationship with excessive actions or behaviors in the end via demonstrating to the spouse in how much they really love them through repeated excessive actions.
Trouble is, that the lady takes these excessive actions as feats of controlling behavior or repressive speech and action coming from the boy friend or husband against them. Before all you ladies start laughing or stating " see,, I told you so " please understand that these same kinds of activity are also present and carried out against the man depending on the types of personalities involved in the given relationship, it's just not as predominate at times. Ladies can come off as highly needy, controlling, dominating, possessive or tyrannical in a relationship without ever knowing it as men will internalize for the most part until they've just had enough and leave for no apparent reason.

As with other facets of emotional, or psychological composition, jealousy or a certain level of dominating behavior can be beneficial until we cross the line with it and it is construed as tyrannical or oppressive behavior. Ways around being caught up in a nasty and heart breaking situation that ULTIMATELY leads to break up or divorce. (1): Be responsive to your spouse. (2): pay attention to what he or she says even if you don't thinks it's that interesting, or tired, IT'S IMPORTANT to them. (3): Be sure to recognize, and validate the dreams, goals and accomplishments of your spouse even though you might have different aspirations. (4): Always be willing to meet your spouse half way in any matter if at all possible. (5): Share your responsibilities as a couple, be mindful of responsibility because accountability will be yours to if you want it or not in the end. (6): Don't internalize on matters that effect you both because the lack of communication is the enemy of your relationship.

(7): Be on the look out for negative influences within or without your relationship and then take FAIR steps in resolving or correcting the problem. (8): Do not judge your souse harshly least you be judged by the same measure. Remember that were all human beings and thus we all make mistakes at times. (9): Always temper your justice with mercy even when judging yourself. (10): Safeguard against letting your own baggage interfere with a current relationship. After all, the person your with didn't harm you personally, so why should they pay for another's mistakes through your bad behavior. (11): Remember this folks, if it's not worth fighting for or over THEN DON'T. (12): Never go to sleep on a argument least it seethe and take hold of your spirits. (13): Respect, friendship, and love are conditional and it must be earned and kept strong through righteous thought, speech and positive actions.

(14): Relationships are not about one being right and the other wrong more so about working out your differences, their not about being in control of your spouse more so then being in control over your own behavior. It's not about belittling them when they trip more then it is about helping them up. (15): Again remember, when you look at your spouse, please know that this is the person that loves and admires you, they are your biggest fan and thus treat them accordingly. Just a couple helpful tips to get you through the day, if you've lost someone then trace your steps and learn from your mistakes. If your about to lose someone, then pay attention and spare yourself some heartache. A few things the ladies reading this should know.

We also hear a lot of statements coming from our male Clients such as some of the previous statements above but moreover: "she doesn't trust me", she always has me on a timer ", she's always bitching at me and I can't stand it", she smothers me and I can't get any time for myself ", "it's like she always has to be in control of what I say and do, right on down to the way I dress. " she doesn't realize that I've had to work all day, and I'm tired when I get home", I bust my ass but she never seems to be happy with anything I do for her. Again, relationships aren't just about the one more so then there about the two and not one being over the other. There's a real problem with Excessive Domination and this is why I'm going into depth here, it simply destroys numerous relationships that would otherwise be healthy relationships.

To change another into something you would have them be, not only violates Divinities holy laws, but steals that persons personality away from them. Through their love for the one, blinds them to losing their own spiritual uniqueness. The person that is being dominated in the name of love will typically stop growing emotionally and spiritually as instead of moving forward in life through progressive learning, they are moving in the reverse by attempting to become something their not as a direct result of repeated taunting of someone who they love and admire. You know, it's a good thing to grow spiritually, psychologically and emotionally throughout life, however we must take into account that when were with another person, it's a three party dance being your Divinity, your spouse and self, anything else is perverse to the holy law of union and the abused soul will be under Divinities grace.

Overly Opinionated: Oh, Beware of the little member being our tongues, lol. Everyone has a opinion, some opinions are full of wisdom and others foolishness. If one has all the facts concerning a issue, and that particular issue effects your life in some way, if your opinion is a constructive opinion that will resolve, or assist in resolving an issue, then wisdom saves the day and you benefit all concerned. If a opinion isn't factual, or full of rederick, and further doesn't help in resolving anything on any level, then it's nothing but folly and worthless speech, it serves nothing and no one and so you should remain silent.

There is a time for opinions and a time to remain silent, there's a time to speak your mind, yet there is never a good time to disrespectfully speak out of turn or over another. Yelling or screaming will not make you heard more so then the validity and substance of what it is that your saying, say it once and utilize gentle persuasion and diplomacy in every communication. When a person becomes to out spoken around others then this normally tends to alienate others while causing the out spoken person to come off as a (know it all ), arrogant or egotistical, and as a result making that out spoken person more the object of avoidance then someone to be looked up to.

To speak out of turn not only shows total disrespect for others that are engaged in a given conversation but also exhibits a lack of discipline over ones lack of thought process and speech. Lastly, others will consider this rude behavior and won't take the opinion as credible resolution. The best way to be heard is in speaking softly with knowledgeable content. Everyone has a opinion, however most people will quickly discern what is credible and what isn't in the way that a person will present themselves and the topic in which they choose to express.

Other negative traits that can be found as the building blocks to overly opinionated behavior are: overly aggressive, forcing issues, anxiety, hyperactivity, being needy, overly defensive, territorial, egotism, pride, arrogance, controlling, domination, emotional confusion or muddled thinking, lieing, group questing, a need to be recognized or looked up to, pride and insecurity for examples. As with all of the traits on this page, the trait combination will apply accordingly to each individual depending on that person environment, or the way that personality has developed through conditioning from childhood to present date, moreover not leaving out the various circumstances that they have endured or have been subjected to etc.

Speaking Up For Yourself: On the reverse side of the coin we have those who never exert their opinion even when this opinion is much needed to resolve a personal issue or set of problems affecting two or more. The sub-traits sited for this behavior are as follows: Fear of conflict, depression, self-esteem, self-loathing, shyness, lack of motivation, lack of goals, reclusiveness, self-critical, reluctance, procrastination, fear, excessively passive, permitting domination by others, self inflicted punishment, lack of confidence, hopelessness, despairing, distorted body image and other, bad communication skills and self-sabotaging over all.

One thing that I've personally learned in this life is that you absolutely have to speak up for yourself especially when your in the right, to do otherwise only brings down the quality of life emotionally speaking. The world will only taunt you that much more when one remains silent in the face of adversity, people in general will take silence as either a sign of weakness or a admission of guilt, in either case, and sadly enough, people will attack a shy person that much more for the sole reason that they know he or she won't defend, or speak up for themselves. Easy Target in short that the world can use for its punching bag.
Even the most peace loving of us understand that conflict and war is sometimes necessary to keep the wicked at bay and to maintain our place of safety and peace in society. Folks that are currently enduring this negative trait are typically subjected to public ridicule, harassing, public taunting and other unfair and negative activities because the victim is of a non-intrusive or passive and peace loving nature. The only problem here is in the way that a person of this nature is actually cutting themselves off from life and there of inhibiting their own emotional and spiritual growth by reframing, or detaching themselves from life experiences.

It's very difficult to be a peace loving person in a fast moving society who believes in the ideology of kill or be killed, however, and despite this, a person still has to draw from the very essence of courage found deep within to deal with this sort of environment on a daily basis. How do we get rid of this trait and free ourselves from fear ? Let me just yield the words of Alexander the great by saying " Conquer your fear and you will conquer death ".

Again, let me quote Jesus in saying " that the meek shall inherit the earth ", even though the gentile soul will eventually inherit the earth, that time is not now, and even the gentile spirit must pick up the sword and shield of intellect to fight the good fight against the wicked and perverse who would bring them down. How do we do this ? through righteous thought, speech and actions while knowing that the legions in heaven stand with us in our lives. If our head is in a good place and our words and actions are of a righteous nature, if we have faith in ourselves and in Divinity, then we have nothing to fear but fear its self like Winston Churchill once said.

Recognize that what you have to say is just as important as what they next guy has said, and that your accomplishments are just as valid as anyone else's that you meet in life. Realize that you have a grand purpose in the scheme of things and that what you have contributed, and will contribute hasn't gone unnoticed. Don't believe in the world and the negative things it has said about you, moreover believe in Divinity and yourself, believe in the divine laws in which Divinity has given to us all that govern our lives, with this in mind, you will achieve things beyond you wildest acceptations and there isn't any limit to what you can achieve.

Learning From Our Mistakes: You know, this is more of a problem then you think. It's not so much of in learning from our mistakes as many of us can do this with ease, however the problem is more so in repeating the same actions over and over again simply because those same actions are familiar, comfortable and easy for us to follow, even in light that most of us recognize that particular old way of handling a new problem just doesn't, or hasn't worked out for us, and thus we become likened to a scratched record in the way of responding to new problems in a old and out moded way that bring us more trouble then good. It's all most like telling a bad joke that no one found funny in the first place and then continuing to elaborate on that same joke until everyone just left the room while leaving you feeling a little put off and embarrassed.

There's a saying that I think is pretty cool, and really does sum it up entirely, the question goes something like this: "What is the main difference between a intelligent man and a wise man ? The answer to the question is: "A intelligent man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man not only learns from his own mistakes, but the mistakes of others". This telling us that if we can learn from not only our own mistakes but the mistakes of others and thus this enables us to gather new wisdoms and knowledge at a accelerated rate and moreover giving us the edge over our peers. We can begin discerning what works for us and what doesn't, what situations to get involved in, and what circumstances to run like hell from.
Through this, we become capable of Prudent thought process and Actions according to where we find ourselves standing in life that further teaches us the art of foreseeing problems that may be approaching us at any given place or time, that in-turn allows us enough time to get clear of problematic situations and or chaotic people. Another skill that can be learned here is in the way that we begin to think things through while remembering and learning from our past failures, we avoid impulsive behavior because this is rash action without much thought behind it that further immerses us into the negative events that have snared us in the past.

When a person doesn't learn from their mistakes or the pain they cause then this is tragic indeed, when a individual doesn't remember their past, then as Churchill said " we are doomed to repeated it ". Learning from your past and the past events of others makes you the wiser one in the world, however not learning from the past is foolish, learning from the past but repeating the same mistakes over and over again in spite of the knowledge obtained is just down right sinful and self-destructive on the whole. Concerning the negative traits or blocks concerning this behavior, well, I would say that you can take just about every trait listed on this page and apply it because this goes against the very foundation or building block of both spiritual, emotional and psychological development.

Clear Motives, Intentions & Communications : If you stop and think about it for a second speech or communication is everything, communication between Divinity and self, communication between those around you, and lastly communication from self to self. So, your see, communication must really be taking place on three different levels if one is to have any degree of success in life. Firstly, a person must have good communications with ones self in order to become clear and concise as to why they would actually want to achieve something through speech or action, why do I want or need this thing, how does it serve me, does it serve not only self but others in a beneficial way, is this detrimental to self or others, will this add value to my life, how will others perceive my speech or actions. Yes, communications is all important with self isn't it ?

It is only though good communications with yourself that enables you to be clear and concessive in what it is that your actually needing from life its self or those around you. Again, if your communications are good with self then you can be clear and direct in speech to others while conveying a need or desired goal, through clear communications between self and others, no room is left for ambiguity, misinterpretation, misconstruing or misunderstanding on the other end, or by other people. Clear communication puts everyone on the same page as your on,, your intentions and motivations are not only clear to others but self and thus you have a clear plan of action in play minus the ambiguity, second guessing yourself, indecisiveness or muddled thinking. Again, please refer to the Righteous Thought, Speech and Action principal concerning this topic.

Above all else, your communication with Divinity is not only unique but essential for spiritual guidance, peace and prosperity, when you are proficient in communicating with others and yourself then communicating with Divinity becomes a breeze. Some of the negative traits or blocks that can occur are: muddled thinking, confusion, second guessing yourself, indecisiveness, hasty actions, ill planed actions, ambiguous speech, depression, anxiety, fear, reclusiveness, stress, self-critical, self-esteem and loathing, conflictual behavior, hostility, anger, ineffective prioritizing, inability in understanding what is meaningful and what isn't not to mention other traits to numerous to mention here. Again, like with the other traits mentioned on this page, the secession of traits will very from personality to personality and from circumstance to circumstance concerning the level of degree and intensity.

Carnally or Materialistically Minded: Not only did Jesus say this but so does every other spiritual teacher through time when looking over specific holy doctrines, " you can not serve two masters " and you must be in the world but not of it, the meaning of this means that you have no choice in being in the world however you do have a choice in not taking part in its wicked ways. Let me firstly start off by saying that Divinity has absoluty nothing against sex or having a little something in this world to show for our hard work, however we cross the line when we become excessive or obsessive in (any one thing) in our lives.

Let's speak on materialism first and then we will move on to carnal behavior. When people read the Bible for a example, they read the passage that states " thou shalt not have any Gods before or after me for I am a jealous God " and thus we assume that this is telling us that we shouldn't bow down to graven images of any kind least we be considered Idolaters and in violation of this commandment. I believe that this is pertinent in the respect that Divinity becomes angry or unhappy when we pay homage to any craft of a mans hands, however isn't really speaking in reference to, or recognizing Divinity via its numerous names or general descriptions such as God, Goddess or Angel etc.

I believe this statement to be more of a general statement that infers that we as individuals shouldn't hold anything over Divinity in our lives such as cherished objects or even loved ones least the spiritual realm be offended. In short, it's fine to take a little pride in something that you've worked hard to obtain such as a car or home, but it isn't a good thing to actually love that particular thing or give it more notice and credence over Divinity or your spiritual nature. It's ok if you choose to love someone, but it's not really a good practice to love someone so much that you hold them over Divinity its self, if there's any doubt about my last statement then know that when you love other things or people over Divinity, then Divinity will remove or destroy these things in your life until you re-assess or prioritize these issues correctly in life.
I think it's more of a matter of the spiritual realm not wanting us to place, or bass our self worth on inanimate objects or persons in our life over our spiritual goals and worth, of course this is if I had to make a educated guess on the topic. Our self-worth rest in that which is eternal and not in that which is temporary to which covers everything in mortal existence. Again, this same rule or principal applies to our carnal nature as well, or with anything that we get stuck on or obsessed over in life. Excessive carnal behavior can lead to perversion and over all degradation of the spirit, and thus leading us into untold wicked ventures past simply being overwhelmed or obsessed with this one thing, if you think about it, you can see that imbalance in this area leads to destruction in every instance, not to mention the destruction and bareness it causes others who may be the innocent one in the start.

When a person becomes excessively carnal and materialistically minded, then these are ways of the flesh and not the way of the spirit, that which is eternal, being the spirit, can never die, but that which is of the earth passes away quickly in the blink of a eye. To be knowingly and willingly minded of this grievous sin is to bring the wages of spiritual death upon your soul. Traits for this behavior are as follows : ego, perverse, false self worth, attention seeking, greed, power hungry, influence peddling, judging, lack of fairness, manipulating, lieing, excess, gluttony, spiritual depravation or absence, off set priorities, confusion of that which should be meaningful but isn't, dominating, excessive force, belittlement of others, or looking down ones nose at others just to name a few things going on here.

How do we get around these things and become more in tune with what many consider to be Intelligent Creation or Divinity ? Firstly, realize that Divinity hasn't got anything against sex or having things, however the Seeker should know that if he cultivates the spiritual nature within and the relationship with Divinity over all, then all things in the physical world will come even before the desire or wish is expressed. If the Seeker remains balanced in all manner of life, then Divinity will bestow gifts and blessings upon him that will surpass his wildest expectations. If the Seeker searches for things of the flesh then he will not find Heaven but death in all things, yet when he finds Divinity so shall he inherit the Universe and all of its creation therein.

What Is Meaningful, Positive Actions & Prioritizing: Many times we get a little confused and miss-guided along the way simply because were distracted by all the commotion around us in how we should live life, we tend to live life according to how society over all thinks we should conduct our lives instead of living out life for ourselves. When this occurs, not only are we sacrificing our happiness in the interest of merely getting along with others, but also allowing others in keeping us away from the very thing that we would rather be perusing in life that makes us happy and content. We should firstly realize that Divinity is the most meaningful presents in our lives as they were all we had in the beginning before we knew of anything else, and it is Divinity that will be with us all in the end when all others are unable to assist us in any way.

It's not about how long your life span ends up to be, or how much you acquire material wise, it's not about how popular you become or even what others think about you. Life is about how you live it, how you navigate through it, how productive you are both in the mundane and spiritual worlds. The purpose of life is in learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others and thus acquiring long held wisdoms as a result, the meaning of life is to be happy through the wisdoms that you've worked so hard to obtain and assisting those that might have temporally lost their way, it's about being a positive force of creation both within yourself and without in everything you touch, a light unto the world, it's about keeping your head in a good and level place when finding yourself in the midst of challenging times, and speaking positive things into existence, again, it's about positive and beneficial action to all that meet you.

Life is about learning and happiness through your positive contributions, interactions, and what is actually meaningful in your life, it's about prioritizing what is meaningful in your life such as Divinity, family, friends and self. Our lives are about being true to both Divinity, ourselves and accepting responsibility and accountability for our actions be they of a positive or negative in nature. When a person becomes aware of what is meaningful and righteous in life, then clearing away the smut and what doesn't serve you becomes effortless in its disposing as the rule of thumb goes. By the time you've read down to this point, you will all ready have noticed a few things that either doesn't, or hasn't served you in your life.
The bad thing about not really knowing what is meaningful in life is that you feel lost all the time while attempting to fill a seemingly endless void, not really knowing what is missing out of your life but never the less knowing something is gone. Of course, the other side is in lacking the inability to prioritize something that your either aren't clearly seeing or not seeing in the first place, then we have the confusion setting in and the second guessing to deal with. Examples of what is meaningful, Inner strength, emotional and spiritual strength and accepting positive change through constructive disruption. Determining what is meaning is pretty easy via determining what serves you and what doesn't, case in point, bad friends, or friends that bring disruption into your life isn't a meaningful thing and they should be done released back to the place where you found them.

Excessively striving for unrealistic goals and ignoring other important things that need your attention in life isn't meaningful, Gossiping about others, or not standing up for yourself are things that don't serve you any more then being un-fair to others or being overly aggressive towards others. Living your life for others, or those who don't deserve your friendship for the sake of being liked or admired by them. Basically in a nut shell, whatever is negative or harmful against yourself or others doesn't serve anyone. Inner strength and spiritual fortitude is called on via having the courage to say NO to that to which doesn't serve your or others even if it causes you a little disruption in your life. It's about saying Yes to the thing that serves everything in creation in a beneficial way. Notice those whom live in the pool of chaos and never hear the message or learn the ways of Divinity, notice how they struggle and quickly sink into the grave to be forgotten for all time.

When disruption comes knocking at your door, or slips through the front gates, then learn from it to insure that this type of situation never plagues you again, Don't look at it as a shameful experience, don't see it as a un-fair incident more so then something you can learn from and avoid in the future. Again, don't think that Divinity has singled you out for fun and games, or that Divinity is punishing you, or because it simply likes to cause you pain for some reason as this isn't the case at all, Divinity uses disruption as the Great Awakener in the unfortunate times when we have refused to listen to the numerous warnings coming from every facet of creation its self concerning something in our lives, if we learn from disruption then disruption flees from us and peace and prosperity takes its place. It is only when a person realizes these simple principals put before us by the Force Of Creation its self then do we become the masters of our own destinies.

Fear Of Rejection: Being rejected is considered a huge problem for a lot of people, however this is just part of life and nothing to be taken personally in most instances. I think we have to put rejection into perspective by firstly defining how many kinds of rejection there actually are in order to understand this behavior coming from others, moreover how each one of these levels of acting out chooses to manifest in a societal setting. Ok, the first kind of rejection we'll call Group rejection, this type of behavior is other wise phrased as ( Their really Clicky ) and keep to themselves, this usually takes place in the work place predominantly, or in a persons neighborhood within close proximity to them.

You know, I feel this type of behavior is rather closed minded and childish for the most part, however it does occurs quite often and thus offending a good many folks out there. To place this behavior into better perspective for you, I would just say look at the animal kingdom and observe all the lions hanging out with the other lions, the zebras hanging out with the zebras and the monkeys there with the other chimps. Now observe certain people hanging out with their circle of friends and you'll see the similarities between the species sited.

The clickish behavior of other doesn't have anything to do with the person their rejecting most of the time and more to do with the person actually rejecting a person for whatever reason. Usually, the person carrying out the action of rejecting another typically has a few things going on themselves such as being to insecure to let someone into his circle of friends because he's been hurt or had some other bad experience in a group setting, eventually they will meet up with two to four others of like mind and thus forming a small group of some sort. Ego and vanity may be a factor as well as birds of a feather flock together, perhaps they like sitting around complementing one another all night, lol. In short, clickish groups have a lot of ego, insecurity and judgmental issues going on against anyone outside of their group.
Again, sometimes exist joint enjoyments such as drinking, drugs, gossip or other lesser then admiral qualities that bind them together, Eventually these groups turn on one another at the drop of a hat because their friendships are built on very dry sand thus causing them to split apart, there's really nothing substantial there to really be a part of in other words and the time you vest in a groups like this is wasted time indeed. People hang out in groups for security reasons just like we did thousands of years ago, the group doesn't make up who you are personally, so there's no big loss in being rejected by a person or group of people just because they think you don't fit in, Of course we would all like to be liked by everyone however this just isn't possible all the time.

Oh my, and now we get to Love Relationship Rejection part, the thing most of you are wondering about and further looking to avoid, well, this is most certainly a type of rejection that no one really wants to deal with, or be subjected to, why ? because it's embarrassing and it hurts, right ? it's just bad news to say the least. Let's not leave out the fact that not only does it hurt, and causes us grief or anger, but also gives us feelings of doubt and other self-esteem issues if it happens to many times. In some cases, were absoluty insulted when this occurs while thinking, ( What Nerve ), and who is that person to just write me off so quickly without even giving me a chance. Some of us even give up trying all together out of the fear rejection, don't we ? why ? simply because we don't need the grief or hurt, we don't need a ticket to ride that train.

It's a perfectly normal thing to be rejected from time to time as this is only human nature and n
ot to be taken personally. People will have various things that their looking for in another person that perhaps you don't possess or they missed in seeing the first or second time over, no big deal, just try again and don't let your fear over take you. I've personally been rejected in just about every facet of dealing with others from love relationships right on down to ideology and book deals, Never Stopped Me because I didn't look at it as a defeat more so then just a temporary set back. A person dealing with rejection in a negative way must understand that the rejection isn't about the person on the receiving end of the rejection more so then on the person doing the rejection.

This is where spiritual fortitude and courage come into play and a person drawing on their own inner strength by knowing who and what they are and feeling good about themselves as a result. If a individual finds themselves being rejected over and over again this could mean one or two things, perhaps the person is acting out in a less then honorable or admiral way against their suitor. Maybe it's something to do with appearance or speech, maybe your just not compatible with a certain personality that your drawn back to over and over again for some reason. If there's something you can do to correct your behavior, speech or appearance then make the corrections. Really all you can do is what you can do and that's it, all you can do is practice prudence, patients and wait for your love.

Lastly, love will find each and every soul upon the earth as it just a matter of timely actions and movements with the Universe concerning a persons life. It's ok to look for love and be receptive to it, however I find that when you chase love then love tends to flee from you, when your not looking for it, love finds you. Don't let fear rule over you, moreover let your courage rule over fear and fear of meeting others will be no more. When it comes to meeting perspective love interest just walk up to them and be confident and grounded in yourself, be yourself and walk into the room with your head up while acting like you own the room, And You Will in fact be a commanding presence.

Lack Of Faith : What is faith and how do I find it, lol. How does one obtain faith and keep it close to them throughout life in both good times and bad. To address these questions I would start off by saying that if you pretend to have faith, then faith shall come, and you will own it. Faith is in believing in yourself and trusting in Divinity to work through not only your spirit but in everything around you, faith is in listening to, and living your life under Divinities holy laws, having faith is in believing in Divinities promise of a better tomorrow and that you are their highest creation upon the earth that they will never abandon, that will never let you down, they will be with you all the days of your life, even when at times you think they have taken flight from or forsaken you.

Faith, is when you choose to listen to their soft but compelling messages of life while holding firm to the ways of Heaven, in rebuking the wicked snares of the world. Realize that your are in the world but not of it and thus the world has very little power over your enduring spirit. Faith is in realizing that Divinity and all therein are the writers of our realities, and being as such they have the power to re-write our realities to our liking, our perceived realities are merely illations that can crumble away like all things in life eventually do given enough time. Faith is eternal likened to our spirits, and that which is eternal can never die, but that which is of the earth will be forgotten and will turn to dust with the passage of time.

Faith is in believing in yourself and Divinity while knowing that things will work out in your favor even when the world says that the odds are stacked against you, even when your logical mind tells you that you have lost or failed. To have faith will raise you from chaos, trouble and despair, true faith brings your Soul into absolute glory through the purifying of the spirit, faith causes the spirit to ascend over the pain and confusion of the fleshly world, and brings a person into the glory of creation its self. Choose to believe and have faith and it shall be given to you in great abundance, remember that things of the flesh are corrupt and vanish quickly, or in the wink of a eye, that of the spirit no man can kill or disrupt be you under Divinities grace. To a person that has faith in the living word, then it is that person whom holds the Holy Grail in hand, that same grail sought by the great kings of the earth over the eons for reasons of power.
Not Accepting Responsibility & Denial: To not accept responsibility for your actions, or to further be in Denial of your negative thought process, speech or the actions you've carried out isn't a wise state of being that can only cause further conflict and pain in your life, to be in denial of the facts, is in its self spiritual and social death. When a person holds themselves responsible for the things they say and do, this ultimately means that this same person becomes receptive to the present, or occurring reality of existing life, further the subject learns quickly from any given mistakes, and or the negative situations that they might have been confronted with in the past.

When people become so grounded, or ingrained in their own ways of mentally processing things out, communicating with others or carrying out what they perceive to be correct actions while refusing to see the perspectives of others, then this becomes counterproductive to not only themselves but to everyone and everything around them. Moreover, they are labeled by the public as socially poison or a TOXIC person to stay away from.

The failure of allowing self-responsibility and self-accountability to reside in ones life will typically constitute, or doom that same person to a life of endless and reoccurring fantasy, A prolonged, or indefinite sense of false security, a one sided life lived out in the rejection of the truth of factual occurrences, or at least what others consider to be a real state of reality. A lonely and singular life in which none may enter but the confused one afflicted with this deadly block or the spirit. This is a life in which egotism and self-loathing collide within ones self on a massive scale, self-worth is always in question, one-sided commutations are the rule of the day accompanied by lots of anger, confusion, resentment, self-loathing, hate for others, jealousy, greed, fear, anxiety, complex emotional anarchy or perpetual chaos.

This is the type of condition will typically breed such traits as over Imagination, or excessively reading Into things that may not exist at all, yet these fictions are taken as reality by the person in question. Second gusseting of any good advice given to the individual simply because it fit into that persons present conceptions of what should be in their life. Basically this is by far the most DESTRUCTIVE behavior that I know of as it promotes self-annihilation or spiritual devastation. A progressed or heightened behavior of this nature can even induce some forms of sensory deprivation in the way that a person only sees and hears a filtered out version of what is acceptable for them to either see or hear coming from a specific person or group of individuals.

Not accepting responsibility, or being in denial of everything that comes down the pike just because it doesn't serve you isn't a good thing no matter how you slice it. A house divided amidst its self can't stand as the old saying goes, but to elaborate on this further, I will just say: that a one sided life will eventually collapse under its own weight as well. It is this very malady of the mind and spirit that prevents us from not only learning and spiritually evolving, but also prevents us from positively and constructively interacting with others in our lives on every level of existence.

Again, as the saying goes: ( I am a Island to its self, I am the rock ), but there again, when enough waves wash over the island, then the mass of earth is no more. When enough water flows over the rough stone, then the massive stone becomes a smooth pebble in ones hand only to be cast back into the sea. It's far better to accept responsibility and learn from life events rather then to resist by spitting into the wind. Reject, and you will be rejected, receive, and you will be received is the Universal law over all creation. This emotional state can eventually lead to real physical problems caused by unrelenting stress not leaving out serious psychological fatigue of numbness.

Out Of Control Emotionally: Think about it, if your not in control of your emotions, then who is ? if your not in control of your thought process, then it would take very little coming from someone else to set you off in the wrong direction either verbally or via your actions. Not only does being in control of our thoughts and emotions benefit ourselves greatly, but others as well through our level headedness, or the proper decisions we make as a result of thinking things through regarding a set of circumstances or via a entire situation. If you maintain psychological discipline over all, then your not subject to the possible unbridled disruption occurring both within or without in your external environment.

People will respond to you a lot better, or in a more passive and receptive way, they do this for the sole reason that your calm demeanor becomes contagious to them, they feel less threatened, especially when you are clear on all the facts concerning a certain subject, moreover when your further conveying your point of view in a clear, concise, educated and unobtrusive manner. We learn to be diplomatic with ourselves firstly and thus we go on to learn the art of diplomacy with others through this. Basically, when your controlling what you think, say and carry out, then you are in effect controlling your environment through well planed out positive thoughts, speech and actions.

Everyone loves a positive up-beat person that seems to be in control of their spiritual and emotional natures, even when confronted with adversity. Why ? because their actions are directed for the benefit of all concerned, their thought process, speech and actions are fair not to mention their judgments being tempered with mercy and forgiveness. Typically, when a person in control becomes aware of negative circumstance approaching them at times, they of course abstain from hasty speech or actions and begin to utilize other tools such as restraint, fact gathering, prudence and ethical actions, or selfless and fair actions in resolving the problem effectively.

When others geared for your destruction taunt or attempt to bait you into conflictual situations or events, being in control of your very nature becomes very advantages to you and extremely detrimental to their efforts in upsetting your life, in other words, they have no power over you and their attempts are all in vain. The spiritual and emotional fortitude that you exhibit will most certainly put any adversary and the adversity they bring with them on the run, or set them off looking for a much weaker target that they can at least have a chance of influencing to some existent.

Allowing yourself to become baited, or coerced into conflict by another will just tell this intruder that they have dominance over you to do what they will, whenever the will. Allowing yourself to be over taken through obsession on any level, at any time will only keep you in a holding pattern that in turn inhibits you from moving on or in making good choices, allowing a situation or person to sidetrack you, or prevent you from progressing in your life to any degree is in fact a lack of control, plan and simple. Ok, enough said about this topic, I think you get the drift in how detrimental this can be, especially to spell work, so be warned.
Can't Say No: When folks have the inability to simply say NO to others, it's safe to say that there exist other underlying problems such as a need for acceptance by not the one but by a entire group and thus by never saying no, they are quelling the desire to belong, another negative quality rest in the area of fear, or fear of conflict more specifically. In other words, to say, ( no) , may cause others to be put off and thus bad feelings between the two might arise, or perhaps a conflict, a fear of negative gossip or what other people might say. Again, if the person in question says no to another, perhaps they themselves are overwhelmed with insecurity in the way that if they should need something from another one day then maybe that someone will be the one to tell them no, or reject their request.

It's true that you have to give a little to receive a bit back, however,, and like everything else, there should exist a balance here between giving and getting. The safety catch in making sure that your not being taken advantage of in any given friendship or working relationship, is in making sure your getting back as much as your putting out in a particular deal or relationship, this applies in all areas of life be it in business, friendships or personal relationships. I'm sorry to say this, but when a person becomes incapable of saying no to things that may or may not be detrimental to them, then this is taken as a sign of weakness, or that person might be considered to be a absolute push over by others.

Even if your just a good hearted and trusting person such as myself, people tend to take advantage of this and further use it as a free lunch. Let me ask you a question just to shed some light on this point, How many times have you rushed off to assist someone else in the past ? and how many times has that same person been receptive in repaying the favor ? or assisting you before you've had a chance to do something nice for them ? my guess is that you typically give more then you get, this is a bad thing. Moreover and unfortunately, people not only look at a person that can't say "no" as someone that apparently looks weak, or being a free lunch for the taking, but they go on to disrespect, or even taunt a person both in private and in public, they do this to gain popularity at the easy going persons expense.
Ok, how do we get around this thing ?, we get around it by taking a few simple steps to safeguard ourselves such as : (1): Don't do something that you don't wish to engage in out of fear of what others might say. (2): Don't do things out of fear, for reasons of insecurity or fear of conflict. (3): Reframe from carrying out acts for others while harboring a self-serving hidden agenda. (4): Make sure that not only your motives are on the up and up, but the motives and intentions of others are good as well. (5): Make sure that your not giving more then what your getting, or that your not getting more then your giving, ( Be Fair ), make sure others are fair with you. (6): Carry out a given task for the right reasons and use prudence in all decisions made.

It's a prudent thing to discern when others are really needing your assistance and when their attempting to sponge off you, its also a smart thing to establish when a person really needs your help or are just being needy for whatever purposes. In short, it's perfectly fine to say No to people if your not comfortable in doing something, It's fine to back out of a deal if something is occurring that you deem to be shady that you prefer not to be caught up in, Again, you are the captain of your soul and thus don't let others lead you by the nose into a place that you know will eventually cause detriment to self or others. If you follow these principals above then you will notice that people will start viewing you as someone that should be revered, admired and respected instead of someone that is weak and can be walked over.

In the end it doesn't matter what others think of you as long as your being true to yourself and acting in accordance to Divinities laws concerning righteous thought, speech and action. Will you lose friends ? Sure, will you sacrifice a relationship here and there ? Sure, Will you lose some popularity ? Sure. It is better to obtain true love and friendship through proper and prudent actions then to become submissive to the wishes of others, it is better to live your life under your own power verses letting others control or dictate your life to their own specifications or needs. Another point that I'd like to make at this time is that and that is the issue of Psychic Vampirism, what is this exactly ? it's bad news is what it is for the sole reason that this type of personality is drawn to people that have issues with saying no.

A Psychic Vampire is someone who latches on to one or more people whom is actually capable of sucking ones emotional strength or energy from them, this particular personality is looking for someone to dump their emotional trash on perpetually, or around the clock, that moreover tends to achieve this through excessively needy actions and speech of a negative nature. Always taking instead of giving, taking an immense amount of time and effort from others, they tend to always be in need of some type of assistance or advice that never seems to help them in the smallest degree. Their repetitive presence quickly weakens the mind, body and soul of their victim.

What better target then a person that is incapable of saying no to anything because they feel fear, or obligated to assist someone no matter the cost to themselves personally. In short, when this type of personality runs across a person that doesn't have the word "no: in their vocabulary then this is the dinner bell calling them to a free meal ticket. No, you won't always be liked or even loved by everyone, but it's better to have respect at all cost, it is better to instill fear and respect in others through strength of will rather then being in fear of what others might say or do because you didn't give them their way.
Be fair, be true to self, be prudent and exercise mental and spiritual fortitude. You might not have a lot of friends in the end, however the friends you do have will be true and trusted friends that you can depend on, as for the friends and relationships that fell away, they weren't true relationships or friends in the first place and they were a destructive force in your life that needed to leave. When you cut away the excess baggage that others pile on you, only then can you be free to live your life in a constructive and peaceful way, only then will you have a clear plan of action and view that is further un-obstructed by the negative clutter of others.

Self-Pity: This behavior doesn't really serve any purpose other the maybe writing a few country songs here or there, lol. Really, this negative attribute only compounds depression, anxiety, confusion, anger, self-loathing and other esteem issues. There's many unfair things that can occur in a persons life as we know, however the world moves quickly and you pretty much need to be quick or dead if the sad truth be known, there's just no one out there to feel sorry for us as they have their own problems to deal with. Self-pity only adds to other negative traits like gossiping, burdening others to a degree, excessive venting, influence peddling, attention seeking, sympathy searching, internalizing, grief, perpetual sadness, loneliness and a few other things given the time to reflect on it that just don't serve anyone over all.
The best way to handle this is to simply poses spiritual strength through faith, to assess your situation and learn from it, to take corrective actions to prevent the situation or event from ever happening again in your life, being true to yourself and so on. Self-pity in its self does absoluty nothing in resolving a situation, in fact it causes you to turn within, or to withdraw from a situation that earnestly needs to be addressed instead of burying your head in the sand. Turning to self-apathy, or just not caring about anything that happens after a unfortunate event can only hasten and worsen the over all event in question.
You know guys, when the world get you down, or gets the best of you as often times it likes to do with all of us, this is the time to become resolved in absolving our difficulties and not giving up. Hence as the old saying goes " When the going gets tough, the tough get going ", you have to be tough in this world if your going to make it, there's no time for self-pity or burying your head in the sand, why ? because if you are oblivious or incoherent to what's going on around you then this is the time your going to get blindsided from something that you should have seen coming way down the road.

When one engages in self-pity for prolonged periods of time then this is most certainly detrimental to ones life by opening them up to other negative events. Remember that all things both good and bad are passing, and that we must remain vigilant to both resolve the problems as they happen, become quick and receptive to those opportunities that present themselves to us. Yes, life is unfair at times and people can be petty and malicious in the right circumstance, and so, strength, honor and courage are called for here, have faith in yourself and in Divinity. Remember this, ( In myself I can do nothing ), ( In myself I am no one for it is Divinity that lives in me and I shall honor them in my life and they shall raise me from times of trouble and pain ).

Irresponsibility: This behavior is definitely considered to be a high grade negative issue that effects numerous if not countless thousands of people. Irresponsibility constitutes a wide variety of negative traits of which many can be seen listed on this page. Irresponsibility is merely the lack of thinking things through, not keeping ones word to carry out a task either for ones self or others, procrastination, undependable, inapt, uncaring, selfish, unorganized, juvenile, self-serving, self-centered, oblivious, lazy, obtuse, lack of good judgment, disregard for others, lack of respect for others, short sighted and lackadaisical just to give you a few examples here. Of course not all Irresponsible people suffer from all these listed traits sited, and the traits themselves will very from person to person in level and degree of intensity, however these are just some of the things that can be attributed to this crazy behavior.

Now, why on earth would this behavior cause us the trouble and conflict that it typically does ? Humm, I wonder. Well firstly, no one takes a person with this particular emotional melody seriously for the obvious reasons. Of course, no one in their right mind would trust, or depend on a personality of this nature unless they were a glutton for punishment and like getting let down on a daily basis. There are other attributed negative traits that go with this behavior such as confusion, anger, anxiety, restlessness, happier activity in some cases and on and on. Basically, the individual affected with this behavior didn't just get here over night and more then likely has other deep rooted issues that were never addressed when the should have been, that moreover have eventually brought them to this point.

Course of action for this particular trait and its compound negative traits, please refer to this entire page, lol. Ok, all joking aside, this type of behavior places a person out of sync with the rest of society and moreover pulls wave after wave of negative and painful karmic lessons to a person, and then divine retribution to the spirit if its not hearing or learning from the lessons given. Why does Divinity carry this out with a person, or personality type in question ? because life in the classroom and everyone has to learn how to work with one another, to work with, and serve the Universe.

If your oblivious to the needs of others around you or blind to your own spiritual needs, and moreover blind to what the Universe or Divinity needs from you, then you've completely cut yourself off from the entire process in which you were given life to complete in the first place. Remember, we are all held responsible and accountable for our actions and speech, we are also held responsible for our and inactions or late actions as well.

Emotional Selfishness: Many people have the misconception that to be selfish or greedy concerns such issues as hanging on to money, possessions or even intangible things such as fiercely maintaining popularity etc, The Public perception isn't a wholly wrong as selfishness does play out in these areas of life to some degree depending on the situation, but let's not forget that this behavior can cross over into other areas of life as well. Selfishness also plays out in other areas such as the rigid hanging on to a perceived set of morals, standards or beliefs that might be out moded behavior in its self. Moreover, a person that keeps insisting that they have the only solution to a problem that may not be the only solution, always having to be right even when it's not the case while being illusive or hardened to the suggested resolutions of others that may in fact be the best solution over all.

Moreover, even when it's the person in question that has caused the problem initially, they continue to go a far as to blame others for the predicament that they find themselves in instead of accepting the reality of the situation simply because their perceived value system might have proven to be invalid in certain instances or in specific areas, in other words intentionally or non-intentionally leaving convenient holes in which allow them to build the flawed belief system in the first place. In the event that the given value system is flawed or somewhat distorted, this could intern lead to the unjustified judging of others or looking down ones nose at others in a negative way even though this is unwanted in many instances.

Emotional selfishness in short is nothing more then the psychological greed that generates (the Me, Me, Me, It all about me syndrome ). A person that never gives emotionally and always takes from others until it absoluty hurts, or totally burns them out emotionally. This negative personality trait leads to other less then desirable traits such as temper tantrums, needyness, greed on both levels covering physically and emotionally, shallowness, narrow mindedness, conceitedness, anger, depression, stress, ramped and out of control emotionally etc. Again, just a few examples in the pervious statement however it does go on way past this depending on the circumstance involved. I will tell you that this trait can also be considered very destructive to not only the one afflicted with it but to others that come into contact with this toxic behavior.
This particular behavior likened to other negative traits can quickly become spiritual blocks as Divinity deems this negative behavior as highly destructive or detrimental to the whole of creation its self, not to mention here in the mundane world, in short, if somebody has a hankering for huge amounts of Negative Karmic Retribution then this is the way to behave. Seriously guys, this is one of the more serious traits that need to be completely done away with if a person has any hope of obtaining peace and love on any level in their life. Again, people for the most part will have different levels and degrees of this behavior ranging from the minuscule to the all encompassing.

Emotional Blackmail & Psychological Warfare: Let's start off by saying the EVERYTHING is conditional in life and this includes business dealings, friendships, family bonds and love relationships for all these unions are built on initial and unfolding circumstances either to the positive or the negative. As we move on through this explanation please keep in mind that these principals will apply to the previous areas mentioned above but especially in the arena of love relationships. Ok, let's look further into the love relationship and discuss what is socially and spiritually acceptable and what's not, relationships are primarily built on Mutual and productive communication, trust, honesty, sharing of ideas, and respect and thus if these components are present in any union then that union blossoms into what we consider to be love.

So, given the recipe for a beneficial union above we can see what it takes to make a relationship work, however let me yield a few things that can destroy any relationship quickly as follows: Domination, Distrust, Lieing, Greediness, Perpetual conflict, hasty and rash actions, lack of respect, trust, sharing, lack of honesty and moreover Emotional blackmail and head games. Of course these things are absolute poison's relationship killers however the main tool in which many couple use such as emotional blackmail and over all head games in my opinion is just as bad if not far worse then the other traits if this is at all possible.

Emotional Blackmail by its very nature is in fact Psychological Warfare that's moreover used to embarrass, humiliate, put down, shame, isolate, invokes guilt other highly negative feelings into the victim of a specific conflict within the union. Examples: (1 ): I'll turn you in for something, (2): I won't let you see your kids or grand children if you don't give me my way, (3): I'll never speak to you again, (4 ): I won't yield sex to you etc. Again, these are just a few simple examples but the list does go on from the miniscule to the extensive. Jealousy, Vindictiveness, Completing Projects, Back Sliding, Not Fitting In, Distorted Body Image, Fear Of Success etc

Obsessing With Spell Work: Ok, real problem here. Let's firstly start off by mentioning that your thoughts are just like a prayer, that eventually turns into a mantra of sorts should you become excessively obsessive about anything effecting your life. Why isn't this a good thing ? ANSWER, because even though Divinity can perform a task for us, often times they won't, they won't simply because we are still attempting to handle our situations instead of exercising faith in them to handle it for us. Another point that I'd like to bring up here, it's just not prudent to play the waiting game with something that is eternal, especially when our maximum shelf-life might be 90 years, Divinity witnessed the first star being born in the heavens, and they will most certainly be there to witness the last star burning out as it plummets to the earth.

Prayers, wishes or spells will only occur when the person fully releases the prayer to the heavens and permits the winds of change to bring it back to them ten fold. Again, express your fondest wish and then have pure faith in that your prayer has been heard or received and wait for Heavens response, I know this is easier said then done, but there again, this is the true nature of faith. Think about it this way, You've said and done everything that can be spoken or carried out in your situation, yet nothing has worked for out you thus far, so why not relax by taking a few deep breaths and saying to Divinity ( You lead and I will follow ), ( I know all things are possible with you, and it is through your holy word, promise and covenant with me that my dreams will be realized, for you are righteous and compassionate in every way ).

Again, ( I know and believe that you will grant my prayers for you are merciful and just ). In other words, ( I don't know how, or when my prayer will be granted, however I do know that it will be granted in time, I know that I might not necessarily always get what I want in life, but I will always receive what is needed to make me spiritually whole and happy ), ( In myself I can do nothing, and it is only through Divinity that I draw breath) . What does obsessing and stressing out over things really accomplish for us in our lives when we stop and think about it ? well, let's see, excessive worry, stress, physical and emotional pain, sickness of the mind, body and spirit, induces lack of faith, keeps us up all night, burns our brains out, numbs us to what is actually going on around us, muddles our thinking and just all out wears us out emotionally and physically to the point we can't even get out of bed, we also suffer in countless other ways as well, however these are just a few examples illustrate above.

When person obsesses over something, they are basically looking for resolution in a situation where resolution might be absent or non-existent at the time, perhaps resolution is there but the person fails in seeing it over and over again because they may not have all the facts, they might be caught up in their own way of thinking about the situation in question, and thus failing to see the situation as it really is, or they may be in denial to certain truths relating to the situation. The spell work and spell criteria will invoke positive and progressive change in a given circumstance or situation providing that the Client stays within the spells criteria. Should the person not stay within the spell criteria by resisting good advise given, or by carrying out negative actions despite good our advice, then this will not only harm the spell, slow the spell or stop the spell completely, but will cause the persons situation to disintegrate past the point of assistance through magical intervention.

Site Spell Criteria: Look Guys, it all boils down to this, (You Can't Help A Person Unless They Want To Be Helped ), right ? so please listen closely in the following paragraphs because what I'm about to convey to you can mean the difference between spell success or spell failure. The spell criteria is quit simple really, however it will take train of thought or concentration, lots of emotional discipline and unwavering faith to be successful. The whole point concerning the free two to four Viking Rune readings that I offer to Enchantress Jan's Clients is to pin point negative traits within the Clients personality so they can in turn address them, by addressing the negative traits and blocks, the Client removes karmic debt from their life via simply finding new progressive and positive ways of handling old negative problems. In short you step up to the plate and fix yourself and thus Divinity doesn't have to step into your life while teaching you karmic lessons through divine retribution or chaos and disruption.

The rune process itself will catapult your spell work forward in a very positive and accelerated way. The more traits and blocks you remove, the more karmic debt you get rid of, the faster you can get rid of the negative karmic debt, the quicker it will be replaced with karmic reward such as the granting of your spell or wish. The second part of the spell criteria can be found in the N.R.P to which is the Negative Releasing Prayer or meditation. The N.R.P, ( IS NOT) to be applied to anyone else other then yourself, the runs or N.R.P is not to be used to read on anyone else, if this occurs then please know that this is against site /company policy, and a person can, and will be penalized for this activity, so again, please reframe from this to avoid problems during your spell process.

The runes are a form of divination that will greatly assist you in the pin pointing of your traits and blocks, after we identify these given traits and blocks we would of course enter them into the negativity releasing prayer. Concerning the functions of the N.R.P, please refer to the N.R.P instruction sheet to clear up or address any questions you have pertaining to it. Basically, the n.r.p will assist you in building a working repor with Divinity, enhances or betters communication with the spiritual realm, allows you to reveal and modify hidden spiritual and emotional issues within, helps in breaking the negative cycles in which have consistently sabotaged you throughout life, Again, please read the N.R.P instruction sheet to become proficient with this part of the process as this along with the rune reading are the major tools in which we use to change the course of your life in a very positive and beneficial way.

(1)- No Obsessive or negative thinking, (2)- No excessive actions of any kind during or after your case, (3)- Nothing illegal, No aggressiveness towards us or the Target of your spell, (4)- No suicide threats, (5)- Don't abuse the phone or email counseling services, (6)- Update us every two weeks if nothing is going on in your case, (7)- Inform us immediately should something occur in the due-process of your case as we are here to guide you. (8)- Releasing your spell by having faith and not thinking about it all the time, (9)- No tarot readings etc from others or the use of other forms of divination on self or others before, during or afterwards, pertaining to the casting. (10)- Please don't speak to others about your case, (11)- do not pry into the cases of others as this only confuses all involved and makes more work for us in the end, (12)- Go out and date, greet and mingle with others so the spell will have access to you. We would prefer you to be out having fun and not at home letting your brain feed in on its self, (13)- pay attention to matters that you've pretty much have been ignoring, (14)- Working on yourself with the help of the Rune reading and N.R.P

Ok, now that all that is out of the way, let me just end this article by saying that this process is about empowering you to succeed in every area of life plus achieving your spell results, and this is how we do it. We understand that your not going to be perfect and that's ok, we understand that your going to slip from time to time, and this is expected, however it's not a license to constantly mess up. But there again, and depending on what a Client does in the course of their case, some actions are forgivable while others could seriously injure your case, and thus take responsibility for your conduct because you will be held accountable for it either by Divinity or ourselves.

Positive Cycle - Negative Cycle: The recognition of these negative traits and spiritual blocks above will set us free, this process is strictly geared to do just that, as you've read above, or in other pages you've been sent. Of course, and as explained in the articles covered under Born In Sin- Learned Behavior, people aren't born into life conflict or confused more so then their taught the art of bad judgment, or in-effective decision making that leads to it, and thus being the case, it's only reasonable to believe that we didn't get to where we are over night since this negative process occurs over a lifetime. In other words, it takes many years of trial and error, or through psychological conditioning that we develop some of the emotional and spiritual issues we acquire such as bad judgment, lack of faith, lack of common sense and other counterproductive emotional patterns that cause our lives become more complex or cluttered up with all kinds of baggage that we could very easily do without, agreed ?

In such as a process as this we are given the ability to reverse and un-learn bad habits while replacing, or re-learning positive behaviors that enhance our lives instead of being detrimental to them. Because it has taken a lifetime in learning these subsequent negative behaviors so will it take a certain amount of time to over come them even though this process is specifically geared for speed and efficiency, in other words some people will move through the process much faster then others in light that everyone grows at their own speed. I will say this however, if a individual can master this process, not only will they obtain their spell results, but will become one of the few outstanding individuals that have gone on to be the master of their own destinies, how valuable is this ?

As mentioned above, this is the Holy Grail that great kings have sought throughout the centuries, but haven't found in many instances, the holy grail exist within the human mind and spirit for this is the very thing that connects us to the very Source Of Creation or Divinity. This is the Tree Of Life, The Living Water and redemption that Jesus spoke about in all his teachings, The Middle Road Of knowledge that the great Buddha spoke of before he enter therein to Nirvana, Found in the Ten Commandments of Moses brought down off the Mount Sinai, The secrets of the spirit spoke to Elijah, The blessings of righteousness whispered in to the ear of the Virgin Mother of Christ, Spoken to the ancient societies via the Oracles of Delphi, Taught in the mythologies of the Goddesses and Gods. Behold the Angel standing amidst rooftops proclaiming our deeds to all of the world, behold these same Angels weighing our hearts before Divinity, notice heavenly ministering to us on a daily basis the wisdoms of life.

This was the process that King Solomon and his high priest utilized in a effort to cleanse themselves before entering therein to the temple of Solomon to where the Ark Of The Convent was housed. This process is the way, truth and the light, the way to true happiness and prosperity under Divinities divine laws. So, you see, this process is nothing new, and its been around for a long time, you can find this system for spiritual growth throughout the Bible, Koran and Torah for example, of course it's found in many other systems of faith and spiritualism that offer a similar manual to righteous and healthy living. Jesus said " Know Thy Self " and it is through this that your will understand others, it's through this that you will begin to successfully navigate your way through life while avoiding its terrible snares such as being caught up in things that will only cause you grief generally speaking.

With every negative trait that you remove, you will become stronger both spiritually and emotionally, and thus, through this you will find grace in heavenly authority not to mention peace in your life for the rest of your days. Of course, your life won't be perfect and you will have to endure pain and suffering from time to time, you'll suffer loss, and not everyone is going to like you at times, however your life will whole and peaceful because you have obtained emotional balance, wisdom and spiritual strength or fortitude. With every negative trait you remove from yourself, you will remove just as many karmic lessons, and still yet replace them with just as many Universal blessings.

It is you that has to take this spiritual journey alone for the most part because we can't force you to do anything, it is your free will at work here, Only you can bring your spell into fruition as your the missing ingredient. Yes, we do our part in addressing aspects of your situation through magical intervention, but it also takes you strong resolve in staying in and completing the spell criteria. This is a three party dance that requires Divinity, you and ourselves as this is the recipe for success.

The most so VERY and UTMOST important things to remember while you and I are working on your case is to consider Divinity, and to always place Them first and foremost before everyone and everything in your life. Here are instructions for the NRP. The NRP is ONLY for you and Divinity- it is something very personal and all about your cultivating your relationship with The Divine, and having Them help you rid your personality of any negative traits that hold you back in being successful in every area of your life.
Take the time to review these instructions before beginning the NRP. ( The Negativity Releasing Prayer ) take at least three or four days, because you will also need to go out and buy some little supplies for it. You are not only going to really enjoy this candle meditation, but it will help you tremendously. The key is to focus totally on your relationship with Divinity, and not on your situation. For how well Divinity sees and does know that you are Their child, so how much more They do love and care for you every day and every night?

More than you could ever possibly imagine......so if you just stop and think of how much Divinity loves you, you will know and be certain that Divinity will take care of each and every one of all your wishes and needs- only love Them and place Them first because you want to love Them and for no other reason, much like a child's love for their parents. Also see this link below which will give you more guidance for the NRP and also a picture there which will show you what your NRP candle should look like when you have prepared it---please see the photograph at the bottom of this page.

"The N.R.P. Candle Preparation Instructions"

1)--Use a white taper dinner candle that measures 8 to 10 inches in length. An inexpensive candle holder is what you should use that you can purchase at your local store, most only cost a dollar; because you will be discarding the candle holder with the NRP remnants after finishing the NRP.

It would be easier for you to lay the candle down on it's side and while using something sharp scratch these names into the sides of the candle its self starting at the top of the candle near the wick then writing in a spiral fashion winding all the way around the candle from top to the base. Write small so you have enough room, and be sure to get in a good place under a good lamp or light so that you can see the names as you write them so as not to write the names overlapping each other and in order to keep track of them :

The Creator Tetragrammaton,
God Pan Lucifer,
Goddess Diana,
The Elementals of Spiritus, Nanta, Exarp, Bitom, Hcoma.

Write small from the top of the candle to the bottom of this candle and you should have no problems in getting all the names on it . Write them in this order just given, in English or whatever language you are comfortable with ( i.e. your native language if you so desire, or have one.)

(2)-- Now take the cup of olive oil and dip your right pointer or index finger into the oil then touch the candle in the middle and with your finger apply the oil from the middle upwards to the small end of the candle towards the wick and say : I consecrate thee candle in the most holy names of: The Tetragrammation, God Pan Lucifer, Goddess Diana.

(3 )--Again start in the middle of the candle and smear the oil downward on the candle moving towards the big end of the candle and say: I consecrate thee candle in the most holy names of: Metatron, Sandalphon, Michael, Gabriel, Dobbiel, Uriel, Tartarus, Raphael, Manakel, Ariel and the then the Elementals of Spiritus, Nanta, Exarp, Bitom, and Hcoma.

(4 )-- Now we're ready to tie the nine black bands of ribbon around the candle. Simply cut a length of thin black ribbon that will be long enough to wrap around the shaft of the candle. Make sure that it's long enough that you can not only wrap it around the shaft of the candle but you can also tie it off with three knots. The type of ribbon to use is black curling ribbon - that may be found at floral shops. Here is a picture of what the ribbon looks like, so that you may be sure to get the correct type. This type of ribbon burns very specifically- so be sure that you use only this kind of ribbon- not cloth, cut strips from cloth, etc. Use the kind that you will find a picture of, via this link:

( 5 )-- At this point you should have nine black bands of thin ribbon wrapped around the shaft of the candle spaced evenly apart moving downward on the candle it self. All these bands should also be tied off with three knots each. Cut enough ribbon before tieing the three knots so as to make sure your ribbon is long enough to tie into three knots for each band. What we need to do now is take our left pointer finger or index finger and dip it into the olive oil to get ready to consecrate the nine black bands of negativity. Please also note that these are examples below and you can either use them in your prayer or you can come up with some negative traits on your own.

( 6 )-- You should now dip your left pointer finger in the oil each time you touch a black band and say: ( pay attention to this part because this is where you insert the nine traits you have chosen from the extensive list ) (1)--I consecrate thee band in the name of : ____________________.
( 2 )-- Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : ___________________.
( 3 )- Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : ____________________.
( 4 )-- Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of :____________________.
( 5 )--Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : ____________________.
( 6 )-Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : _____________________.
( 7 )-Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : _____________________.
( 8 )--Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : _____________________.
( 9 )-- Then touch this last black ribbon while saying : I consecrate thee band in the name of : __________________________.

When you actually start the prayer please remember you only let the candle burn through one band per night. It does not matter if you perform this prayer during the day or the night, as long as you do each day or night of the prayer within a 24 hour time frame.

( 10 )-- After completing this step you would now be ready to place the candle firmly into the candle holder so that it doesn't fall out during your prayer. Please note that it would be a very good idea to write your nine negative traits down on a piece of paper in the order that you have placed them on the candle so you do not become disoriented during your prayer etc.

( 11 )- Please make sure that your candle is placed on a steady table and in a place where your prayer won't be disturbed for its nine day duration. Also, you will need to place a sheet of wax paper under the candle holder so that the wax doesn't fall on your table. You will find that this will be a lot easier for you when it comes time to dispose of the spell it self.

( 12 )-- It is your option to burn incense or not depending on any allergies you may or may not have. However assuming that you will be using incense for your prayer it doesn't matter what kind you burn. Whatever favorite incense you have around the house or like will be fine. Please keep safety in mind and take precautions such as keeping the materials for this prayer away and out of the reach of children. Please make sure that the lit candle and incense are away from anything that can catch on fire like drapes and the like.

( 13 )-- Now Light the candle, but remember once you light this candle you can't ever touch it again with your bare skin or hands because the candle becomes a sponge for negativity at this point. Now if you should touch it by some chance the negativity that you've placed into it from the previous nights will shoot back into you making you feel very badly both mentally and physically. If this happens then just simply throw the old prayer away and restart a new prayer as this will make you feel a lot better again.

( 14 )- Concerning your actual prayer... This is a one on one prayer that you can either speak or think to the Creator and its Divinity. The main goal here is to ask Divinity for their intervention and aid in helping you personally in the way of getting rid of these nine harmful attributes within your personality. However this prayer is not intended for anything else such a financial request or to bring anyone back into your life etc., as this is what the larger spell casting operation is for. Concerning extinguishing the candle flame : [ Please Don't Blow out the flame} snuff it out Instead with a common spoon as you can use this as a candle snuffer.

( 15 )-- This spell has to be performed nine night consecutively without fail for it to work, however It really doesn't matter what time of the night you decide to perform the prayer as long it gets completed within a 24 hour period. Once the candle is lit, please do not touch it with your bare hands. If you feel you have touched the candle at any time after it is lit and your NRP is underway, please discard everything and begin the NRP over again. If something happens and you have to pick up the candle for some reason once it is lit and you have started, use a pair of latex gloves.

( 16 )-- When you have completed the nine day prayer then carefully pick up the corners of the wax paper without touching any of the remnant's of wax or ribbon and place it in a container of some kind and transport it to either the trash can, field, woods or back yard. The remnants must be placed in a area far away from you so that you will never come in contact with them again. Now you're done.

( 17 )-- The prayer will produce Spiritual manifestations such as pin points of light, flowery smells, fluttering wings in ones ears and so forth. The best thing about this prayer is that a person will feel much better physically and mentally as their faith is strengthened and hope is regained. This prayer will excel the over all results of your spell as great effort has been made on your part.

Sincere Blessings,
From Enchantress Jan
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