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Black Magic Love Spells Fastest Acting Black Magick Love Spells Most Powerful Black Magick Love Spells Fastest Black Magic Love Rituals
Black Magic Love Spells Fastest Acting Black Magick Love Spells Most Powerful Black Magick Love Spells Fastest Black Magic Love Rituals

Strongest Powerful Spells

The terminology of "Strongest Powerful Spells" is but an inkling of what would seem an entire Universe of Magickal ability, knowledge and wisdom, so be sure to view the beautiful photographs of the spectactular planetary star chart.This is one of the most dynamic magic spells that can be found on or off the Internet. As you can see, great care and detail has been put into this spell in the most meticulous manner. The spell is one of the most advanced in nature and produces the fastest results in the world. No other caster performs this type of Old World Magick that is dated back as far as bibilical times, in the days of old.

Allow me expound on this in greater detail, so that you the client or potential client, or perpetual students of The Divine as I am and have been for many years, can be enlightened on the knowledge and wisdom that one such planetary chart such as the pictures of this entails. The history of Biblical Enochian Magic is quite complex, to say the least; originating from maniscript sources of Liber Logaeth, which is the Sixth and Sacred Book of the Great Magickal Mysteries, along with The Five Books of Mystery, Other Enochian Manuscripts, which in addition contain the Rediscovery by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, detailed information and history of men of magick such as

Aleister Crowley, Dr. John Dee, Edward Kelly, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, the researches of Dr. Thomas Rudd, Elias Ashmole, Dr. William Wynn Wescott and Israel Regardie that were men of magick that were all integral to the development of this great and powerful Old World type of magick that is very rare in the world today. Need I mention the great knowledge and timeless wisdom of Master Wizard James Morgan ll and his world renowned magickal works, that only greatly compliments the predicessors mentioned herein.

Origins And Manuscript Sources:

The Enochian system of magick as practiced today is primarily the product of these great teachers and moreover, the Great Teachers, Divinity. For without Divinity, how would any of us be able to even think about creating such great and marvelous works which produce the miracles we experience in our lives? The gift of man, made by man, to Divinity.

A treasure, timeless, and when offerings are given and this star chart is given in an Advanced High Magickal Spell and then burned to ashes in the sacred spell fires, will produce profound miracles in many lives that will bring yet more glory to Divinity, The Creators, The Writers of our destinies, which will entail many testimonials and miracles for generations to come. 

Mere words or explanations cannot begin to describe how much Divinity loves us, and has given us the many spiritual gifts and miracles in our lives, on a daily basis.

Glory unto Divinity on High for Their great Love and un ending Mercy ! Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man those Heavenly things that Divinity has given unto us, and Their great and un ending Love That Divinity lavishes upon each and every one of us, the human race.

This planetary star chart in the photographs on this page, and only one aspect of it which is for one- the Enochian magical system that was "dictated" and or given through a series of Angelic communications which was said to last from the years of 1582 to 1589. 

Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley had said and this was factual information that was well documented as being received from The High Angelic Host.

While Edward Kelley had conducted the psychic clairvoyant operations of channelling, commonly known as "skrying", Dr. John Dee kept meticulous written records of everything that occured during this time of Angelic revelation that changed the many different systems of magick forever and set a brand new presidence for it in the many years that followed, and opened up new methods of magick and great inspiration that great scholars and teachers of Divinity would have been known to offer down through the ages to come.

Kelly would look deeply into a crystal "shewstone" and describe aloud whatever he saw.
This account of the Angelic communications is taken at face value by most Enochian occultists. 

However, some of them have pointed out remarkable similarities to earlier grimoiric texts such as the Heptameron known to Dee. Such magical texts as The Book of Soyga (of which Dee owned a copy of this particular rare maniscript ), the Pauline Art (Ars Paulina) (see The  Lesser Key of Solomon) and others including the magical works of Agrippa and Reuchlin probably also had an influence on the Angelical magical workings of Dee and Kelley. 

The system claims to relate to secrets contained within the apocryphal Book of Enoch, only a beginning of many types of blended magick that are used in our advanced magickal works today.

Liber Logaeth - The Sixth and Sacred Book of the Mysteries:

The Liber Logaeth (Book of the Speech of God)(aka The Book of Enoch aka Liber Mysteriorum, Sextus et Sanctus -The Sixth (and Sacred/Holy) Book of the Mysteries)(1583); is preserved in the British Museum as Sloane ms 3189. The correct spelling is "Loagaeth" but it has been so frequently printed as Logaeth that this spelling is in common use. Written up by Edward Kelley, it is composed of 65 folios containing 101 exceedingly complex magic squares, 96 of which are 49×49 cells (preceded by one “table” composed of 49 rows of text – the first row of which is actually the 49th row of the first table, not in this MS.), plus 5 magic squares of 36 x 72 cells.

It is from Liber Logaeth that Dee and Kelley derived the 48 Calls or "Keys" (see below), and in which are concealed the keys to the Mystical Heptarchy, a related magical work by Dr. John Dee. Liber Logaeth has never yet been published in book form but is available online on certain educational informational web sites and online bookstores and libraries that contain rare books. Dee himself left little information on his Sixth Holy Book apart from saying that it contained 'The Mysterie of our Creation, The Age of many years, and the conclusion of the World'.

The Five Books of Mystery:

Another crucial manuscript, (Sloan ms. 3188, also available in a fair copy by Elias Ashmole, MS Sloane 3677. It is an account of the 'actions' or workings undertaken in the Liber Logaeth, titled the Mysteriorum Libri Quinque (Five Books of Mystery (or Mystical Exercises). The Mysteriorum Libri Quinque is the diary for 22nd December 1581 – 23rd May 1583 inclusive: the first five Books of the Mysteries (and Appendix), ending where Causubon's A True and Faithful Relation begins. It describes the furniture of the temple; the Seal of God (Sigillum Dei); the Tables of Light; the Great Circle and corresponding Collected Table of 49 Good Angels; the Mystic Heptarchy and the Tables of Creation; the Angelic Alphabet (Dee’s copies) and the beginning of Loagaeth (i.e., the first few folios of MS. Sloane 3189). There are two transcripts of this manuscript available today: Joseph Peterson and C. L. Whitby.

Other Enochian Manuscripts:

I could write much more however there are two further manuscripts from Dr. Dee and Edward Kelley's workings that we glean a small portion of our magick from that are important to only one of the many aspects of the type of magick that we perform, which are "The 48 Angelic Keys " , "The Book Of Earthly Science," "Aid And Victory", "On The Heptarchy" and Invocations of the Good Angels." 

Two further Manuscripts from Dee and Kelley's workings are important to Enochian magic are many in number but I must say at this time that this is only a small fraction of the many types of magick that we blend into one Grand Spell Casting, which this planetary star chart depicts which includes the Book of Praha, The Royal Stephanic Mysteries, The Puccian Action, The Book of Resurrection, The Third Action of Trebon and the remaining Spirit Actions at Mortlake in 1607, ending where A True and Faithful Relation ends. (It may be seen that Casaubon's A True and Faithful Relation is equivalent to the MS Cotton Appendix in toto, i.e. Dee and Kelley's diaries from 28 May 1585-23 Sept 1607).

Meric Casaubon’s 1659 edition of part of these diaries (Cotton Appendix MS. XLVI), entitled, " A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits" contains notorious transcription errors which in some cases were transmitted through many subsequent republications of the Dee/Kelly material; Casaubon's edition was intended to discredit Dee and Kelly by accusing them of dealing with the Christian so termed, "Devil". An expanded facsimile edition of Casaubon was published by Magickal Childe in 1992.

Dee and Kelley's surviving manuscripts later came into the possession of Elias Ashmole, who preserved them, and made fair copies of some, along with annotations in addition the "Rediscovery By The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn".

Dee and Kelly never referred to their magic as 'Enochian' but rather called it 'Angelic'. However in modern occultism it is commonly known as Enochian, in one aspect. It is not quite clear how much of Enochian magic was put to use by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, however it was said to be directly given from the Angels to them at that time.  Since then, it has been one of the  most contraversial books of time, down through the ages of magick and all magickal works, a true mystery, revealed by Angels to man.

Indeed, whether Dee and Kelly ever worked Enochian is still up for debate. It is said in history that the Angels told them not to work Enochian, and there are no diary records of works being done except for one healing talisman that the angels instructed them how to make. Dee and Kelley's journals are essentially notebooks which record the elements of the system, rather than records of workings they performed utilising the system.

Some writers assert that Thomas Rudd was the centre of a group of angel magicians who may have used Dee and Kelly's material. The Angelical material of Dee and Kelley also had a considerable influence on the magic of Rosicrucianism. Many scholars of Old World Magick still know the sacred ritual of  "The Rose Cross Lamen"  which stems from Rosicrucianism.

If you are intrigued and would like more knowledge about The Rose Cross Lamen, take a journey to your local chapter of The Knights Of The Templar.  You will find it most enlightening as the history behind it is. However, little else became of Dee’s work until late in the nineteenth century, when it was incorporated and adopted by a mysterious and highly secret brother-hood of adepts in England, who called themselves the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. 

The rediscovery of Enochian magic by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the 1880's led to Mathers hammering the material into a comprehensive and workable system of ceremonial Magick. They invoked the Enochian deities whose names were written on the tablets. They also traveled in what they called their Body of Light  (a poetic term for the aura)  into these subtle regions and recorded their psychic experiences in a scientific manner.[neutrality is disputed] The two major branches of the system were then grafted on to the Adeptus Minor curriculum of the Golden Dawn.

Enochian as an operative system is difficult to reconstruct based upon original manuscripts like the collection of Sir Hans Sloane in the British Museum, but contemporary occult organizations have attempted to make it usable. The Golden Dawn was the first, but their knowledge was based upon only one of Dee's diaries and their planetary, elemental, or zodiacal attributions have no foundation in the original sources.

The Golden Dawn also invented the game of Enochian chess, so that aspects of the Enochian Tablets can be used for divination. The four chessboards do not have any symbols on them, just sets of squares colored in certain ways. Each board is associated with one of the four elements of magick. Pat Zalewski's book  (1994)  on the subject is definitive. The papers of the Sphere Group, a sub-group of the Golden Dawn founded by Florence Farr which experimented with Enochian magic, have been edited and published in Kuntz, (1996).

Only One Man Many Magickal Legacies To Come

 Aleister Crowley and Enochian 

Many of us today recognize Aleister Crowley, who worked with, and wrote about, Enochian magic extensively, has contributed much to its comparatively widespread use today. Crowley published the Golden Dawn Enochian material as "A Brief Abstract of the Symbolic Representation of the Universe Derived by Doctor John Dee Through the Skrying of Sir Edward Kelly." ( Initially published in Crowley's Journal The Equinox Nos VII and VIII, this work was subsequently renamed Liber LXXXIV vel Chanokh, or The Book of Enoch - Chanokh being an older Hebrew form of the name Enoch.

Crowley numbered the book as 84 since that number is the Qabalistic numeration for Chanokh. ( In some printings the number 89 is mistakenly assigned to the book ). Crowley's most famous work with Enochian focused upon the Calls of the Aethyrs. His visions from these Calls, which he experienced while working with Victor Neuberg in Algeria, formed a document called The Vision and the Voice, also known as Liber 418 ( or to give it its full title, Liber CCCCXVIII: Liber XXX Ærum Vel Saeculi, Being of the Angels of the Thirty Aethyrs the Vision and the Voice - see Holy Books of Thelema for further reference concerning this.) 

The  Law of Thelema;  recordings of Crowley reading the First and Second Calls of the Aethyrs (in both English and Enochian) exist; they were recorded as part of a series of wax cylinder recordings made by Crowley in 1922, and can be found on various compilations of these recordings onto CD which are widely available today.

The System - Only One Of Many:

The two pillars of modern Enochian Magick, as outlined in Liber Chanokh are the Elemental Watchtowers (including the Tablet of Union) and the "World" of the 30 Aethyrs. The Aethyrs are the "heavens" or Aires of the system. Starting with the 30th Aethyr and working to the first, the magician explores only as far as his level of initiation will permit. The essence of the Enochian system depends on the utilisation of Eighteen Calls or Keys in the Enochian language (a series of rhetorical exhortations which function as evocations), and a Nineteenth key known as the Call or Key of the 30 Aethyrs. 

The calls are used to enter the various Aethyrs, in visionary states. The Aethyrs are conceived of as forming a map of the entire universe in the form of concentric rings which expand outward from the innermost to the outermost Aethyr. The Enochian 'map' of the universe is depicted by Dee as a square (made up of the 4 Elemental Tablets/Watchtowers incoporating the Tablet of Union (Spirit)), surrounded by 30 concentric circles (the 30 Aethyrs or Airs). The 30 Aethyrs are numbered from 30 (TEX, the lowest and consequently the closest to the Watchtowers) to 1 (LIL, the highest, representing the Supreme Attainment).

In a similar way to the methods used by magicians to scry upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which involves travelling astrally to each pathway and Sephira, magicians working the Enochian system record their impressions and visions within each of the successive Enochian Aethyrs. 

The systems are comparable but not equivalent; while Enochian has 30 Aethyrs, there are a total of 32 Sephira and paths upon the Tree of Life. Just as a magician may talk about exploring the Tree of Life from Malkuth to Kether, the Enochian magician would talk about exploring the Enochian Aethyrs from TEX to LIL. Each of the 30 Aethyrs is populated by "Governors" (3 for each Aethyr, except TEX which has four, thus a total of 91 Governors). Each of the governors has a sigil which can be traced onto the Great Tablet of Earth.

In practical Enochian workings, the Nineteenth Call/Key of the 30 Aethyrs is the only call necessary for working with the Aethyrs. It is only necessary to vary appropriately the name of the Aethy itself near the beginning of the call. Once the Call is recited, the names of the Governors are vibrated one at a time and a record of the visions is kept. The use of Calls 1-18 is rather complex and their usage should be made clear via one of the Enochian textbooks.

The Great Table of Earth : 

The Elemental Watchtowers And Their Sub - Divisions:

The angels of the four quarters are symbolized by the Elemental "Watchtowers" — four large magickal word-square Tables (collectively called the "Great Table of the Earth"). Most of the well-known Enochian angels are drawn from the Watchtowers of the Great Table.

Each of the four Watchtowers (representing the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water), is collectively "governed" by a hierarchy of spiritual entities which runs (as explained in Crowley's Liber Chanokh) as the Three Holy Names, the Great Elemental King, the Six Seniors (aka Elders) (these make a total of 24 Elders as seen in the Revelation of St. John), the Two Divine Names of the Calvary Cross, the Kerubim, and the Sixteen Lesser Angels.

Each Watchtower is further divided into four sub-quadrants (sometimes referred to as 'sub-angles') where we find the names of various Archangels and Angels who govern the quarters of the world. In this way, the entire universe, visible and invisible, is depicted as teeming with living intelligences. Each of the Elemental tablets is also divided into four sections by a figure known as the Great Central Cross. 

The Great Central cross consists of the two central vertical columns of the Elemental Tablet (the Linea Patris and Linea Filii) and the central horizontal line (known as the Linea Spiritus Sancti).

In addition to the four Elemental Watchtowers, a twenty-square cell known as the famous and contraversial "Tablet of Union" (aka The Black Cross) (representing Spirit) completes the representation of the five traditional elemental attributes used in magick - Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. 

The Tablet of Union is derived from within the Great Central Cross of the Great Table.
Allow me to expound on the Elemental Watchtowers. The squares of the Elemental Watchtowers and those of the Tablet of Union are not simply squares, but in fact what are actually termed as truncated pyramids, or pyramids with flat tops - thus, pyramids which have four sides and top, for a total of five 'sides'. 

Again, these represent the traditional five magical elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit) though in varying combinations. There are 20 Pyramids in the Tablet of Union and 156 in each of the four Elemental Tablets. Each pyramid houses an 'angel' with a one-letter name. The angel's attributes (that is, its powers and its nature) are 'read off' according to its position within the Tablet and proportions of the different Elements (whether Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Spirit) represented on its sides.

When two Pyramids are combined they form an 'angel' with a two-letter name whose attributes are somewhat more complex. This gives rise to ever-more complex 'angels' depending on the number of pyramids under examination.The attribution of various Elements to the various pyramids is best depicted on a labelled and coloured version of the various Tablets; an Enochian texbook is most useful for this purpose. Some of you may know what the famous "Sator Square" is. 

Sator -Sower, planter; founder, progenitor (usually divine); originator. Arepo- (arrepo) (I) creep/move stealthily towards, also trust, or likely an invented proper name; its similarity with arrepo, from ad repo, 'I creep towards', may be coincidental. Tenet-holds, keeps; comprehends; possesses; masters; preserves. Opera-(a) work, care; aid, service, (an) effort/trouble. Rotas- (rota) wheel, rotate; (roto) (I) whirl around, revolve rotate; used in the Vulgate Psalms as a synonym for whirlwind and in Ezekiel as plain old wheels. Amazing, isn't it?

Enochian Temple Furniture :

Temple "furniture" required for the performance of Enochian magick includes: (1) The Holy Table, a table with a top engraved with a Hexagram, a surrounding border of Enochian letters, and in the middle a Twelvefold table (cell) engraved with individual Enochian letters. According to Duquette and Hyatt, the Holy Table "does not directly concern Elemental or Aethyrical workings. 

Angels found on the Holy Table are not called forth in these operations". (2) The Seven Planetary Talismans. The Names on these talismans (which are engraved on tin and placed on the surface of the Holy Table) are those of the Goetia. According to Duquette and Hyatt, "this indicates (or at least implies) Dee's familiarity with the Lemegeton and his attempt, at least early in his workings, to incorporate it in the Enochian system".

As with the Holy Table, Spirits found on these talismans are not called forth in these operations. (3) The Sigillum dei Aemeth, Holy Sevenfold Table, or 'Seal of God's Truth.' The symbol derives from Liber Juratus (aka The Sworn Book of Honorius or Grimoire of Honorius, of which is very rare however Dr. John Dee owned a copy ). 

Five versions of this complex diagram are made from bee's wax, and engraved with the various lineal figures, letters and numbers. The four smaller ones are placed under the feet of the Holy Table. The fifth and larger one (about nine inches in diameter), is covered with a red cloth, placed on the Holy Table, and is used to support the "Shew-Stone" or "Speculum"(crystal or other device used for scrying). 

( Scrying is an essential element of the magical system utilized by those of clairvoyant abilities.  ) Dee and Kelly's technique was to gaze into a concave obsidian mirror. Crowley habitually held a large topaz mounted upon a wooden cross to his forehead. Other methods include gazing into crystals, ink, fire or even a blank TV screen. "Aemeth" or "Emeth" is Hebrew for "truth"; the same word was written on the forehead of a Golem in Jewish folklore by magicians who legendarily animated these beings. 

(4)  A magician's ring engraved with the god-name "Pele."(5)  The rod  "EL"  painted in three sections, the ends being black and the middle red. Compared to other theories of magic, Enochian magic is often considered strikingly complex and difficult to grasp in its entirety. One of the difficulties is that many of the source documents are missing, and those that exist are sometimes fragmentary, due to the history of dispersal of Dee's library and manuscripts. 

Parts of the surviving manuscripts written by Dee have been lost. This has allowed numerous interpretations to arise, some of which have solidified into schools of thought with individual bodies of interpretative literature. Another reason for the system's difficulty is the many and various ways in which the system can be interpreted, and the complex possibilities of the mathematical permutations of various of the letters, tables and diagrams fundamental to the system.

A third difficulty is the use of the Enochian language for the invocations.  Practicioners of Magick see the correct pronunciation of the Enochian letters, words and calls to be integral to magical success in utilising the Enochian system, and the letters must be memorised and their pronunciations learned. Fortunately there have been several compilations of Enochian words made to form Enochian dictionaries which can act as a handy reference. A scholarly study is Laycock (1978).
Also useful is Vinci (1976); should you care to research this further.

Authentic pronunciations according to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn usage are given by Israel Regardie in a set of Golden Dawn instructional CDs available via the internet.  Regardie's Enochian dictionary is also reprinted in Crowley, Duquette and Hyatt, Enochian World of Aleister Crowley. Enochian magic forms the backbone of both the Crowley and Golden Dawn systems of magic. Latest theories include that John Dee knew of the Slavonic Book of the Secrets of Enoch, as well as the Ethiopic Book of Enoch. 

Many individual magicians or very small groups prefer Enochian magic to other forms as the ceremonial scale required is smaller than needed for Masonic style ritual work. On the other hand, elaborate equipment is required to perform Enochian magic properly, including correct copies of the various Tablets and diagrams, and other apparatus .Since Dr. John Dee is well-known to have been a spy for Queen Elizabeth I's court, there are many modern interpretations of his Angelic manuscripts as cryptographic documents - most likely polyalphabetic ciphers - designed to disguise political messages in a sort of code, so to speak.

This aspect of the manuscripts is not of major concern to Enochian magicians, but there is no doubt that Dee's knowledge of mathematics and sophisticated cipher systems contributed extensively to his magical system. This small article on Enochian systems of magick is only but a mere "drop in the bucket" so to speak of the myriads of diverse types of magickal systems we use that are blended into such creations as this majestic planetary star chart created by Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll and High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows.

The purpose of this particular planetary star chart is specifically created for things of magick that go far beyond and above the average human understanding, but can only be viewed as the highest form of Advanced High Magick that is a rarety in our world today and cannot be found anywhere else in the world today and is considered as a powerful and very rare form of magick.

We term "Master Of Arts" as an educational degree that a student may obtain from a University, however when addressing "Master Of The Sacred High Magickal Arts" which is the title of Master Wizard James Morgan, my husband, which is only a small aspect of knowledge and wisdom that has been gleaned from Divinity over a great many years, thus, the term "Enchantress" a word and or title that may sound elegant however the meanings of these titles go far above and beyond the lay person's comprehension and understanding of the deep things and ways of The Divine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article on but a small aspect of the many and deep Divine aspects of The Advanced High Magickal Arts.

~High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows~

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