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Welcome To Testamonials Page Two 
These Testamonials are the most recent....
These Incredible Testamonials Bring Glory To Divinity,
And All Of The High Angelic Host....Rejoice With Us And Share Our Client's Incredible Accounts of what Divinity has done for them !

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NEWEST  Testamonal  Posted May 15th, 2018 !

This is the last thing I ever thought would happen to me in my life.  Writing a testamonial about how a spell of magic really changed my entire life.  Yes, this happened to me.  And I cannot believe what happened so let me tell you whoever is reading this my story about how I discovered and found Divinity. 

I had been soul searching for years and found nothing.  I felt empty and useless, not feeling like I had any friends and my family did not have time for me.  I worked then came home to an empty house.   I would eat a tv dinner and fall asleep in front of another boring television show.  My life was not any kind of fullfulling experience.  Until one day, when I decided to look around the internet and found this website and the nice people Jim and Jan who own this site have two other sites.

I really wanted to change my life for the better.  I was tired of being tired and bored.  I had flaky friends and family.  Nobody cared about me and did not care about what I was doing or wanted to do.  Most of the people I meet are so self centered all they do is talk about themselves and whatever was going on with them.  

I lost interest in my friends, and lost interest in things that used to give me great happiness and pleasure.  I started soul searching because I was hungry for something to fill the void in my life.  I forget what I typed in the browser when this little website popped up.  What a jewel I have found here.

I waited for about a week.  I read every page on this website too, and the words really permeated my soul - my being.  The words started having positive tangible things in my life that I have never experienced anywhere else.

I did call and emailed too.  Jan answered the phone.  Have you ever spoken with her?  She is such a lovely lady with an incredible angelic voice.  And to top all that off, she is very intelligent and really knew the art of how to carry a conversation.  Have you ever talked to people who do not talk about anything but themselves?  It is what I call a one sided conversation.  That gets boring very fast.  But when I talked to Lady Jan she was anything but boring, she totally blew my mind with her magical knowledge and many years of study in respect to the magic arts.

She talked to me on the phone for almost four hours.  I just did not want to hang up - I wanted to talk to her all night because I was falling in love with her angelic voice.  I will honestly say that talking to Lady Jan was such a loving and healing experience that I have never had when talking to anyone else.

I decided since I never go on vacation and do not really have anything to spend money on that I would get a really nice spell.  I chose "The Life And Happiness Spell" - this is the spell these casters do that actually transforms your life and totally turns everything around in your favor.  It has been several months now and I made a promise to Lady Jan that I would send her a testamonial so this is it.  My life will never be the same again.  The reason for that is for people like Jan and Jim really do care and love their clients.  

I even flew out to meet them in person and have never been treated so nicely by anyone else.  They insisted I stay in their guest room and so I stayed.  We spent the whole weekend talking and they showed me how they open a ritual and how to close one.  I keep hearing Jan's angel voice, singing the callings of the names of Divinity.   It is difficult to explain so what I recommend you do is to contact Jan and Jim because they are two incredible people and my life will never be the same again.   

I can honestly promise that by their casting and how they have always been there for me no matter the time of the day or night, it is good to know I am not alone anymore.  And they even invited me to come see them again before the snow falls this year.   The spell I decided on was I think called the life and happiness spell which was a bit expensive but worth its weight in gold for sure.

By sending this little note I hope Divinity knows how grateful I am to have found these two people.  They are really real and oh before I go, I have to tell you about the readin Jan did for me.  She really blew me away !  And she has Spirit Guides too, really amazing what this very gifted lady can do and not to mention the great love she has for Divinity.  Jan and Jim truly care about their work so if you are reading this, my advice to you would be to first get a reading with Jan while you are deciding what spell or spells you are going to have them cast for you.

Jan is a highly educated and very knowledgable lady who is very acclamated to all types of different methods of magic and casting spells.    She was born clarvoyant, and a Reiki Master Teacher - one who is probably the first one to incorporate her Reiki practice into magic.  She also has a gift she calls deep channeling and it is so amazing I cannot describe it but you can take my word for it because I guarantee you have never experienced anyone like Jan and Jim. I am so thankful I found them and I hope you have enjoyed my testamonial today.  If you are here looking for a spell, you should look no further.   

Robert H.

Posted On May 1, 2018 !

Lets just say my name is Steve.  I went through so many casters and psychics  it is hard to believe the money I spent.  I could have saved lots of money if I would have found Enchantress and the Wizard first.  When I met Enchantress and the Wizard, I asked myself, are they real?  You bet they are and not only that, but what they do works fast.  Fast to me is a week and my spell came true the very first week.   I began working on some things Enchantress told me I needed to do and not a week passed and I had to pinch myself to make sure it was all real !

I thought my situation was unusual but not for them.  It must be because of their vast magical experiences.  Enchantress shared with me that she cast her very first spell when she was only eight years old.  She has been casting for over 40 years - successfully.  The Wizard is as wonderful and together they make a very strong and dynamite husband and wife casting team.  Something about that - it is very special.  How many people like husband and wife do you know that are actually a professional team with all together both of them have over sixty years of magic experience !   They sure are not scams.  They never lie.  They help people so as far as I am concerned, what I paid  them to cast the spells for me it was worth every dime.

They have a business license, and even have professional references I got to contact - people they had cast for that now give these two people astounding references - and I even talked to some of them over the phone.  Enchantress and the Wizard are not like anyone else you have ever met or will meet in your life.  These two people are just exceptional.  They gave me what they call a spell package that had three spells in one spell. Then they did a free fertility spell for my wife.    My wife had left me for another man, and I was depressed and suffering from a broken heart, it felt like I would never be happy again if my wife would not have come back to me.  Altogether the money I had spent before I found Enchantress and the Wizard, the total amount  was about $15,000.  Yes you read it correctly - I did say FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.   This is real and I am telling you the truth.  

To be more specific, when my wife came home to me in only a few days and  I could not believe it.  I had wasted so much time and money trying to get help from psychics and other casters.  She came home and we started our relationship all over again and to be honest, my marriage now is a hundred times better than I could imagine it to be.  Is Divinity real?  I answer that question with a very loud and resounding YES !   It was a surprise when Enchantress told me all the people they have helped and how people were getting scammed right and left by people who know nothing about magic........these psychics that claim to be spell casters and fakes and phonies that prey on people who are desperate as I was.  I only wish I would have found Enchantress and the Wizard before I spent that much money but I was hurting, my heart was broken, and I was very desperate to get my wife back.  The first psychic that I started paying money to told me such things as " you have negative energy all around you" and just generalized stuff like that.  

That psychic started off by charging me only $200.  I thought that was a great price so yeah, sure, as you can guess, I paid the $200.   What I did not know was as time passed, the psychic called me on the phone and told me she needed more money - another $200.  She said that in order to bring my wife back, she would have to do more work.  But the fact is the psychic just kept me hanging on, waiting for the results while doing little readings for me but honestly those readings were not readings - they were only things I wanted to hear.  She told me my wife still loved me and would come home to me soon, and I believed it.  I mean the psychic had lied to me so much and had me all strung out emotionally so much that by the time I had spent quite a lot of money because she kept putting the financial squeeze on me, I had spent about $4,000.  I told the psychic I paid quite a lot of money and nothing - my wife still was not home with me so I wanted answers about that they did to help me.  But when I asked that question, I did not get any answer.  

When I told the psychic that I did not want to work with her any more, she got very angry with me.  She yelled at me over the phone.  Unbelievable.  She called my phone and she even threatened to put a curse on me if I did not keep paying her.  I got scared but instead of giving her more money, I hung up whenever she would call.  After a time, I found another psychic claiming to be a spell caster too.  She told me the same things as the last one I paid such as "oh you have negative energy all around you" and just garbage like that.   Has anyone out there that has worked with a psychic seen some of the cheesy looking web sites of these psychics?  Has anyone out there who has worked with one find that they did not talk about magic or spell work at all  but the psychics just keep doing little fake readings to  keep me hooked and being given lost hope only to be taken advantage of.

Honestly I do not know what came over me but by the time I was finished paying all the psychics I kept paying, I realized I was not getting any help from any of them.  But they sure were taking quite a lot of my money.  Then one day I found Enchantress and the Wizard web site and they answered the phone on the first ring.   The spell fee they charged me was only $2500 and it included a lot more than just having a spell cast but getting counseling and advice whenever I needed it and along with the big spell they cast for me, they would even talk to me no matter what time of the day or night was.  Think of all the money I could have saved if I had met Enchantress and the Wizard first.  If you take some time, you should read as much as you can on their web sites.  There is quite a lot of really interesting articles and Enchantress and the Wizard even have what they call their magical education page where there are so many videos there and when you listen to what they have to say, you know you are talking to the real deal.  

The pages that they write makes it very obvious that they know magic, several different types, and blend several types of magic together for the strongest spell possible.   They taped my casting too and took photos. None of the psychics I worked with before did not do anything like that.  They were all about money and they sure took advantage of me but you know what?  I kept allowing them and kept paying them so I am really the person to blame because everyone out there that has worked with someone that calls themselves psychic and by the time they are finished taking a lot of your money, you never hear from them again unless they want to call and threaten you if you do not keep paying them.  Does this sound familiar to anyone out there?

So the Enchantress and Wizard did what they said they would do - they only charged me for my spell ONCE.   And they kept their promise to be there for me when I needed them - day or night.  They are very unique and there is not a psychic or caster out there that are anything like them.  They are in a class all their own.   The Wizard even made a video discussing scams and how to avoid them.   Enchantress and the Wizard are just two very amazing and kind people.  I wanted them to post my testimonial so people that have been through what I have still have hope - as long as they contact Enchantress and the Wizard - forget about the psychics they are not who they say they are, that is for sure.  So now my wife is home with me where I want her to be and before I finish I wanted to announce my wife is pregnant.  Enchantress and the Wizard did a fertility spell for my wife and when we found out she was pregnant, we were both so happy and knew we had been surely blessed.  They were so kind to me and did not charge me anything for the fertility spell.  

If you are reading this and you need help, stop going to psychics.  Stop going to people out there who claim to be spell casters.  Save yourself a lot of heart break and wasted money wasted time.  Come here to Enchantress and her Wizard husband.  They will get the job done and take very good care of you in the process.  I am a client for life here and anything else that I may need I will not go anywhere else than here. I do not need to.   Enchantress and the Wizard are the most powerful, knowledgable, magically educated people I have ever met.  So when I need help for something else, I will call Enchantress and the Wizard and if you decide to take my advice and work with Enchantress and the Wizard, you will never be sorry and you too will be a life long client knowing in confidence and I am pretty sure and need to say that those psychics are not psychic and they are not casters either.  The internet is a big place so save yourself a lot of time and money and contact Enchantress and Wizard.   Honestly, I really do not think any of the psychics that call themselves psychic are not psychic at all.  And the casters that claim to be casters know nothing about magic.  I know who knows now.   Enchantress and the Wizard, of course. 

Yours truly,


Posted March 27th, 2018 !

Hello Enchantress,

i wanted to take time out and Thank you for everything you have done for me...it has been a long process for me- but, only i can determine my Destiny-and with your help i have came out on the other side.

i would like to give you my Testimony and share with others-the Amazing assistance you have given me...

"Enchantress Jan has given me a new lease on life...i was with a man for 5 years...i thought the love of my life.  He had a side relationship-and had a child with her. 24 years his junior--the age of one of his daughters. I was taunted and bullied constantly by the women. Even though i was with him and engaged--she was a trifling you know what-but had no shame in her game. i needed Enchantress's Help-so i chose the Best package she had available. I followed all the directions of the videos and really had Divinity in my Heart. I followed all the directions of cleansing-Everything.  I let it all go and trusted. 

Now here i am 8 months afterwards...happier w/My Life. I have let him go and all that surrounded him. I realize now that we were not meant to be...when we are in situations of hurt, deception and lies-we believe we are at fault. I had to let that go and everything that i thought was right. Divinity has shown me that what is written in the stars is not seen-until we are meant to see it.

My Ex has now asked to come back and live with me again...to come home. He is Completely Miserable...losing his vehicles and toys...living in low housing & having to start over in his mid 40's. 

I now see that i can never allow that to happen. I deserve better & only i can allow that to happen, along w/Divinity's assistance i have made it through a very lonely, dark and depressed time in my life. I have met the most Amazing Man. He actually shares the same interest with me...we share our life together...and now we are going to build our life together. No Secrets, No Shame and No Deception. The Greatest Thing about my testimony is that i was single for awhile because i needed to find ME! I needed to realize the words from Enchantress-and act upon them. She gave me inspiration & the Will to Believe in myself.  And to Realize that in Fact-Divinity will guide us. But we have to Believe! Actually breathe the wisdom that we are given...Don't Give Up! The Best decision i have made for myself-was reaching out to Enchantress Jan & her hubby. They are Faithful and Determined to help you...If you Actually Want it. Just paying for their services is not enough..you have to Really Listen to their Teachings & take Destiny into your own hands. If you are reading this...Please allow Enchantress to help you...It will only enhance your life and make it more fulfilling. 

I know that moving forward in my life...any obstacles that i may have...Enchantress and her Hubs will be there for me. I am forever grateful for the Wonderful Life they have helped me achieve. I consider Jan a Blessing in my Life & a Very Dear Friend. Don't Hesitate to allow them to help you...you will not regret your choice. I just wish i would had came across them earlier in my life 

I Adore & Love you Enchantress...Divinity is The Best !


 Posted January 4th, 2018:

I lost track of how many psychics I have paid to help me but only kept losing money and never getting the end result I wanted.   When I contacted Jim I was feeling angry and lost.   Jim was patient with me and listened to me tell the story of my messed up life.  I never felt this ever before but somehow knew this psychic was different.  He wasn't a psychic.  Psychics cannot cast spells.  Psychics do readings - or pretend they are reading.  Most I have had the lousy luck of getting told me whatever they thought I wanted to hear.   

My bank account was depleted down to only a few dollars from thousands.  Over time I guess I had allowed them to steal my money while giving me nothing back.   The weird part is most people treat spell casters and psychics like they are the same thing - but they are not.  And after a short time of getting to know Jim and Jan, I am convinced they are the only REAL spell people online.  They might charge more than most but that is because they give more and you get much more.  

And they are there to take my calls and always answer my emails.   I do not want to discuss what happened to me too much but let's just say I have found my new home and my life is brand new and exciting again, happy again.   If you are experiencing something similar such as I did, by the time you get here or are even fortunate enough to find this place, you should STAY with Jim and Jan. 

Life only gets better from here.   Take some time and read their websites.   They provide way beyond whatever I could ask or wish for.  And it can last a lifetime.   And this is the truth.  If you are having a problem, Jim and Jan have the answers.  Their answers are real and they are true.   You will never have any reason to go somewhere else, because everything you could ever want is right here.  I promise.

With profound thanks,
Robert P. 

Posted October 26th, 2017 !