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Welcome To Our Magick And Faith System Page, Please Enjoy Friends. What Is Magic, Magick..

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Magick And Faith Systems

Even though modern day forms of Satanism use various forms of ritualistic practice this isn't always what some would to consider to be magical practice in the Occult sciences past the ceremonial worship of a particular Entity, or body of Entities. Some splinter forms of Satanism do in fact practice a blend of Catholic and pantheism art, but this isn't considered a form of high magick or magic past a form of Elemental worship at best. Typically, Satanism is a form of  dark God worship more so then having anything to do with the Goddess that's moreover rooted in either higher or lessor demons found within the early parts of the Bible. These ancient Gods and Goddesses could most generally be found in the Sumerian to Babylonian systems that went on to be demonized into the structure we see the Church Of Satan as having today.

Most of  Satanism structure was acquired, or derived from such fictional works as Paradise Lost a 17th-century work done by the English poet John Milton and Dante's Infernal being a 14th century poem called the Divine Comedy, that had little to nothing do with spiritual worship other then borrowing a few demonized names from Catholic doctrine to which was in-turn stolen and demonized out of Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Roman, Greek and Etruscan mythologies. This then branched off into the esoteric parts of the Golden Dawn to which was influenced heavily by Aleister Crowley, and then on to the Satanic Bible written by Anton Szandor LaVey (1930—1997) and so and again, more to do with ritual and a blending of tradition more so then the actual practicing of magical ritual over simple ritualistic worship.

Of course, all this was tied into some less then credible passages in the Bible in regards to the fall of Lucifer and a war in Heaven to which are totally out of place within the other textual content of what is being said in these books of the Bible, according to biblical experts. Magick goes well beyond ritual activity as it's one thing to worship a particular Entity and quite another to actually ask a thing from that Entity. Or to communicate with a spiritual force existing in a parallel  Universe from your own in a successful manor.

So basically, we have two spiritual groups no matter the root of their origin and practice being the main forms of Satanism whom engage in ritualistic worship and nothing more, whom rarely sacrifice anything, not animals, not virgins, Nothing to the groups away from Satanism that do sacrifice on some level or degree. We have the other groups unlike Satanism, that take part in the actual practicing of magical endeavor be they casting spells of a beneficent or malevolent nature as is explained in the following paragraphs etc. These types of faiths can be cited as forms of Voodoo, Witchcraft and other groups that blend or incorporate the systems mentioned above via esoteric practices such as can be found in the Golden Dawn and many other systems.

We can see the contrast between groups such as the Buddhist in which are advertly against the practicing of magick and Voo Doo to which not only takes part in divine worship, but goes the full gamete of magical practice to draw a spiritual into possession of flesh or to simply ask a favor and so on.. Another example would be in that we should take notice of the differences between mainstream Christianity whom only seeks to worship Divinity verses those in the Catholic church that believe in practicing ritual and faith, to those in the church that carry out magical operations throughout the  Catholic rituals, as can be seen in the masses.

So you see, we have varying degrees of worship and magical practice occurring all over the place and more so, seen in it's purest forms of esoteric witchcraft that moreover exist without all the complexity of faith structure and ritual. We find further blending of what I call “Monotheistic Coptic Esotericism” found in Jewish, Christianity and Islamic mysticism, that can be added to the mix. Most faith systems, or religious systems are political even though they might denounce this last statement however, it is what it is as you can find politics at  the very foundations of most groups be they of a beneficial or detrimental spiritual value to society on the whole.

There's a couple of factors that separate faith and worship groups from magically practicing individuals past their blend of doctrine as follows in the next paragraphs below. Truly magical practicing people will not really engage in politics past speaking their mind on a given issue from time to time. As I do, simply because they have the power to change things to their liking if it's not to daunting of a task. Magical people believe in giving thanks yet, also aren’t afraid in asking for something from Divinity with karma always in the backs of their minds, or with the thought what comes around goes around.

Truly magical people aren’t really worried about the ritual as much as their relationship with the Source of creation itself, that's why were always talking about our environment and everything within, Always looking for a better way to benefit the world instead of harming it or solely benefiting from it. Folks that engage in the real arts of magical practice are always seeking to make the world a better place when possible however, even we don’t have all the answers. Most of us continually strive for peace and balance within the exception of a few of us out here who don't seem to care, and just want to make life miserable for all that they meet.

The true spiritual person that practices magick is perpetually looking to better their relationships with the spiritual kingdom and with those in the psychical world around them. But most importantly, spiritual people would  never be so stupid to declare any part of Divinity to be a enemy unto themselves. Of course, We always have the opposition view that rest in the whole Adversary and Satan thing, that is more or less, found in the governed mainstream and Cult faith systems that's splintered from that, whom further believe in dogmatic views of ritual, penance and worthless repetition. More so, then actually attempting to get to know this spiritual kingdom on a personal level, or even educate their followers or Parishioners concerning the truth and distortion of scripture etc.


Heaven's Paradise Found

Is it so hard to imagine a Heaven without a Hell? or a Devil sitting upon its throne? Better yet, the existence of a divine power without a supper adversary out to bring it and the human species to its very knees? I don't think that this perception of mind is beyond the average grasp of a well known reality past dogmatic distortion.Yes, the gifts of the Universe can be ours to claim without being chased by the proverbial Devil or likened spiritual creature. To master our own humanistic shortcomings, is to overcome the adversary within that has driven us to destruction time and time again over the eons.

I suspect, that it's all in the way that a person sees Heaven and or, labels Heaven, It's all in how some traditions complicate the matter of spiritualism and the time tested wisdom’s to life by adding their own little web of white lies, that really goes against a Godly way at times, that ultimately induces emotional and spiritual enslavement via ignorance and fear over the masses. Another couple of points that I'd like to bring up here, is in why is it so important that others believe in a prescribed ideology instead of forming their own opinions of what Divinity actually is, and it's connection to them on a personal level.

Just because one doesn't believe in the theories of another doesn't necessarily make that person a disbeliever or evil to any degree that is,  unless, their actions speak evil against the laws of life all the day long via their malicious actions and words against others.No, who's to say that all spiritual actions won't come from the same place that moreover, will be construed as karmic reward or retribution at times against a nation, people or person. Again, we as a race would like to think that we have our lives figured out but in truth, were all just as lost as we were the day we came into being. In short, How can we master our own spirits and not have control over our minds and hearts? We can't.

We would like to think that we have solved the seen, and unseen mysteries of the world yet, we are still just as superstitious as the day we decided to venture outside of our little caves way back when. Why? Because were to busy attempting to fit the square block into the round space despite what our common sense is telling us.The truth, isn't always an easy thing to deal with and thus, we as a race will deny, eradicate, demonize and re-write the word of life to our liking instead of looking at it, and ourselves in a realistic way, and this is the savage melody that has always plagued us through the generations.

Before you know it, we find ourselves declaring a Crusade in the names of God along with covering up a multitude of other heinous acts committed by ourselves against others, that we further subjugate others to in the names of Religion, God and our own distorted ethical value systems, and so this has always been that draws to us the wrath of the Heavens. The intelligent and courageous individuals amongst us have always sought the truth via using common logic and good sense, in persevering past all the bastardized theological redrick and scoffing from the allegedly learned in the fields of silence.

Yet, there exist some shallow men of science in the world who in essence speak “If I can’t touch it then it doesn't exist” or, “If I can't see it then it doesn't exist” and lastly, “If I see a mystery but can't explain to another , then it simply doesn't exist”.The Seeker of truth whom has the hunger for knowledge but also a balance between the realms of rational thought and science, is a balanced person indeed yet, who remains open to what could be both scientifically and spiritually that's moreover drawn off of personal experience.

Such a person as this, can be considered the savor of the world by the very nature of tempered and well rounded Intellect acquired from the past and present, and further the possibilities that could be found in the future with an open mind and heart to do good. I believe that humanity has always had two great needs in life, the first of which being in making sense of our world, the second of which being, that we've always needed a fail guy for the inappropriate actions that we have carried out for whatever reasons, as we've discussed in previous articles.

We as a species, have a direct and inseparable link to what has been termed “The Beast” and or, “The Antichrist”, and why? simply because human nature by its very essence is a complement of primordial responses such as hostility, greed and above all else, a great insatiable need to be in control of our world at all cost and thus, these traits found within our root core continues to plague us with the very elixir of evil itself. The usage of the term “Antichrist” is just another way of describing the lacking of moral and ethics within a person or group. This term aptly describes anyone who goes against the holy teachings of not only Jesus the Christ but any other spiritual teachers likened to Jesus be they Mohammad or Moses etc.

Folks are more antichrist in nature then they know, or would want to admit to simply because they give into what's comfortable and easy for them throughout life instead of doing the right thing by both self and others and so,  making life easy for themselves and not so much for others and working against creation itself. Most of us are about  avoiding anything that might put us out, or that is a bit little inconvenient, difficult or terribly uncomfortable for us. The human condition feeds off of the human condition until the stench of humanities sin rises up to the very thrones of Divinity and they become enraged by the weakness of the lowly spirit.

The way out of the human misery we feel, is in going the extra mile for the stranger, to sacrifice for those around you, to be selfless in your walk through life even though there are those who won't return the favor. When we use the term “Christ Like”, or to be Christ like in nature, we are describing a positive human condition that tends to lead us into prosperity and light or away from the evil that festers in our minds and hearts.What it is that were saying here?  according to this terminology and teachings of the Christ and other Prophets, we must freely choose to observe the laws of a holy presence throughout a progressing life filled with wisdom and prudence in doing the right thing by God and man.

To be abstract to this basic but goodly principle, is to be beast like and consumed with primordial needs of the moment and thus, incapable of seeing past the need of that moment. Contrary to what some have surmised, we are not “Of The Five Great Apes” nether are we of dust, but in-between the two and a species unto our own selves. Some say that Darwin was a great and inquisitive spirit whom perpetually ask the question why, but the same was said of  Nero before his fall in to the abyss. In essence, time runs out for all of us and the things said, or statements to be corrected, go unsaid or corrected along with the deeds that we commit and thus, future generations will take out of context and meaning that what we might speculate or do in our times.

Even so, some of us might act like Monkeys in the world and it is those people who are doing a great injustice to the race of human kind as a result of their beastly behaviors. For the most part, our species is one of great potential with the capability to perform wondrous things and so, let's not let those whom think lowly of themselves to pull us into their pit of despair and spiritual hopelessness.

Unknown Divinity

We use the term “Ethics” to describe good and mutually beneficial behaviors but it's much, much more then a term, that is further rooted way back in just about every holy doctrine ever known to us as a culture and over all race of people.The Prophets were in essence the teachers of the ancient world as they lead the peoples in the ways of righteousness, they were the guides to a civilized world so to speak, the writers of the laws of a civilized Nation be they divinely inspired or gathered wisdom’s from ancient eons past. The true prophets are the speakers of truth, positive direction, the healers and teachers of generations to come, the partakers and guides to the Divine endearment upon humanity in where failure isn't a option for the sake of the family of man.

The intermediaries and speakers of logic and reason in a world of violence, corruption and deception yet, the voice of reason grows weak as it does at the ending of every age. Why? because the arrogance of man grows stronger by the day as he thinks himself to be god like, or likened to God, whom seeks only to perch himself in lofty places above all others in his time as is echoed out throughout history however, the outcome will be the same as others who have fallen in their times before him.Today, I hear more then not, that Divinity doesn't exist and that all the natural disasters have nothing to do with the spiritual prophesy’s of the world and more to do with rudimentary silence however, and as I've stated before,  is in that science would be the basic study of all cosmic and or spiritual energies that can be found in the finite, or microbial mundane world. Or to study Divinity in its physical manifestation.

True, science can explain that in which we have the technology to see and experience yet, science is lacking in all of its greatness to that which it can not explain past the defining of the cell, neuron, nucleolus or atom. In other words, it is said that were a complex mixture of primordial cell structure however, the true origins of the human species can't be traced back past this to the “Divine Spark”. We have found one shoe but where is the other? Why is this the case, that we only carry half the truth and refuse to see the other half. Why? solely because we don't have the technology presently to discover, or pin point the origins of humanity in this age.

Yet, the answers are here amidst the depths of the Earth yet the time of discovery will not be in this century or the next. Why? because man will annihilate man with this wisdom and so, likened to a shooting star that consumes itself, this knowledge will not be given to humanity for some time to come. Being that science is the great dicerner of the Earth and of humanity’s psychical attributes, science itself can't transcend astral boundaries that are not open to it. Being that science is limited by its very Earth bound restrictions then how is it possible to equate, or surmise that nothing exist beyond the reality of scientific knowledge or technology presently held on the microbial level.

It is said that God has been replaced by since yet science is but a small window into God and or Divinity, in my opinion. Science can attempt to explain the natural revolutions of the Earth and the movements of the stars but how can they distinguish a natural movement from a unnaturally induced movement from forces not yet known or mapped by ourselves. As with theology, our scientific exploration also has its share of speculation and it's important for people to keep in mind that both theology and science are inconclusive in the end game, even though science can explain the Elemental workings of the Earth, it lacks Universal discernment of that in which it can not see.

Hence, even though theology is based on persons faith in most instances, some belief systems seem to be based in truth when you take from the equation all the control and fear hype, or simply look at it in a logical and scientific way, if at all possible. To believe in something bigger then ourselves is a prudent in my opinion as how can we really know the unknowable names or deeds of God, or the hidden Servants that exist beyond our sight in the darkness and depths of the Earth, Seas and Universe. To put it another way, it is both arrogant and foolhardy to declare the nonexistence of something that might in fact exist in a vast and endless Universe or Earth, especially when it has not been systematically mapped or charted in detail etc. Moreover, how can we really know the temperament of Divinity, or a psychical but supernatural race with the  capacity to manipulate the Elements, We don't have this knowledge and so, we should take care not to offend least we bring retribution unto ourselves from that which we have rebuked as fantasy or myth.


Divinity Manifests Itself To The Most Ardent Atheist

 It's really kind of interesting because this unseen force makes itself known to ALL PEOPLES be they from whatever faith, culture or Nation. Divinity is the living creation from within and without you, the very life force in which were all connected to be we rich or poor. The “Dark Matter” as N.A.SA has so aptly dubbed it. Even if you don't believe in Heaven but choose to be a beneficial part to humanity in your daily life, then Divinity still considers you as a child of the stars and one unto themselves. As  long as your a benefit to all around you, then your a person that the spiritual kingdom will befriend to no matter your faith system, of lack of faith in a belief system.

To prove, and drive my point home, All any one of you out there reading this post has to do, is in working on yourself a little bit, to make yourself a better person simply by listening to your own good sense of reason, to practice balance in everything you do, to practice compassion, truth and always strive for peace in the world. To attempt to understand yourself and then understanding others past this and thus, you become the masters of your lives and not the victim of life. It is the unfortunate portion of the righteous to suffer the evil of wicked Kings in the world yet take notice that good always overcomes the atrocities of the evil hand of destruction. All generations must endure dark times upon the Earth for this is trial by fire and so, this is a battle between that which is good against an ancient evil that has existed from the start of creation itself, (Human Ignorance to what will be as the result of a given action)

Hence, all good Souls are subject to the dark times as has been in the past, currently and into the future and it's up to us in how we will handle and abolish this evil from every land, when it's all said and done.  Evil only exist when we give it lee way into our societies by becoming complacent or ignoring the tale tell signs of evils rise to fame, Evil depends on our laziness and ignorance to the facts.These truths are spoken by every Christ of every age and by every Prophet in a succession of all generations yet, these messages go unheard in the ages of madness and there of, dooms every generation to undergo the evil and tyrannical rule of unrighteous Kings that are moreover, filled with dreams of power.

For the King of Terror is permitted through the doors of civility as he caters to the human condition of laziness and fleshly desires with hidden contempt’s for that which is rightly and good for the people and world over all. And so, it is through this that evil finds fertile ground in every life since the dawning of time, or documented history. We must track the guile’s of evil simply by examining its approaches against us throughout history itself. Yet, to see the Beast for what it is through discernment and wisdom is the adversary to that beast whom only seeks to feed his blood thirst with the mutilation of the innocent for he is the Wolf in sheep’s clothing until he is loosed into the inter sanctums, only to be discovered as the Lion with an insatiable hunger for destruction.

It is he, that is the Son of sin and depravity whom tells pleasant fictions to the needful heart who becomes the destroyer of worlds, whom shall turn against both the righteous and the wicked alike in the hour of his power and hence, his mark will be the intrenched seed of evil and selfish act that is freely received and placed within the hearts of the deceived. For who is the worst of Ones enemy but Ones own self ? And who is the destroyer of the Soul and psychical existence but self,  as the enemy has no power over the righteous mind, body and soul least you give it to him by permitting him into power over you. The Enemy is the Soul that feeds upon its own self-undoing. On the other hand, should the wisest of us recognize the ways of Godly life and discernment then not only does a persons life become better in every way but keeps the enemy at the outskirts of the city in remote desert places and away from the doorsteps of the wise and innocent.

Evil believes in itself and so we mus believe in ourselves to battle this enemy of all the ages, We as a people must believe in those things that are goodly and righteous in nature to build stronger walls against the Wiley and evil things that are always looking for the soft spots in out natures, for this is how the evil of man causes the innocent to wage war against the innocent. Most will tell you that you must go through their system of faith to enter therein to the kingdom of Heaven but this is a lie within itself for the Holy Grail rest within your very Soul and can not be stolen from you least you permit the thief into your house. However, to practice you faith within a church or a Temple is a good thing, if for nothing else to enjoy the fellowship and encouragement of others in like mind. But woe to you, and know that evil lives in every place and under every stone in this age and knows not fear or boundaries, so beware of those who seek to do harm to you even in these places.

Your belief in doing the right thing by Heaven and the person standing next to you is the narrow, twisting and thorny path yet it is the way to fulfillment no matter your walk in life as you are your brothers keeper to no matter what the bitter world will tell you. Many upon the Earth have numerous names for the Divinity above and this is fine as the spiritual kingdom responds to every righteous tongue that calls upon it but, its true name is love, mercy, tolerance and justice for all living creatures. And so, if you are of these noble qualities then you are in synch with the divine properties of the Universal consciences and will be led from the path of the wicked but only should you listen to the voice of reason. Again, Divinity is not only a spiritual force but a force that resides within every human being, every star and every planet whom only seeks cosmic order and thereof to become, or stay in the graces of this Force Of Creation, we must become likened to it in the mundane world. If you'll notice, the natural disasters we see on all most a daily basis seem to elevate with each incurring battle or conflict. Check this out throughout our history and you will see the pattern in frequency, there is a connection as you will see.

Why? Because like I has stated previously, even though the cosmos seems to be derived from chaos, it's a disruption with a purpose for creation unlike the disruption of man to which only seeks destruction and more destruction for no real purpose. It's the domino effect past those who have no choice but to restore order and peace through conflict against the tyrant, to which is righteous act even though it comes at the high cost of life and property. Still, the reaction to the action renders a imbalanced effect to some degree and hence, the cause renders the effect and the goal of the effect is hoped to minimize the damage of conflict and so on. If you stop and think about it for a moment, why should Divinity care about the destruction it causes when we don't give a second thought about the destruction we cause to each other and our over all environment? Why should nature, the physical nature of the spiritual kingdom care about a race that sweeps over it like an evil plague? It shouldn't.

Yes, the Earth does have it natural cycles, and disasters will occur when we decide to build our compounds upon the tops of Volcanoes, or along the sides of mighty rivers, but these are disasters born out of imprudence and lack of foresight, and shall we blame this on Angels? Or should we take more care in where we place our cities and other structures? Call me crazy and some of you will, but nature isn't some dumb retarded thing that you can use and abuse and not expect anything coming back in the way of revolt, or retaliation as a result. Yes, the Earth is a living vibrate entity all to its own. Think about this, do you really think the Earth was a mistake or accident? That just happened to form out of a extremely vast cosmic mix by fluke. And why would it be so impossible to conceive that this living and breathing planet wouldn't have a conscienceness of its own, and our we really the highest creation upon the Earth? or is it the Earth itself, I ask you.

And how do we know that their aren’t higher forms of life above and below the Earth of a physical nature whom have the foresight to see that we are systematically destroying out world, and that they might be taking offense to this since it's their world to.To merely blame the frequency of natural disasters that we have in this century on volcanism, platechtonics, Ozone issues and other factors such as global warming all occurring at the same time and for no apparent reason, is pure lunacy as anyone with a brain can see. And to the Theological community, just because I've written articles disproving this whole Satan concept according to biblical findings that disprove and expose these mistranslations, doesn't diminish  Divinity to any lessor extent.

In fact, these findings just clear up and strengthen that the spiritual force that I've come to  know over the years, as Divinity is a fully sovereign and in complete control of its spiritual kingdom as is mentioned throughout the Bible and Koran etc. The dispelling and removal of Satan only enhances the accountability and responsibility back onto humanity and further, takes away the scape goat as man whom is now fully accountable for his deeds instead of throwing his misdeeds back on some super mythological super idiot. Since God / Divinity is all sovereign unto itself then it only stands to reason that all things come from Divinity including what we consider wrathful disasters and or, natural disasters through the Elemental aspects of itself. With the dispelling of Satan and his Minions, or putting them back into the realms of the ancient Gods and Goddesses that weren’t necessarily of a malevolent nature, we are now left with the Creator interacting with us on a personal basis without the interference of the Devil, as it were. No more finger pointing of blame transferal onto the supper being more so, then standing naked before creation itself for the human being.

The concept of evil rest within the psychical condition and furthermore isn't evident in the spiritual realm or natural circumstance as how can energy conflict against itself, It can't by the very laws of nature, or its nature that governs all Universal and Elemental principles. In essence, the only way a war could have taken place in the Heavens would be between at least two physical factions be they Extra Terrestrial against one another or, Extra Terrestrial forces against humanity, or all the above, but not a spiritual force fighting within itself.  The same Universal “Dark Matter” is the same transparent and sometimes not that exist around us currently. Please keep in mind that this opinion or opinions yielded by myself have been gathered from years of Biblical research and the subsequent inconsistencies and mistranslations gathered therein, I've also developed these theories through personal experience and scientific fact of what has been witnessed and the reasonable possibilities of what could be, or given the consideration of all things considered spiritually and scientifically.

When something good a proper such as the teachings of Jesus, Mohammad, Moses and other Prophets are taken out of their original context and misinterpreted to promote the very positive things that these sons of God spoke of to the masses then it's time to grab a reality check. It is because of these mistranslations and dogma for questionable reasons that we find many good men on both sides fighting and dying in wars being fought in the names of God, we see a good number of innocent people oppressed and killed in the same name. Perhaps, Divinity has taken offense in not the sins of the common man more so, then the sins of the church that was placed in stewardship over the unlearned of humanity.

When the student fails, shall we blame it on the student or the teacher? Who has really failed here? We all knew the truth of what was and currently is yet, I see a several of the cloth abandoning their churches and running for the hills, has your faith diminished? and what of the children you've left behind? Even in the midst of this darkened age, we who represent Divinity must stand strong and start teaching the world the living word, the way it was met to be taught. To be the voice of reason and peace even if it means questioning the violent and predominate things we read in the scriptures and replacing them with peaceable teaching that serve humanity instead of working against it, or giving it more reason to sink further into evil and other treacheries.

Allah, Jehovah or God didn't send their sons and Prophets to deliver the message only to have it read likened to the mantra. These teachings were met to stay in their true forms of textual content for the most part but added to in a positive way to keep up with the times as well. Often times we see additions within the holy text that have more to do with war and fear then not, that's been added several hundreds of years after the work was conceived and placed into text, but it's not of a positive nature and often times confusing to the layman. We quickly see the teachings of Jesus turn from something rebuking evil that more so, indorsed peaceful resolution into something that takes metamorphosis into something oppressing and judgmental to those whom don't believe in a particular passage or text.

A teaching that was geared to accept, is now a thing that rejects and teaches death, pain and poverty, I don't think this was what Jesus was trying to convey. Before anyone starts laughing and pointing at the faith systems mentioned let me just say that this sin belongs to all the mainstream religions in the world. You know, when you stop and think about what's being put out by the churches is it any wonder why folks are dropping their traditional systems of faith? Of course, let's not leave out that people are a lot smarter today who tend to ask their Ministers, Preachers, Priest, Rabbis and Cleric’s the uncomfortable questions about the spiritual nature. Not addressing the questions past a Sunday school level just isn't cutting it for many people who feel lost. And of course there will be questions that none of us can address but we can at least speculate or yield our theories as this is better then noting to a person in crisis.

I think that on the whole, the Clergy should not only clear up scriptural ambiguity but go on to take a stab as to why bad things happen to good people, or why good things occur to ass holes in life rather then say to a person with a pressing question, “that this is just Gods will”, this answer didn't work for me and it doesn't work for a good many others out there. In closing on this issue, I would say that it's time to grow, to break the chains of dogma, DARE to find the truth in what has been conveyed to us through the eons. Jesus said: “Take what your fathers have given you and build upon it” for what good does it do you to just learn from the mistakes and wisdom’s of your father but not to learn from your own mistakes, or grow in your own wisdom’s. Ask yourself this, What will the legacy be that I will leave our children and the world after we've gone.

Jesus said: “For in the days ahead I will not always be with you in the flesh” and thus, even our time is limited upon the Earth as well. The gift of life is the most precious jewel that can be given to anyone either in  bad or propitious times. We must understand that to do good in the world with the time we have left can only resound, or echo throughout time and long after the Earth has claimed our bodies and Heaven our Souls. And or, “What we do in life echo's throughout eternity” through the ones we leave behind.

 Angels In The Flesh  Are  Friends To The World

An Angel in the flesh is a friend to all that cross paths with the Messenger of salvation be they male or female, Adult or Child, for it is the Angel that carries hope for the entire world. For how can a hopeless world ever hope to carry on through the storm least the light be held high and steady by those who brave the storm so that others may live, to be brought out of troubled times. It is the Angel in the flesh that redeems my hope in humanity every time they jump into a raging river to save a small kitten, and risk all when they fearlessly dive into a burning building to save the elderly or very young. Yes, the Angels that dress to wounds of the injured and the Solider who fights against tyranny in far off places.The Attorney that fights for truth in the court rooms all over the world along with others whom seek to expose the wicked for the sake of justice being served. The policeman who keeps the order while putting their life on the line and the person who uplifts and gives hope to the homeless with a act of kindness.

These are the hearts in which Divinity can be found  looking back at you in the oddest or most unexpected of places. We can find Angels in the flesh standing around the voting booths and throughout  the government halls while fighting to do the right thing against great opposition and those in the media whom seek the truth a great cost to themselves at times.When I look around, I see Angels in the flesh everyday to if they recognize themselves as such or not, I see Angels in the eyes of small children and those in need in in the voices that I hear over the radio. Yes, we are so blessed to have these Angels in the flesh around us everyday and hence the world would be a much colder and darker place without them. Angels in the spirit are found in bringers of peace known as the Ambassadors of Nations and the kindly and fair hands of noble Kings who answer to a higher power then themselves, The Angel of in the flesh is found in the kindly words of the Counselor and moreover the true caster of prayers that relieve the misery of the troubled and confused children of the world.

They can be found in the caring words of the Priest or Minister and or, the loving touch of the mother atop the head of her child, or the protecting authority of the father. Yes, it is in these compassionate acts do I find salvation and hope for the world just when I thought it couldn't be any worse. Divinity is evident in the whimper of the lost lamb and a roar of  Lions in the fields of battle and so, Divinity shines brightly throughout humanity, and that’s why I keep fighting onward personally, Why? because I find hope in the world even in these turbulent times with war and bloodshed abound. And what of you? Are you an Angel in the flesh guided by the hand of Divinity? And what shall Heaven know your name to be? Bringer of peace and knowledge, Defender of the weak, Warrior of truth and justice, The Healer, The compassionate One, The judge and fair One, The courageous or fearless defender, The merciful lover of light and life or The Seeker of the Spirit on high?

The world may forget your names as will they mine through the passage of time but they will always remember your deeds, the very essence of who you are and the deeds you've carried out will inspire others to become Angels of the flesh, and how wonderful is this? For it is you that Divinity shines brightest through likened to Heavens brightest star over the surface of the Earth even in the darkest of times, and it is you that shall inherit the thrones of Heaven and the honor of men and women alike for who among the wicked can diminish your spirit in life? for you are of the righteous Ones. Let not the world beat you down or drain away that of your very divine nature because it is you that holds the world atop your shoulders via the hope and selfless nature you offer even unto the lowest of creation. Let these be words of encouragement and refill your spirit with the strength of Gods might in your fight against human misery and sin, as without you we are lost for all time.

Lift your heads and stretch out your hands to Heavenly thrones for it is you that will bring the world through its darkest times ahead as your not just all these noble attributes mentioned above, but the teachers of the world that lead by example. Blessings to all of you Angels of the fleshly capsule, as all that you do is seen and written down by heavenly scribes and so, your Christ like qualities are noted in the book of life and shall be rewarded many times over. This applies to all of a merciful heart and a fair mind no matter the flag, banner or label you choose to march under. Again, Thank You for all your sacrifices in the name of peace and healing to the world and hopefully those around you will be inspired to walk your same path.

Rebels Or Freedom Fighters

I think it';s more appropriate to recognize the Rebels not so much as Rebels but more so freedom fighters for two reasons really the first of which being, that they are fighting against a lawless government and secondly because they have fought and died in the pursuit of freedom against a murderous band of thugs.Yes, they are a rag tag force of Farmers, Doctors and architects without much direction, but the same thing can be said for us during the American revolution. I don't really advocate war yet, I understand that until evil is abolished from the surface of the earth, Unfortunately war will at times be necessary. As I’ve stated before in other post this is a global problem and or, issues of disruption that need to be addressed by the global community such as is being carried out currently. In light of this fact, the murdering war dogs of their own people have been, and are being removed from power and this can only lead to world peace when the smoke clears.

You know guys, we as a world have to take care of each other no matter the flags we fly, ideologies or governmental systems we operate under, it's just good medicine all around when we approach these problems together. The same old problems that have been plaguing us forever and a day such as hunger, famine, national boundary disputes and so on. These issues should have been resolved ages ago but weren't, better late then never as the old saying goes. We, THE WORLD, and it's leaders have the responsibility in making sure that we don't over populate a region beyond its means to feed its inhabitence,  or that people aren’t driven into unlawful acts just because their hungry. We as Nations have the responsibility to resolve boundary disputes in a peaceable way or through non-violent and diplomatic ways.

Again, we must make sure to never permit idiots like Adolf Hitler, Mussolini or Gaddafi to ever reach a power of office again in a civilized society, it's just not good business and doesn't help the world go around when these power hungry morons get established, and look at the damage they cause and the cost of conflict to get rid of them. It's just better to keep our wits about us and to never let our guards down again for the reason that our attention has been drawn to other important matters of state and global well being. For as long as history has been documented wars have persisted and I for one, think it's about time that we break the cycle of war. For way to long have we permitted the Tyrant free rain over the lands to murder and pilfering all that he surveys, and for just as long have good and decent people turned their heads and looked the other way and the age of peace should be now before it's to late and we follow our Ancestors down into the path of Hades itself.

Blessed Are The Children

Blessed are the children, isn't this pretty much what we read in all the holy scriptures of the world? But my question is: Why do our children have less rights and protection then the pets we keep? When I personally look into the eyes of a child my heart just melts because we see the potential or promise of that young life. I see a screaming and sometimes destructive little bundles of pure love waiting to be taught the Godly ways to life, a pure vessel that has the capacity to possibly save us from ourselves one day. And with this in mind why on earth would we allow anyone no less the parents of a child to harm them in any way? Oh yes, raising a child can be challenging at best and the child thinks it's all abut them as is natural to all kids and this is why some should really consider what it is to have a child before making that commitment, agreed? And yes, children are in need of prenatal correction however, where is the line between correcting and flat out abuse.

As far as I'm concerned, physically abusing a child is just as bad as killing that child, or at least killing that baby's spirit because of the long term emotional and physical damage that it inflicts of the kid. To actually carry out this breach of trust against the child is evil in purest form, but to carry it out in the name and principles of Godly principle is just down right and wickedly unspeakable or In other words, a ten on the evil scale especially when the abuse causes death, wouldn't you agree? You should if your a rational person. Now, I know that a majority of parents are really good whom love their children more then life itself but the exception to this rule is what I'm addressing currently. Some parents shouldn't be parents due to the lack of common sense out there but this doesn't mean their bad people, nothing a prenatal class or two wouldn't take care of but, when it comes to folks that AGAIN take things latterly out of a group of text that was written two to six thousand years ago and apply it to their children without using their good sense, this is a problem.

The passage in the Bible that states “Spare The Rod & Spoil The Child” is likened to many things interrupted, or misinterpreted and more or less used as a Biblical justification to torment, abused or even  killd by some. Again, taking a passage out of the Bible to fit Ones needs by either taking it latterly or  bending it to the extreme for personal reasons. Some of you out there that had the pleasure of being born and raised in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's know what I'm talking about here as what was considered to be prenatal correction would be considered physical abuse and child endangerment today. Actually, I know some parents that should have went to prison including my adoptive parents for some of the stuff that went on around the old homestead.

Child abuse has been a long term problem in our society however, it was just the best kept secret in town when  was growing up and more so out in the open these days as there's not a tightly knitted family unit to conceal it any longer. Back in the day, I personally went to school in shorts with bloody welts across my legs and the teachers thought nothing of it yet when ask by negations my foster parents just said I fell out of a tree or was scraped running through the woods. Of course in those days the church actually endorsed this abusive treatment of children so their was no help there and thus, the same could be said for law enforcement, school and others in the community,  Help just wasn't going to happen in this era as some of us remember. Bruises, cuts, gashes, burns, punctured arms, legs, hair being pulled out by the roots and broken bones were very common and proficiently covered up along with other abuses such as starving a child or not keeping up with the grooming etc, the stories I could tell.

And let's not forget about the sexual abuses and using trickery that was allowed, or should I say over looked by all involved back in the day.  All pretty much condoned by the church and civil structure of that day if my memory serves me correctly. In my own experience, and as far back as I can remember, these abuses along with childhood bullying has gone unchecked. And of course it was part of the social system because it was intrenched into everyone via the church and what was misconstrued from the Bible itself. We as a society have had over fifty years that I can attest to in doing something about protecting our children and yet the closest we've came to any kind of solution is child welfare, or child services to which has its own gorse shortcomings.

Abusing children for ANY REASON causes long term emotional problems for sure, If your spanking your child with your hand and it actually hurts you hand, then your abusing your child. If you have to use a belt, switch or other implement, then your abusing your child. In all honesty, pain b association is not the best way more so then gentle persuasion's. When some children are abused psychically over prolonged periods of time is it any wonder that they turn on their aggressors or abusers? Yes, likened to an abused animal the child will grow up to be either a dysfunctional wimp or highly aggressive individual whom has a tendency to carry on the cycle of abuse. Long after the wounds heal and the scars fade away the abused child grows and freeze frames his or her abuse, the hidden torment and the killer of spirit. The emotional problems it cause me was likened to being a time bomb waiting to go off at any moments with the passing of an act or spoken word.

And for the folks that beat their kids out there reading this, beware because just when you think it's over and that you've been forgiven you'll receive the largest surprise of your life when it all comes back to haunt you. I consider myself one of the lucky one who was able to work through it however there's some out there who still struggle everyday with this in their own private little hells. When you stop and think about it briefly, you can see issues stemming out of abuse in adult life in that people grow up without the ability to communicate, distrust, abandonment issues, anger issues and so goes the cycle of pain from one generation to the next. There is no love and acceptance purer then that of a child’s love and acceptances and it is up to us as a people to protect our children from those that would cause pain to the little innocent Ones. I pray to Divinity that when a person feels like striking their own child, or the child of another, that they stop and know that they are transgressing against the very gift of Heaven and humanity.

Jesus said: “ It is better that you should tie a mill stone around your neck and cast yourself into the sea rather then harm the least of my little ones” And to those of you that are out of control concerning your own emotions that further, strike out at your little ones, I would ask you to consider the words of Christ in this matter and know that all is seen and heard in the most of secret of places. If we abuse our future generations then what kind of a future do we have as a race? If we permit the untimely deaths of our children, the abuse of our kids, or allow child predators around our children then what kind of people are we. Our children reflect who we are and so, the way we treat our children will dictate and establish where we as a global society will be lead in the future days to come.

Religion, Roll Play, Fantasy - The Great Deception

What does Roll Play, Fantasy and religion all have in common? More then you think is the answer to that depending on who's taking part in the activities above. When we take religion out and away from its proper context of Theology or belief in a well thought out theory and it to something mutated in to something harmful, then this is can be dangerous mix indeed. Where does religion or even faith become blurred in the minds of the unstable or the confused?  Who can know the workings of such a person mind but one thing is for sure, once a individual leaves the realm of rationality with a mixture of basic theology coupled with grandiosity and fantasy’s of saving the world through some crazy act, we have real trouble on our hands. I mean, we've had nuts kill after they've latched onto some song with allegedly hidden lyrics in it that they could only hear and the same can be said for some idiot hearing something on the news or reading it out of a news paper in that they saw God talking to them between the lines.

And can we expect any less from those fools that think that Divinity is speaking to them from the pages of the Bible, Koran or otherwise. Man, that shit is just plan creepy to me because these folks are looking for a reason to mess someone up and what better sources to be reading because there full of justifications for violence. You would think that you would see these nuts flowing out of Satanism but this just isn't the case, even though the have their share of nuts from time to time. Mostly these fruitcakes seem to be latching on to the Coptic or monarchistic systems for some reason. I guess if we were to speculate, it could be said that this is occurring for a couple of different reason in that Satanism doesn't really have a supper substantiated belief structure however the system that it does have doesn't advocate violence.

Another reason that this could be happening, is in that perhaps the disturbed person feels that even though their violent act is evil, it's necessary, or that their further martyring themselves to God because they think that's what he wants. In essence, dying for God while fulfilling their own twisted fantasy driven ever forward by some form level of dementia. I'd  imagine, that there's just as many causes out there as there are  unstable people that turn Fanatic, that go on in some instances to drag small  groups of rational people into their hollow but unending state of nightmares come to life. It's a shame in that religion evolved out of spiritualism and faith that eventually became the gentle force that in turn brought the world out of the dark ages however, even religion has mutated and become  something ineffective, nonproductive, inappropriate and harmful at times simply as a result of open  interpretation as a result of ancient textual tampering etc.

The Holy Text of the world all have the wisdom’s of ages within but because so much trash has been interjected within, it almost make it impossible to follow the criteria of any statement or commandment  in places for the average person. If the Scholar and average person are given challenges in interpolating the holy texts, then how much more does the inept or emotionally disturbed get out of it one way or another? Yes, just about every faith system that has grown into religion has started off with the goal of bringing civility and over all peace to the violent world via it's spiritual laws of respect. All in all, Religion can be a good thing but Faith and hope are better attributes especially, when coupled with the divine wisdom’s of the ages, or good old fashioned common sense values etc. The thing about established religion is in that it is a positive teaching force for humanity if closely monitored in what is says and as long as it harms none in its wake.

Magical practice is about observing the scientific principles of the Cosmos and Elemental realms,  and further placing names upon certain aspects of this force of creation while understanding that the spiritual has consciences and directive in the physical world and thus, this particle has heaver basis and influence over the singular common faith in something higher then ourselves. However, when you take away this concept or theory then, all your left with is pure faith as you have nothing to reinforce or back up a belief concerning any tangible occurrences. To understand Divinity like with anything else in the world such as our human strengths and weaknesses, politics or otherwise you must have all the facts and a proper perspective to the issues at hand. And of course when these factors are absent from the equation of life then we get what we have going on in the world today. To assume that all peoples understand what is being said either in spiritualism of in the political arena is the first mistake.

All men and women are equal in that we all have intrinsic human rights but our level of understanding only have value to a greater or lessor degree and thus, when the hard facts are missing, or gone from whatever system then this only leads to disaster especially when the lessor learned attempts to act out on something after only reading half of the book and ignoring the rest of that text. Today, I see many out there that are taking part in the Divine Comedy, or the blind leading the blind and so, the learned of us must teach others to see and those of us that can hear must teach others to listen before acting out in a negative way, or a way abstract to the laws of life. If there was ever a Adversary to human kind, I believe it could be found in the supreme enigma of persistent Ignorance to the facts, Pride, arrogance and fleeting goals of self-glory for both the educated and uneducated alike. It's a sad day in the world when words for peace, tolerance, love and fairness are transformed into actions for hate, intolerance, greed, corruption and murder on a global scale.

Perhaps the Churches will step up to the plate and at least stop the abuse of their specific doctrines and moreover reduce the war dogs down to what their really fighting for such as property, natural resources, power and ideology instead of fighting under the flag of Divinity to which they apparently don't believe in any way. We have to consider that the evil person will stop at nothing to convey the evil they breed within and this goes for the Crusaders who sought to plunder and kill under the name of Christianity's flag to those in the sands of the far East who continue to kill the innocent in the name of Allah. Why wouldn't evil consider attack on the camps of that to which exposes it as evil? As nothing is held holy to he that only seeks to further his causes for obtaining power and glory. To come into the camp of peace dressed as the lamb is by far the oldest trick of the enemy of man and so, deception, trickery and illusion is his name that lead the faithful into despair.

Child Slavery & Woman’s Rights

Well, not much about child slavery or over all slavery can be said other then it is not appropriate for this age. This sort of thing belongs back in the dark ages and whomsoever still engages in this practice including some in the U.S.A, simply don't belong to the civilized world. The same thing can be said for the second class rating of women and or other ethic groups and sexually oriented groups in the work place such as gays etc, in not only this country other countries as well. My train of thought really believes in freedom of choice, or in free will as the doctrines would say. It's really not up to any of us to hold down or oppress another as a result of their gender, race or belief system, but that's just me and my opinion for what it's worth. The only prejudice I maintain would be in that I'm against anything that either harms the group, Ones Self or a entire Nation on the whole for whatever reason.

I might have issue in that children are made to walk and fight upon the killing fields and that, Nations shouldn't view the child as a national or human resource in way of cheap labor as this is yet one more thing that belongs to our dark past. On the other hand, I don't believe that preferential treatment should be given a person or group on the merit of gender, nationality, spiritual view or political standing and further, that all should be awarded their station in society according to their skill in a given area of expertise etc. In other words, past the intrinsic human rights to be treated in a fair and equal manor, equality must sometimes be earned in the work place and so, once earned then the pay scale and benefits shouldn't very to an degree depending on gender or color of skin. This is another issue that stems from ambiguous religious doctrines that we must rise above, that all started with the Adam, Lilith and then Eve saga in Christianity.

Again, we see what I consider corruption of doctrine continuing to interfering with proper social actions concerning many cultures, or Biblical policies that should have been done away with and or revamped to fit a current or modern society. For some reason, women and children or given lessor status in many societies via religious outlook in a effort to maintain male superiority amongst other reasons and thus, a civilized society must break these chains of oppression coming from a medieval past in order to survive into the future. America has been the forerunner of  positive changes in these areas but it to has a long way to go in completely letting go of these seemingly insurmountable prejudices. The day is really upon us as an entire race to choose to either live in the past or to get with the program and start acting like the caretakers of our planet and one another.

Things like racial and gender equality must be the predominate rule of the day and we must do the honorable thing in protecting the weakest and most innocent of our societies being the children. It's just a long time in coming in seeing the full ratification to the evils we see going on in the world. No more elderly abuse, no more child abuse, no more second class citizenship as when we see things like the examples mentioned above, it only serves to take us back in time rather then propelling us forward into a beneficial prosperous future. When child slavery and or things like the sex trade are permitted in any country then this speaks for that countries demeanor clearly in that the leadership is shallow and lacking in honorable quality. In other words, it's not the low revenue or otherwise economic growth that makes it a third world country what it is more so then its backward policies concerning the treatment of it's people whom place their trust in it.

Countries that persist in either engaging in, or turning their heads away regarding the matter of slavery be it child or adult bondage, is in essences not only a third would band of thugs with no ethical or spiritual substance to them but a dangerous and untrustworthy bedfellow to all that they met in the world. To put it all into a nut shell I would just quote “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and in this way shall we make the world a better place. Life is a gift and something holy in itself hence, shouldn't be abused on any level of existence or society and to do otherwise makes one a enemy unto humanity instead of its friend.

The Rise And Fall Of A Mighty Empire

Likened to the Kingdoms of Ramses 1 & 2, Solomon and a few others that ruled the great civilizations  of the ancient world, America is hurling itself down the same path of destruction with its eyes wide open. To many wars, to much in-fighting, to much greed and politics upon politics that actually hinder our growth instead of resolve our national problems.I believe we as Americans elect Presidents for the sake of just having someone to point the finger at as is the human condition and rarely look at the many of other factors in great discord behind the scenes, as I've written about in earlier post. In the end of all of the the great Empires stretching from Egypt, Greece, Rome and the thrones of Africa, it was inward conflict that brought these Giants to their knees and their enemies didn't even have to fire a shot.

Corruption, power striving, greed, deception and over all not paying attention to the issues of state and or the people that ultimately tumbled the massive walls of these age old dynasties. America is no exception to the laws of succession and dethronement as is clearly evident from day to day. It's a shame in that the folks in Washington D.C choose to undergo the process of governmental decline since their not informational retarded on any level and can see clearly what is currently taking place within the very foundations of democracy yet, they apparently keep driving the road that leads to nowhere. Yes, we hear much talk on how the issues of this country will be fixed and it all sounds good however, we never see to much actually being implemented and  taking place on the voter level of society. Unemployment still seems to be ramped, health care is still screwed up, still fighting in the sands of the east and in-fighting in the Capital.

This has always been the case over the last ten to fifteen years and before to a certain degree and so I wonder, Is it the Presidents that we put into office that causing this effect or the political system and those within being the culprit in this matter. Again, Presidents that promise the moon and stars on the podium to never fulfill their promises, or actually perform the reverse of their promised feats, or to do nothing either way about societal and governmental issues with their eye on re-election a day after their in office. I think all Presidents have good intentions before they are elevated to the White House however after getting into office they find their hands tied by the establishment, what do you think?  And what of all the Presidents Advisers, Are the exempt to the criticisms of the heckler?

In this instance I've seen some pretty unfair attacks against this President in that he was challenged for his birth certificate, then his nationality was questioned, his authority was placed into question along with his actions of his relatives, he was indirectly portrayed as a monkey and has been mocked at every turn, is it any wonder that he's a bit on edge? News Flash: no one has the skills to run a country until they take office. Nd no, not all Presidents will make the right choice, or the choice that will please everyone. Hell, that why they have ADVISORS and other excerpt personal to assist them along. This President was criticized for bowing to another Middle Eastern head of state and was called into question for this, his vacations were called into question as well right on down to the soar spot on the back of his head  suggesting that he might be the Anti Christ.

This President has steeped forward and dispelled all the pot shots, mud slinging and half-baked accusations coming from his Critics yet, his torment continues. Yep, I don't agree with some of the ideas he's had in the past such as the health care thing and the bullet train issue from what I've heard about these things but there again, I don't see what he's looking at and wouldn't be so brazen enough to assume that I know all the facts and so I must hold judgment on these issues that effect me until I have all the relative facts. I just question how much freedom this president has and who's really behind making the important decisions of state. I just think that one man could have screwed up things as we can see in our current state of affairs. It's easy to blame one man for all the ailments of this country, but is it fair?  And will we continue to point the finger at the next President and torment him in the same ways that we've disrespected this President.

I will Guarantee you, that when we get the next president in office no matter the gender or nationality he, or she will continue to receive the harassment to a greater or lessor degree simply because there are those in government that use the Presidential office as a scape goat and Americans love to blame-shift. I shutter to think what would occur should we vote a black women or gay person into office and the unspeakable things that might be said to her and so, I would be cautious for running for office in the land of the free with opportunities abound if I were that person lol . My question to all reading this, How does a Country survive when it is filled with pettiness and discord such as we see today in government and better yet, how do we as a multi racial, multi faceted nation endure the problems that we face today with this type of leadership and public mindset? An enigma indeed.

I do believe that until this country in particular gets its act together then things will only get worse, The only thing I would cite with this President is in that he should be more directional about the promises he makes. In short, don't promise unless you can deliver and to, seek answers to current issues in the history books of past governmental resolution, or at least bass new decisions on past principles to which I've seen at times coming from the current administration.


The Antichrist

According to Biblical scripture , it describes a super Devil, or the Son of the Devil coming back to destroy man kind etc. The book of Revelation was primarily written by John of Patmos or John the divine and added to by a few others down through time to the state we can read it in today. The Anti-Christ is a basically a description of a man, group of men or perhaps a Nation that simply doesn't believe in doing the right thing lol  Basically, this personality is deceptive, power hungry and seeks global domination in the guise of someone just tying to be a good leader. He is said to come in the names of peace whom will bring peace to the world and there of cause the world to worship him through his political actions in fixing long held problems and then, in the wondrous miracles it's said that he will perform in his own name.

This personality carried the numerology value of 666, or applies to Satan however, this same value is currently held to the roman Emperor Nero according to modern day Biblical Scholars. In essence, the whole book of Revelations speaks either in symbolism or metaphorically and is quite political in nature when it speaks in regards to the down fall of man. The same can be said for the quatrains of Michelle Nostradamus in his veg interpretations of what would be. The only difference being here is in that Nostradamus primarily spoke in terms planetary courses running a muck in comparison to John of Patmos applying his revelations as coming directly from God in a dream. And that Divinity / God would use the planetary courses against humanity and other Elemental's that spawn Elemental Beast to destroy man kind. In both instances these Prophets were speaking in regards to corrupt governments and people whom brought the wrath of the Heaven against them for their abuses against each other and against God and the natural world.

Both men described the out come of natural and government abuse and the rise to power by certain individuals such as Napoleon and Hitler who believed only in themselves, whom were stricken with an insatiable thirst for global domination. Again, these two Prophets announce the potential arising of a third Anti-Christ upon the global stage. Basically both say that a third man will come as the Deceiver in the names of peace who will in fact solve man of the worlds problems and will moreover, think of himself as God over the world especially after bringing peace to the Middle East. When we take a second to think about this person and the two helpers he's assigned to assist him according to the book of Revelation it does more or less take a political tone to it more so then a spiritual one as we can see this exact thing occurring down throughout history over and over again.

In essence, Nations get in trouble and a guy comes along and fugues a way out of it then becomes egotistical and arrogant to the point of thinking to much of himself. This kind of sounds like someone in politics, doesn't it? And given this case, the oppressed and impoverished people and other governments would sing their phrases, wouldn't they? Of course, to bring peace to the world would put a lot of arms dealers and war dogs out of business, right? And the more then likely, they wouldn't appreciate this and thus, might try to assassinate such a man of peace. Given medical technology concerning lethal wounds this assassination attempt might fail and that once peace bringer might become angered to the point of the oppression and abuse of his own people who had once sang his glory. You see, this could be a very humanistic situation that could very likely occur in our time, might be going on right now.

The only difference being is that it all occurring in the natural world and having nothing to do with a spiritual Devil or Demons. As I've said before, Humanity has always had a war within himself that is so ugly and unspeakable that he chooses to blame it on something else, even if that something else doesn't exist. Man has always had a conflict in doing the right thing and so created a reflection of himself called  Satan, or the Adversary to himself. Why? because he has always understood that he's his own worst enemy. Why would Heaven need a Satan to destroy humanity when this very malevolent force can all ready be found in the human make up doing that job. For a man to say that a third of Heaven seeks to destroy him as because he deems himself to be the highest creation upon the Earth, is likened to him saying that the blades of grass conspire against him for they are jealous of the flesh, this is both ignorant thinking and shallow at best. Yet, nature is a living creation unto itself on the primordial level with a need for survival and so, the man abuses his environment and so, it be a possibility that this living creation might be acting out of self-preservation against what it considers to be advert factor to its growth on the mundane level.

The Anti-Christ is the the Anti-Savor, the Deceptive Destroyer of humanity, or the self-severing Force unto itself with little, or no regard for his brothers and sisters and or, over all benefit of the world. The book of Revelations along with many other Prophecies are simply the warning of humanistic history repeating itself and not a doomsday prophecy damning us to the eventual end of time. Eventually, we as a race will see that these are just warnings to a potential Atlantis or Pompey that we need to take heed to instead of trying to dissect and discredit what the Prophets are saying. If I were to ask you to look both ways before crossing the street, would you? Or would you just run out into the street without looking? Because you just want to march to the beat of your own drummer.

Do we defy what the ancient Prophets has conveyed to us simply because we find fault in what he has written down for us? at peril to his own life, or is it that were to afraid of  the truth, our own natures, of that in which goes bump in the night?  Surly, the highest creation of the Earth shall summon up enough courage to look within and save himself before it's to late. There is a Heaven above and higher beings over ourselves just waiting to see if we as a race, the divine experiment can see our ways clear to remove ourselves from the perplexity of ignorance and confusion. Waiting to see what will become of us through our own means of endeavor and moreover, hoping that we will succeed this time around through the knowledge and wisdom’s of the ages, they hope that we won't disappoint this time round in the great age of enlightenment and what say you?

Shall we be the final generation full of malcontent and contempt of all that we have experienced and learned over the centuries, ages and eons, or will we be the people that we were intended to be that goes on to do great things in the ages to come? It is our choice in the end. I often wonder if this will be the generation of hope or will we quiver over formalities and revel in the failings of others, will we be the generation that breaks the chains of oppression of self and others through profound wisdom and epiphanies, or will we continue to meander through the foolishness of our fathers. The human being has great evil within yet the capacity for great good to over come the short comings of evil and selfish behavior, and therein rest the redemption of people everywhere. Make no mistake in that the Devil is a thing of our own making however our antichrist views are as real as day and that Heavenly eyes gaze upon us from lofty and hidden places, whom seek not our demise but to raise us up amongst the brightest stars in Heaven.

As unfortunate as the natural disasters are in the world that fuhrer saddens me to no end especially when I see the misery they cause good people everywhere, we can only pick up the pieces, rebuild and learn from what has taken place. When we look upon today’s disasters in that the seas roll back and rage against the shores and the moon and stars become confounded in their courses, this is but a mirror reflection of the chaos and storm within ourselves against doing what we know to be right. When we see the raging fires around us and the flood waters rise, then this represents the things that consume our good will in the world, and when the Earth quakes beneath our feet, then this should remind us that we are not alone, or the rock unto ourselves, but the guest in the world who's time is short and at the mercy of those things greater then ourselves.

When the winds blow our homes down to the ground, then we should give thought to the winds within us blowing away all that isn't meaningful and there of, keeping that which is. For these are messages of Spirit, Earth, Wind, Fire and Sea in the profound sense. And when we gaze upon the Stars and Planets in the midnight sky they should be reminding us of who we are, where were standing and what we should be doing in bettering not only ourselves, but offering assistance to the Earth and all its inhabited.



The Divine Tragedy

We've touched on this subject above, but I felt it important to elaborate further in the preceding article for the reasoning that many are deceived through this practice. I've been ask by several people down through the years one question in particular in that how would a person distinguish evil from good, or righteous actions fro that which is evil and my explanation is as follows in the forthcoming paragraphs. It's a really simple rule that applies to everything in life that says: ( Harm No One unjustifiably Via Personal Thoughts, Words or Actions) and only promote those things that are good for all of us in a fair and mutual way. Yes, we all have people we don't like in this world as a result of a transgression against us or misunderstanding, but no one can go through the world un-scaved from some kind of conflict, we would be human if we didn't have something going on in other words.

Of course, if you believe in the power of prayer and that Divinity is around you then, your always free to take up this matter in the highest court in the Universe not leaving out, putting it before the courts of man so that justice may be rendered in the Earthly kingdoms. For some reason, evil always attempts to falsely emulate the good, or takes refuge in the kindness of others to launch their evil feats from behind in a effort to harm other innocent folks. Really, the evil of a person will stop at nothing to obtain a dark goal be it hiding behind religion, false friendship or a anonymous name on a scam site some place. Fortunately, evil is, by its very nature the brute ignorance coming from a typically uneducated individual that's easily thwarted by truth and righteous actions over all. Why is this? Simply because evil thrives on its own deception and the ignorance of others to further its goals and thus, when you shed the light of truth and fairness on who evil is and what their about, evil and ignorance flee back to the cesspool in which it crawled out of, as the historical record shows.

The Divine comedy is all about the blame game and the evil idiots amongst us in society that use it as a primary tool against us. Oh jeez, that song spoke and told me to kill myself or another, I think it was God speaking to me. Hey, I read this book and God told me it's ok to cheat on you, or that I'm stealing that money out of the company till because God wants me to feed the hungry with it, to buy myself a nice pair of shoes and then to take a nice expensive vacation etc. Damn here's one, Jesus commanded me to go out and shoot several people and that I would be doing him, and the world a favor, hee hee hee. Hey, “I'm on a mission from God just like the Blues Brothers. Ah yes,  says the low life creep pedophile, “I'm going to vent my pedophile tendency’s and commit pedophilia against innocent children”. “Why? because God told me, I could have a number of twelve year old for my divine brides”.

Yes, the Divine Comedy is really the Divine Tragedy that's made it to number one on the world list of greatest hits by bull shit records. And to the Islamic extremist, Remember the ancient order of the Knights Templar and how they drove your armies back to the sea? as you were the aggressors after all. And then how their own King turned against, and executed every one of them after it was all said and done? What did God have to do with this and wasn't this a war of ideology? Yet, mass murder was carried out in the names of God on both sides, was it not? And loe do I see the Muslim extremist reading verses upon verses from the Koran in the morning, noon and evening that warns him 20 or so times (that to kill a innocent  is a one way ticket to Hell). Yet, the extremist ignores these passages and kills the innocent by the thousands in the market place and then claims, God has commanded me to kill the  Infidel, and that the Infidel brought this upon himself.

It is better that when foreign armies and governments transgress against you to take it to the world stage so that they may be judged by the world instead of highjacking passenger jets full of innocent people to drive into buildings full of even more innocent people. I wonder what Allah thinks about the slaughter of the innocent Islamic man of  war? And what of the Crusader, will God forgive you for your sins? And the children you've killed accidentally and purposely along the way? and the lives you've placed into ruin in the names of freedom and God. I wonder and fear for the judgment you draw as well those in the high command. It's never to late to stop the madness, fools. To do otherwise will just confirm to the world that you are nothing more then cold blooded killers and war dogs at best as your very own doctrines don't condone your evil acts against one another, or to the innocent.

And yes, to you Gaddafi whom thinks himself a King but merely the branch of war lords residing in the vast desert expanses, whom can only be likened to the once King of Babylon who built his empire upon a shaky tower and whose pride cast him from his own grave after a fall from grace. Yes, your portion will be that of destruction and your people will despise you and strike your name from every wall and book, for you are a contempt against God and man. And how will you answer your God hanging at the end of a rope for the murder of the innocent little ones? And the innocent mothers, your soldiers freely raped in the homes they burned. Tell me, in that day, will you in your last words proclaim that God is great as Saddam did? Or will you meet your end as Ben Laden  and thereof lack the time for penance unto Divinity.  It is to no matter, in that you are a King by blood or a self-proclaimed King over the lands as the wickedness of any King shall surely bring them to nod in the end, and their names are cursed by the very people they've oppressed.

Just another player in the divine tragedy proclaiming their evil deeds under the guise of righteousness and in the name of God and it is here, that we find the Satan dwelling in the hearts of men. And to the fictitious man of the cloth whom lived in decadence within a empires of gold and silver whom further, molest the little child of faith under the grand steeples of God, do you not fear the God of Heaven portrayed upon your stained glassed windows? For wasn't it the prophecy told of the seven Churches spoken of in the book of Revelation? The seven headed beast, The Harlot drunken off the blood of Saints, whom was brought down in the end for its wickedness against the world. To hide evil is to make you a part of that evil and so, what say Constantine of the new Rome of this treachery? Perhaps nothing, for this evil has been a long standing tradition from that ancient time to this day.

And tell me, would the Christ of the Muslim, Jew and Gentile condone this sin of the flesh against the flesh, I think not. And what of the penalty for such sedition against the living word of Divinity. Again, “It is better for you to tie a mill stone around your necks and cast yourselves into the sea rather then harm the least of us”. And the divine tragedy goes on and on throughout the ages to never stop until the world is cleansed of its atrocities against the spirit. And to the government that speaks peace by day and commits acts of war, treachery and wickedness in the shadows against other nations under the names of peace and the Christ, for Armageddon is your portion in this life and the revilement is at hand for all the war dogs and men of old renown, for who can stand against the truth or the wrath of the living God?

Remember, in that day there will be cowards raising up to fight the oppressor and the great seasoned Generals of the world will tremble within the mountains saying: “ Heaven, who will save us from our own making”. Father turns against Mother and she against son, and he against sister, for humanity will be confounded and begging for death to take them, but death will flee, and there will be no relief. And the children of discipline will turn upon their parents in rebel causes and domestic pets will rage against their masters and moreover, plagues, famines and other beastly things shall be released from the Earth with the sounding of a trumpet and the spilling of a bowl into the sea, and a third of that in the sea and Earth will be no more.  Does this all sound familiar to you? If not, turn on the news and take a good look around you because these things are evident now. These are things that humanity has brought unto itself through its incoherency of cause verses effect, a history repeating itself as it were, and who will save us from ourselves.

Yes, the Four Horseman ride today, and who will deny this fact? The demons of plague and disaster reek havoc on both the good with the bad alike with the coming of floods, earthquakes and new diseases trenched up from the depths of the once vast forest. It's said that sometimes retribution makes no distinction between the righteous and wicked. Can you remember back to such a time in history that the Earth was so confounded in its ways? I can't and yet, I believe that it can be stooped even in this darkest hour. The divine tragedy doesn't have to be and nether do the ramifications that it brings along with it. Tell me, what do you think about it all?

The Book Of Life, The Eternal Word

As the book of Genesis attempts to yield a point of human origin and ranking and so, is it with the book of Revelation, in that it attempts to save us from ourselves by parroting history back to us as a race. This text is a consortium of human actions or endeavors and the repercussions of those actions written down by those of a divine origin be they of a psychical or spiritual in nature, whom in turn passed these wisdom’s of the ages to the ancient scribes and Prophets that more so have left us their teachings  and or legacies today. Often times I've heard that life doesn't have a blueprint or hand book to follow however, I disagree with this statement as all one has to do is read any holy text to discern these truths. Discernment is the key word here as most of us knows what sounds right and what doesn't. The only problem that we have is in distinguishing fact from fiction and the ability to remove ancient prejudices as we move along through the text in that we either try to put words into the mouths of the scribes and Prophets, or we take a quite literal a distorted view of what they didn't say, or something that was added latter that doesn't make sense to anyone.

I think we also dissect a statement to its finite level in discerning its meaning at times rather then just accepting it for what it says. Of course this is in regards to a credible passage or topic that hasn't been tampered with by ancient Authors after the fact. In short, if it works in society without harming others then it's a possibly good wisdom, if it harms then it belongs to the ancient society and not to the present day civilized world. Some ancient societal laws or codes are acceptable while others are not appropriate for our age, especially when it comes to governing a people, and the same is true with any kind of spiritual ritual or rite as we all know. Truths are eternal because they are, what they are by there very essence and that's why they last forever or transcend from one generation to the next.  If we could only keep the truths of scripture while getting rid of all the trash what a nice place the world would be.


 Religious Sacrifice

 First we started out with a little grain, a goat, and then graduated to throwing our first born into a volcano or under the sacrificial blade upon the altar some place. Thank God, human sacrifice was done away with via the new agreement and or, the New Testament in Messianic Judaism and Christianity any way. But there again, what better way to serve a  purpose with the enemies of a tribe when you couldn't sell them back to the other side or they were to wounded to do any slave labor for you. The train of thought back then was “ Hey, lets give them to the Gods as a blood offering” so that our crops grow, or that the winter is mild and lastly so we don't have to feed them...Hey, and what do yeah know, another evil performed in the name of Divinity as so many other things often times were in those days of old. Well, it's gotten better in these days and we aren’t so blood thirsty however, we still carry our share of this type of business in some remote parts of the world. I've researched and practiced magical ritual for for 33 years and yes, there's some alchemical validity to incorporating Ones own blood into a ritual, but never have I sacrificed so much as a cricket into a rite yet all that I had ask for was granted over the years.

Ok, I was in on offing a chicken one time and the results were inconclusive to nothing when this animal was involved. Also, I got the distinct feeling that this action wasn't received well via the spiritual forces around at that time. I would surmise that both the priest of old and some of the modern priest of today just don't seem to have a good grasp on what is really ask of us to sacrifice via the Force Of Creation. Another way of putting it, One Righteous person is worth a hundred Virgins or prize bulls sacrificed for whatever reason.

And this is why one righteous person can battle off and win against a evil horde of idiots lol, The sacrifice that should be made of man to Heavenly forces should be in the sacrifice of Ones own evil ways. Rivers of blood and flesh burnt to ash will never open a persons mind up to Heavenly wisdom’s no more the Treasures of gold, silver and the rarest of jewels will save a man from divine judgment or eventual courtly justice here in this life. Jesus said: “For what good is it for a man to gain the whole of the world but lose his eternal soul?" For what is the greatest sacrifice that a person can give unto Divinity? Would it be the sacrificing of Ones own life in a fleeting cause, or the over coming of evil within Ones self and further, Would a person be deemed more righteous in the eyes of Heaven to lead a life of poverty, or to use the wealth that he has been blessed with to alleviate the worlds misery while teaching the word.

Is a righteous and holy man more worthy in Heavens eyes as he condemn the world, or hold his grace in teaching it the right ways of Heavenly law. Jesus said: “Let him who is without a trace of sin cast the first stone”. The height of mans ego and arrogance is to bestow Sainthood upon another man and how much worse is it to say as a man, I forgive you in Gods behalf. And who is man to say I am equal to God and the world must do as I say without discernment for God speaks to me directly. How can a person truly possess the spirit of Heaven within especially when their full of pride and arrogance? This is likened to the taste of wormwood, or stagnate river water being passed off as vintage wine, the words sound pleasant but the taste is poisons and bitter to the receiver of the drink. The topic of sacrifice has been miss-equated with the sacrifice spoken of by ancient teachers and thus, like everything else, it to has been shifted to external practices away from ones self such as the killing of animals, other humans and otherwise, in stead of where the sacrifice was originally met to come from, within the a persons self and not in taking your own life for whatever reason.

The gospel of Thomas found in the Apocrypha would be a good text to read to further extrapolate on this subject along with the other hidden sayings of Jesus etc. There's a great need for the right kinds of sacrifice in our lives as unless a person can empty out that which is outmoded then there can be no further psychical or spiritual growth. Real sacrifice can be painful at times especially when it comes to long held ways of doing things, reacting to your world around you, but necessarily just the same. Usually when we are called on to sacrifice anything internally it's normally for our own good be it a way that we think or act out towards others that serve no one. Very seldom does the Spiritual Divinity ask that we sacrifice something in the tangible more so then that which is emotional or behavioral in life however and sometimes, tangible things are removed from a life if that person has made that thing likened to a God etc. Charity is also considered an external sacrifice that makes the world a better place and so, the Universe does in fact reward unattached giving. After all, we are our brothers keepers and where one fails another should succeed in raising him up out of troubled times. I wonder the outcome should Cain had used temperance and wisdom when it came to his brother Abel?

Extremist And The Criminally Disturbed

How can we tell one from the other and should we really care? To me, a criminal deed, is a deed to destroy to no matter if the perpetrator is aware of it or not, simply because it has harmed another beyond repair. Just because a person is crazy doesn't mean that we turn them lose back out on to our streets. We don't set them free so they can continue to reek their havoc simply because he or she didn't recognize the differences between right or wrong before they took a gun a killed several people. If a unstable person doesn't have the ability to discern what is lawful and what isn't then what makes us think they should be a free cell walking amongst us in the first place.To permit this sort of unstable individual to wonder around unchecked is likened to knowingly jumping into a pool of hungry sharks with a gaping wound, the outcome can be similar in both situations as we all know.

The only way that we can stop this problem in America would be in that local communities establish a system of checks and balances concerning behavior of either a person or even group as it is at thus level of society do we catch the problems before they turn into parking lot incidences.In today's communities it's pretty much mind your own business and don't concern yourself with what the other guys doing but as you can see, this can result in fatalities. In essence, you you see your neighbors kid acting out in not only a strange but violent way then the alarm should be sounded to the parents at least. Like the old saying goes: “It takes the village” to raise a kid and not just the parents. You know, when I was a kid we couldn't do anything without it getting back to my parents, NOTHING. Why? Because all the neighbors had their eyes on whatever I was doing, to which was much.

For example, when I started smoking they knew about it, when I found my first little girl friend they knew about it, when I became sexually active they knew about it, Everything. Now, did I get into trouble as a kid? Sure I did but it was dealt with in a quick and efficient manor before it got out of hand. There was no such thing as skipping school for me and I was one of those kids that received a huge allowance to do anything I wanted with in fact, I get money for my birthday and holidays but then it was taken away and saved for me lol, bummer. The church, school and parents were a tight ringed system to which very little to nothing got by without detection and as a kid I hated it all. I hated it because it restricted my movements and ended up saving me from myself in many instances. True, the system of that day wasn't perfect by a long shot and kids were considered second class citizens or even property and yes, parents were given immunity against what we've come to know as child abuse but still, this system even with its imperfections was on the right track.

When parents become afraid to exercise perinatal authority as a result of restricting laws being passed because some parents lost control and seriously abuse their kids, then this is a problem indeed. When, parents try to be a friend and make their child equal to themselves, this is a problem waiting to happen. When the parent loses the ability to communicate with their child this is DISASTER as communication is the all important tool in which we use to govern our environments and so, without this tool between parent and child a gaping hole is left for all the negative things of the world to press their ways into a child’s mind. Children are the sponges of the community and will soak up anything good or bad as we all know yet, when we take away the firm but positive input of the parent for whatever reason then all the child is left with would be the garbage left in his environment.

All it takes is a child whom is seeking acceptance and cause to trip upon some idiot preaching hate and deception on the Internet to get things off to a bad start. Young males are the worst in that their all a bunch of miniature Rambo’s to start with, who seek to be the Sniper behind enemy lines, The protector against Darth Vader, The Leroy Brown of their neighborhoods. So, in young men we have violent tendencies to start  and no real way for them to vent this bundle of energy and worse, a mind that's filled with the fantasies of what could be along with pent up feelings of feeling like a freak that no one wants to talk to and or, no one wants to pick for the team or date. Young men are usually introverted, shy and their confidence is shot from day one no matter the fasod they put fourth. Most young guys aren't real good in scholastic endeavors, have inferiority complexes and a great need to establish dominance, or a place of valor within society.

I could go on and on here but we won't because everyone all ready knows this about the young men in which I speak, Is it any wonder why some of our sons grow  to be misguided Vigilantism? To have a good environment to grow up in as a kid doesn't always necessarily assure a balanced adult as in the case of Jesse James or William H. Bonnie AKA Billy the kid, but it certainly helps. When our children lack the proper supervision, training, constructive goals, discipline and communication skills they grow up into the product of the world to which is a nasty place instead of the Doctor, Teacher or Attorney we hoped they would grow up to be. When children under go such a upbringing and grow into adults their nothing more then adults with distorted views with violent tendencies that still want to make their mark in the world. Many times children will redirect their energy into positive and some times not in that they just rather make a negative mark on the world through acting out through their rage.

So in essence, we all hope the best for every kid in America and we all want to see them succeed however this just isn't going to happen in every case. Children go through the Monkey stage growing up and we all think this is cute but, when they turn twenty plus, this same monkey stage of stunted growth can be deadly for the rest of us chickens out here.The sad thing about it is, in that these young adults are so damaged by this stage of the game that rehabilitation, or societal reconditioning simply doesn't work for some nor does it ever make them trust worthy to live within society ever again. And I would surmise that those on the parole board or the psychological Counselors that might release this personality back out into society would want this person living next to them or playing with their kids etc. The Vigilantism we see today is a Frequent problem as you can set you watch by it in that every two to three months we see a multiple murder being committed by one of these bad apples. All out there killing people because God told them to or perhaps they didn't like someone's show, or possibly a person's political stand on a issue etc.


Grenade, Grenade, Grenade – Fire In The Hole

There's a lot of things going on in the world today and much for children and adults to deal with that cause additional pressures, like I need to tell all of you that. However, with the child it's even worse in that not only do lack communication skills but have to suffer bullying in the schools, sexuality issues and let's not leave out the acceptance problem just to name a few. I think it's awesome for a kid to feel comfortable in their own sexuality or sexual preference but prudence is called for in this self-expression in the public domain as all will not be as open minded about this topic especially if their homophobic in nature. Again, I blame this intolerance on false Biblical teachings that also state that you should put your spouse to death for cheating in a relationship, these teachings aren’t acceptable for this age and Divinity judges all without the help of anyone of us. In the same sex relationship or gay preference I would say that Divinity is perfect in every way and further incapable of oversights, or in making mistakes in any aspect of creation.

Yet, and like anything else, I don't believe any religion, faith or lifestyle should be forced on anyone, or that others should be made uncomfortable or harmed as the result of another's belief or way of life. Recently, their was a tragedy that had taken place in a school in where a gay child was shot in the back of the head by a heterosexual school mate and thus, my question is, where were the school administrators and parents? But aside from this negative and fatal occurrences it's things such as this that not only scare kids for life but builds feelings of rage within. In my opinion, sexual behavior gay, or otherwise shouldn't be permuted in the school place nor should a kid be allowed in wearing their paints down around ones ankles. Basically, school is not the place to date or exhibit clothing styles and most assuredly, not an area to  to beat up and kill people because they make you unconformable. In any event and moving on, I will just say that this incident like many others are the direct result of communications between the parents and school that resulted in the death of a boy attempting to find his place in society. 

I've brought this story up for a reason in that the boy that committed the cold blooded crime, and that they tried as an adult and moreover, are thinking about releasing  is the perfect example of a future vigilante occurring before our eyes. Firstly, this kid appears to have extreme phobias of other lifestyles with a obvious violent and deadly tendencies against whatever he perceives to be a threat, he's smart, quiet, sneaky and deadly all at the same time, The perfect child killer. Now, when and if they let this damaged teenager out of jail will be be surprised when he shows up at a political rally and opens up on everyone with a automatic weapon? Why would they even consider letting this person out of jail given the crime committed, They shouldn't.

I would take a guess that if this perpetrator history was explored we would find so psychical or emotional abuse, or perhaps exposure to extreme views concerning sexual gender issues or lifestyle. The young perpetrator is a boy of roughly fourteen who premeditedly acquired a gun, went to school, raised the gun to the back of another boy, pulled the trigger and shot the other kid in the back of the head in front of his teacher and classmates, dropped the gun and walked out of the classroom. Ok, what part of this doesn't the legal system understand? I mean, the tried him as an adult for a capital crime yet, their thinking about releasing him back out into society or trying him in a juvenile court? To pretty much is the same thing as setting him free. This type of thing doesn't reflect well on us as a society, doesn't it?

It doesn't matter if the shooter felt embarrassed or that he felt transgressed against, it doesn't matter what his opinion was in what was going on between him and the other kid, it doesn't matter what his religious views were, or what type of reputation management he was attempting to institute because nothing in that setting requires deadly force, period. No matter how sorry the shooter might be or his age, he willingly and freely killed another human being as the end result. It doesn't matter the abuse he might have suffered in school or at home, another person life was snuffed out in the fraction of a second and hence, the sudden death of another in the final result. What doesn't society and the legal system understand about this? And further, what's going to stop this killer from doing this again on a larger scale? Do you think that if we explain to him that what he did was wrong it will help LOL I think that he might just smile and walk away thinking he got away with murder and that it's no big deal. Has life really become so cheap and should we just consider our society still living back in the wild, wild west where anything goes. I don't know about that because even back in the 1800's they still used the gallows for outlaws such as this and didn't waste much time in protecting themselves from criminals that started trouble for the towns people.


The Sifting Cup

Imagine the world and life itself as a Hugh sifting cup filled with flower and moreover the flower within representing all of us. Let's further go on to imagine that the violent shaking of the sifting cup represents the anarchy that we experience in the world to which in the end separates the powder from the chunks, the gate way to that which is beneficial and the wall that stops that which is detrimental. Only the persons that hold the wisdom’s to life are allowed to pass and those whom don't hold these wisdom’s are held in place, in a perpetual state of limbo if necessary by the very laws of life and human growth and so, the key is learning from the past mistakes of self and others. Life is the great challenge that last but for a short time, full of confusion, lies and misrepresentations that must be discerned correctly and effectively in order to navigate on through it. It's really not as hard to do especially when we take the time to look back over the great teacher known as history. If we were a people dwelling in the first century then I could understand the handicap being ignorance but in all honesty, were not our Ancestors and we should know better.  It's not like we don't have a clue or guide book in how to handle a problem or two because we do in fact have the answers to about every conceivable issue that confronts humanity.

In essence, we have the Philosophers to guide us, the Prophets to warn us and the Divine Teachers to teach us those mysteries that still baffle us and all we have to do is assimilate it all to gather to make sense of these wisdom’s. Past the dogma and the negative, harmful and tainted teachings of the holy doctrines much good can be found in these wonderful text in that they can lead us all out of harms way yet, One must pay attention and weigh every letter of what is written before implementing it into your life. As the old saying goes “Power is knowledge and knowledge is power.” The keys to our happiness ans survival rest in this knowledge that has be left to us, and the knowledge we acquire past that in what works and what doesn't. Through history and the knowledge yielded thereof must we learn to crawl, walk, run and then learn how to fly as a species. On the other hand, to remain resistant or ignorant to the truths of the past not only stunts our growth, but dooms us to a future of repeating our same mistakes over and over again until every culture on Earth simply implodes in on itself.

So you see, we all have the answers and there's really no reason to remain in this state of affairs that we see going on around us on a daily basis, is there? In the final analogy, we can accept what is real or parish living under a false sense of security. It all starts with the singular journey and how One perceives the world around them because, unless you understand your own world and your part in it, then how can you begone to understand others to any degree and hence “ Know thy self” and you will understand the over all fabric of the living creation. Can you imagine the ramifications and benefits to everyone doing a little Soul searching in their lives and really practices the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” thing? Understanding is a wonderful thing that gives us clarity and peace in our lives.People would understand their governments and President, and kings would understand their people, all would be on the same page moving off into the same positive direction in life. I for one, don't believe this to be a pleasant fiction but a realistic goal that can be accomplished with a little effort.  From this day forward, the world has absolutely no excuse in living likened to monkeys any longer, were just simply running out of time, agreed?  Time to put away childish ways and or endeavors on every level least we be caught sleeping when we should be alert.


Extra Terrestrials The X -Files

Ok, were hearing a lot these days about extra terrestrial sightings, mutilations, abductions, government coverups and other unexplainable activities that could be coming right out of the x-files so I thought I'd tackle this topic as well while throwing in my two cents, for what it's worth. As we've discussed in past articles outlining my theories concerning E.T the possibility that they may have been considered Angels, Demons, Dragons or even Gods and Goddesses by the ancient peoples of the world and moreover gave birth to not only mythology, fable and legend but the way many religions view spiritually today. In these same previous post, we've also explored the possible interactions of these outer worldly visitors and the contributions they've obviously made to ancient societies in the fields of aerodynamics, jet propulsion medicine and other forms of growth having to do with excelled technological achievement especially since there's large gaps in mans records of accomplishments etc.

One thing I've notice through the years is in that the human species is war like in nature as we war with each other and with our environment on a regular basis and further, pretend to have wars or assume the worst in forces we know nothing about such as Extra Terrestrial intelligence’s. We as a race assume that if we can't have control over something, someone or a race of higher beings they must be evil and out to get us in some way, this can be reflected in the fall in Heaven saga or mythology and in many other areas of mortal belief even though the probability is high in that this is not the case at all in many instances. It's the same old Ignorance, resistance to fact and fear surfacing again that has held us down as a race of people throughout the eons. Yes, it's possible that astral races may or may not have had conflict with each other in times past yet, if higher beings really wanted to exterminate us as a race one either side of an alleged conflict I think the could have done it quite easily. There have been times in ages past that humanity has been wiped out to a greater extent through disease and natural disasters however if Extra Terrestrials were behind these attempts to kill us off then how come they didn't finish the job? Would be my question.

To address my own question above I would say they didn't destroy us entirely for the sole reasoning that we are the great human endearment, a experiment that lead to high-bread human beings part human and part advanced being and there of, making some of us children of the stars.

I do believe that the human  experiment went terrible wrong in the past and that Elemental forces were manipulated via higher life forms against us as a race in order to systematically kill of the bad apples for whatever reason deemed. I also believe that this has been carried out at least three to four times simply because we keep reverting back to primitive and harmful ways towards all concerned. Given the history and or unexplained events that have taken place throughout our history in that the race of humans have suffered a induced phenomena of destruction, to which greatly cut back over all emotional growth and technical progression, and that out of the blue one day, we retain or acquire this technology back, would certainly indicate that the worthy of us are being re-taught the secrets of advanced civilization once again. Switching gears again, and moving back to the possible conflict between astral races this could have of course have been the origin of the war in Heaven quit laterally to ancient peoples viewing, or possible taking part in an event such as this.

It quite reasonable to conceive that any unknown force such as a astral race would have been considered Dragons or Demons especially when streams of fire were being directed or accidentally fired at ancient peoples.“ And the Arch-Angel Michael and his Angels battled with the Red Dragon or Satan and his Minions, and there was no place found for the fallen in Heaven any longer” etc, as can be read in the book of Revelation verbatim. This would certainly suggest that some sort of conflict had taken place in the air, a dog fight or air campaign if you will. However, some say that this passage has been tampered with around the fifteenth century and is thought to be a insert by William Shakespeare, yet it's a interesting passage all the same. Also, in earlier Christian text, it of the fall of Draco or the fall of the Dragon scooping up a third of Heavens stars on his way down to the earth. This in itself suggest that advanced beings, or ancient man was attempting to explain the interdiction of outer worldly beings landing upon Earths soil to which some were considered good and some evil depending on their interactions with ancient societies.

In essence, the whole war in Heaven makes better sense when you look at it with in the perspective of opposing, but psychical forces going at it in the ancient skies above, verses spiritual forces comprised of pure energy having a conflict within itself. Another interesting point I might add in addition to what has been mentioned above is in that most of the sightings from ancient times to present day have been of U.F.O's ascending into to the Heavens more then the distentions that have been reported by credible persons. This could be because these higher beings are of a inter-terrestrial nature, or subterranean dwellers within the Earth and sea and not so much surface dwellers. I also think this was a known fact of the Ancients and this only added to the demonizing of these exceptional beings. Beneath or down in dark and hot unknown places have always sparked the imagination of humanity. And let's not leave out the actual appearances of these higher beings aside from the deeds they carried out against human beings, to which may have been beneficial to us as a race but misunderstood on the flip side and thus considered evil.

I think down and dark was eventually associated with bad, evil and uncomfortable occurrences and up was considered good, light and beneficial to ancient man. It could have been the brass over head passing commands to the worker beings below and thus they caught the heat and were demonized as a result. And so, I would surmise that the whole concept of Heaven and its Angels along with Hell and it Demons was born. Also, given the technology of such higher beings it would be much of a jump to construe that these forces could have the ability to reflect a simple image or even to shape-shift into whatever image they wanted someone to see and thus, everything from a God like being to angels, demons and dragons. Moreover, this would explain why everyone has their own concept of what God actually looks like or behaves like in every deserve tradition and over all culture. When it all boils down and the smoke clears, it all leads back to the extra terrestrial being changing the course of history as we know it, changing our long held religious views via their intermittent intervention on whatever level.

Heavenly Bliss -Hellish Torment- The Weighing Of Souls

Since were weighing the possibilities and playing the “What If” Game,  what is these higher life forms otherwise known as Angels had the ability to capture a persons essence or Soul? If this were the case then they could either choose to neutralize that energy, biological electricity or retain it to do with as they would. They could place that essence either in a blissful or hellish environment to whatever degree or time frame. Perhaps they could even re-manifest it back into the flesh or clone that essence into another form, such as a Angel, Demon or Elemental force. Perhaps, they would have the ability to hold a given essence in a translucent state while existing in a parallel demolition here on the Earthly plane and there of, explaining the haunting phenomenon. I mean, if E.T. was capable if artificial insemination as is thought in the immaculate conception brought into play via the Arch-Angel Gahbrayalel, then how much of a jump would it be to surmise that these same beings held the same keys to eternal life.

And past the theory above, Why wouldn't these higher, or advanced beings send members of their ranks to us acting in the capacity of Angels of choice especially when it appears that their attempting to teach us the wonders of life in the psychical realms. We would otherwise know these celestial beings as Angels of choice, Watchers, Guardians or even Satan himself in offering us the chance to exercise our free wills to choose between wrong from right as can be seen occurring in the Garden East Of Eden. I believe that this race of astral beings still exist even in light of all the veg photographs and unprovable views of some conspiracy theorist regarding this topic. And more so, I still maintain that the governments of the world hold some knowledge concerning additional life on Earth however, I believe that the government is also being given more credit then is due as well on this given subject.

Roswell, Whitesands and a few other government installations should be forthright in yielding what they know concerning any progressing life form outside of our own yet, this might not be a realistic request of the part of any one since war technology may be compromised. If were going to speculate about the Heavens and Hell then why not entertain the other vast expanse of possibilities on the horizon as this is certainly not the time for dogma. If dogma of lifestyle and religion was so great and more so had the answers, then why are we in the mess were in today? The time has come to think outside of the box as our very survival depends on it. Science is a noble endeavor yet it to is lacking in conclusion of fact and thus it must remain open to all possibility no matter how outlandish a theory may be. Again, what was thought to be science fiction fifty years ago, or out right crazy thinking, is now fact. Just because you fail to discover and explain something on a microbial level, doesn't mean that it doesn't still exist.

Bringing Divinity's Life To A Dieing World

Jesus said: “Take that which your father has given you and weigh, discern it, learn from it and then, improve upon it”, this message in itself tells us that we must persist in solving the great mysteries between life, death, eternal life and everything in-between for the sake of this, and the generations to come. My only question left for me personally a matter of affiliation between these advance life forms and Divinity themselves, or the line between spiritual Divinity and that of the psychical manifestation of advanced life. What is the connection between these advanced beings and the spiritual realm, should their be any relationship at all. But one things for sure, there is a existential force at work in the world and that their closer to us then we think. More then this, these forces could be the ones whom fall into despair with us as a race while being the predominantly instrumental tool in taking us down a few notches in order to reset our thinking and ways of life.

And what would we do as a people do to cause, incur and proliferate such violent repercussions from  an advanced society as the one were hypothetically speaking in regards to. I all ready have a good idea of what pisses of the Universe on the whole however, I wonder what the final straw will be that broke the E. T’s back. And lastly, how do we know that aren’t the missing link whom evolved out of the primordial soup who went on to become the Masters of their Universe within the exception of being inhibited by U.V light or otherwise. How do we know that these beings haven't been here for millions of years that are moreover looking for a way to exist on the surface of the Earth through spices experimentation, we don't know and that is the sad fact to it all.

Perhaps their just trying to protect their world from the ravages of mankind as we are likened to ants that will not only intentionally take our own selves down but everything around us, and this has been proven over and over again as history reflects. And again, maybe they stay concealed because were a race that seeks to kill all that were afraid of to which is everything under the sun. Once more mans ignorance and fear of the unknown hinders us as a race, that typically leads us to war. Stop and think about it, whens the last time you viewed a movie where humans and other life forms coexisted together in a peaceful manner? And one more time, when's the last time you saw a movie in that E.T was attacking us and we out smarted and killed them as a result? Question: Would you want to chance a meeting with such a race. Hell, we can't even get past our own racial and cultural differences so what makes us think that were going to be able to accept another living creature that has evolved completely on the other side of the ball field from ourselves? Actually, for being a self-proclaimed intelligent race of the year 2011, were still living back in the dark ages in light of what I see going on in the world today.


Dark Matter -White Matter- Science & Divinity

Through our space probes, satellites and other in-depth experimentation carried out in space by NASA, we've established that space itself isn't a gravity free environment and that our space craft are being held up, or in place via something that we really can't explain outside of the principles of gravitational pull. We've loosely label this phenomenon “Dark Matter” in space and “White Matter” around us here on Earth in a effort to define what it actually is to us how ever veg this description might be. Actually what I'd like to see is a laboratory break this down a little further for us in determining exactly what “Dark Matter” actually is, or the components to it. For example: How many forms of matter exist within this area of research? And how do their atomic  compounds differ from each other, if at all. What is the function of these forms of matter other then following the gravitational principles and could this matter possible have consciences and directive relating to the Universe and possibly Earth much like the cells would react in the human body.

Could this “Dark or White Matter” be considered to have intelligence on a greater or lessor scale and how does it effect the human mind and body along with other living creatures and organisms both in space and on the Earth.  Please don't leave us hanging guys and finish what you started lol, I await your answers to these questions. You see, not everything that has consciences necessarily a has fleshly body mass, or a recognizable form over all and thus, I don't think we should be so quick to determine that something is just ignorant Brut elemental force just because it doesn't hold a conversation with us, or doesn't jump through the hoops when requested. Rocks are considered to be dead mass by most folks yet we know that rocks are full of life on a primordial scale, in fact some rocks are nothing but life existing on the life that existed before it and so, continuing the cycle of life over and over again even though life consistently appears to be absent within the mass structure.

Science has pretty much reduced the human body down to a pile of cells with a little water and some bio-electrical component as I've heard tell, and even went so far as to measure the weight mass of a particular individual at his request shortly before dieing to see if the body actually lost the weight of the spirit psychical death. I believe that this particular experiment generated some effect in that a couple of ounces was lost however in a similar experiment after this nothing was lost weight wise. So hypothetically speaking, how is it possible to weigh out on electrical energy? And would this be less then attempting to weigh out air mass? Even though we explore the finite world of cell structure were still lacking knowledge that in which we can't discern through a microscope or specimen slide. In short, nature will yield some of it secrets but not all of them such as what exist beyond the smallest cellular component, and so it is with the Universe.

I understand that some in science would love to find the divine spark and I think their on the verge of doing so however, many in the scientific community are giving up to soon, in my opinion. Or stopping short of making new discovers that will address many age old questions both Universally and within cellular research. Again, hypothetically speaking, I believe that if those in the scientific community expand their perspectives with the maintaining of a open mind, then other doorways will be opened up to us. For example: Looking for the consciences and directive within Universal, Elemental organic material especially with anything that generates electricity on one kind or another. I think the first thing that many need to realize is that all things are connected, a chain of life that's subjugated to the domino effect from the finite level on up to the master creations of Universal formation.

All things have a undefinable energy or life force and cycle of death and re-birth with a resounding need for self-preservation in-between and thus, where energy exist then chances are so does conscienceness and directive be it as brief as a rain storm or as long lasting as the development of a star or planet. When we call upon Divinity, what were doing in essence doing is calling on the forces of Creation itself, the spiritual or electrical foundation of the Universe and Earth that exist within all of us and in every living thing. Every living thing that ever was, is or will be in the Earth and Cosmos, the creation generator if you will and the living presence that resides over all living matter, even Extra Terrestrials in my opinion.