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The Green Man Sculpted By High Enchantress Jan Windglows

"Blood Magick History, Offerings, And God"

Written By Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll

High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows

In today’s society there seems to exist a lot of misconceptions born out of misinformation and or mistranslation concerning black magic, black magick, white magick and blood magick and so, a brief synopsis is called for to alleviate  the public concern about magical practice over all. This page will further yield a outline as to who we are and what this site is all about, so please be sure to read it before contacting us.

Our form of ritualistic spell casting and the blood magick used therein is by far the strongest black or white magical practice in the world. This advanced magical art predominately supersedes any and all other forms of  of spell casting that you may have heard of, or used in the past for many reasons as can be read below. 

The means of blood letting for offering isn't a new idea as this activity has been practiced by just about every known form of religion, or belief system all down through the ages and moreover, can be read about in the various doctrines as briefly mentioned in the following paragraphs on this page.

As an example, we already know from detailed history of the past of the ritualistic sacrificing of animals during the period of Druidism, or during the iron age being practiced by the Celts, or more specifically by the warrior Priest of ancient Ireland known as the Druids right on up to the beginning of the Old Testament and on throughout the ages.

To give you two such examples, this was carried out by King Solomon and his Magi or high priest whom commanded great numbers of demons with a five pointed ring given him by Gahbrayale ( the Archangel Gabrielle ) to build the temple of the Arch, as it is written. Animal sacrifice was also carried out by Able whom God chose as a befitting offering over Cain's offering of wheat, to which God found displeasure in and that moreover led Cain to killing Abel out of jealousy. 

The Druids were further known as "warrior priests", warring wizards, and in some instances, warrior Wizard Kings that actually sought peaceful resolution most of the time. That is, until they were pushed beyond their capacity of tolerance. Then it was pay back time through the elemental connection and magical skills that they solely possessed toward whomever happened to have been agitating or trespassing against them at the time.

The Pantheistic System And The Seven Coptic Churches

The Druid Priests operated on a pantheistic system of ancient Gods and Goddesses much like many of the ancient societies did at that time; for example, the Mayans, Toltecs, Aztecs, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans before the monotheistic era, or before the one God worship system was widely accepted and used throughout the old world kingdoms.

Even though we can see numerous similarities between the old ways of polytheism and what we know today as Judaism, there wasn't any love lost between old societal forms of paganism and Judaism to which clashed at its worst during the 1200 to 1500 time eras around the time of the Renaissance and plague periods throughout medieval Europe.  

It was also in this time that what we know to be as Islam arrived on the scene, long separated from Judaism unto itself a faith steeped in a quest for wisdom.  Islam not only clashed with Judaism from an old set of disagreements born after the exodus, but with Christianity due to ideological difference concerning the Christ, or Jesus the Christ being a mere Prophet and the actual son of a God amongst other issues on the table at the time. 

Even with the arrival of the New Testament, “the new way”, "the new covenant",  “the new agreement” between heaven and man, we can still find Jesus as being referenced as the sacrificial lamb whom sacrificed his blood for the sins of world, nailed to the Roman cross upon skull mountain, or Calvary hill was he chastised, persecuted, unfairly judged and put to death.

This event in Christianity is ironic and causes curiosity to me at the same time since the death of Jesus the savior was allegedly to make the transition out of the Old Testament to winch required blood offerings into the New Testament that didn't require the sacrificing of human or animal alike.

Yet, God sacrificed the innocent blood of His only begotten Son to make this transition between the Old and New Testaments as the last sacrifice of sacrifices etc. Some in the magical and theological communities accept this transition between the old and new covenants and some don't, or as in comparison to the Old Jews whom followed Moses and the Messianic Jews that accept the teachings of Jesus an saw him as the son of God.

Moreover and according to some, it's said that a choice few Angels in Heaven accepted humanity as a righteous creation and yet, others didn't. Actually, all Angels are of divinity, in our opinion and division doesn't exist. We believe it's Divinity Themselves who are more uncertain of humanities' disposition, and whom tend to doubt mans validity, or righteousness due to his repeated negative actions, and not so much Angels taking sides to the extent of falling from Heaven etc.

“Satan”.... The Myth 

Furthermore because we have taken on this mindset in that we concede that evil and war rest in the hearts of humanity and not in any spiritual aspect of Heaven, or it's Angels therein. Moreover, this is why we refuse to wage war on, or remove any part of the spiritual kingdom from our ritual activities. 

We believe that God is holy and true in all judgments and further, incapable of creating any Angel such as a "Satan", whom was capable in rebelling against itself. In other words, A perfect Divinity is incapable of making such a blunder as creating an Angel that could storm the gates of heaven, or be set loose upon a fragile race of human beings with the mentality of children.

Yet, we do believe that God / Divinity does have parts of Itself that we understand to be Angels of choice sent fourth such as the Serpent in the garden East of Eden, to allow we as human beings to exercise our abilities to make choice through our free will, be it a right decision or wrong, good or evil. 

We also understand that no Angel has power over a person least that individual give that Entity power over them by acting out on a given suggestion be it righteous or evil in nature. This ideology is derived from the teachings of the living Christ hence “ Satan, get behind me”, Jesus said. 

Which translates into  Adversary Angel who tempts me through my weaknesses whatever they shall be. I command you to leave and that my will power return so I can stay a tuned with Divinity's holy laws. Here's a nice link to read : or

Differences Between Ourselves And Ancient Societies

We've never have, and won't go to the extreme of the Ancients regarding any religious tradition or rite concerning either human or animal sacrifice, for the obvious reasons. Why? Simply because we don't believe in harming any living creature.

However, it does make sense to adhere to certain ancient principles and practices of personal blood letting for sacrificial offerings during our spell casting rites since this activity seems to be received well via the Spirits we work with on a daily basis, as the Spirits/Angels/High Angelic Host see our blood sacrifice simply as energy and spiritual currency.   "The Blood Is The Life."  

Life, energy, etc. that give spells form and energy to come alive and become manifest by the sheer power of Divinity/God.  This type of offering is directed to please God/Divinity, and to empower the spell which is very powerful high magick. Again, why? Because likened to other magical societies, we principally believe that sacrificing our own blood to Divinity is the ultimate sacrifice of our own life force, or that in which allows us to maintain life and existence upon the Earth. 

We also believe in the alchemical uses, or applications of blood in drawing certain planetary polarities to us for spell cause and effect, as there is a certain and perfect order that all comes together during an actual casting that flows and promotes the spell itself becoming an actual "living creation" and gift of the highest order unto God and or Divinity.  Certainly in the days of old in the Temple, it was all about giving a sacrifice that was pleasing or that God or Divinity received by the high priests of that day, "for behold God saw their sacrifices and God was well pleased" etc. as the Old Testament of the Bible explains about these particular types of sacrifices.  

Not only the life force of blood, but herbs and other high alchemical components are all brought into the spell ritual in order to bring our spells to the highest level that is possible in order to go above the earthly realms and be received by God, Divinity, The High Angelic Host.  Nothing is free in Heaven or Earth and in order to appease God or Divinity on High, certain gifts are required in exchange for granting a petition or petitions.  The ultimate gift?  The Life Force.   

If you are a scholar of the Bible, you will find that the Bible throughout the Old and New Testament describes gifts to The Divine, to God, to Divinity of sacrifices, rituals, and more all throughout the Old and New Testaments alike.  For example, read this book that describes God's specific ordained offerings, types of offerings, and days that were observed for certain and very specific types of offerings.

Leviticus 23:38 : These offerings are in addition to those for the LORD's Sabbaths and in addition to your gifts and whatever you have vowed and all the freewill offerings you give to the LORD.)  {“These are the feasts of the LORD, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, to offer an offering made by fire to the LORD, a burnt offering, and a meat offering, a sacrifice, and drink offerings, every thing on his day.”}

If you have an annotated reference bible with cross references and footnotes, look up blood offerings in both the Old and New Testament of the Bible and read the accounts.  I recommend utilizing the Strong's cross reference, as it is enlightening, and very descriptive, and brings scripture to life thus greatly enhancing one's deeper understanding concerning exactly what the scripture says, and you can use it to cross reference, dig deeper into the scripture, to glean deeper more meaningful answers.

You will be amazed, and it will bring you into an entirely new understanding of why we perform the type of magic that we do along with a few reasons why what we do and perform in any given spell ritual  is so powerful and effective.

You will also discover upon reading some of the Old Testament accounts about how God or Divinity smote the enemy/s  of God, and the enemy/s of God's people, "and He smote them" etc. for God is not mocked, nor will God suffer the enemy to "lord it" over Him or His people.  As the Holy Scripture states in Psalm 68:21 in Young's Literal translation,

"Only God doth smite The head of His enemies, The hairy crown/scalp  of a habitual walker in his guilt."  ( I would surmise that of course God or Divinity knows full well who has trespassed against Him, and that He doeth SMITE His enemies down to the ground .)   or as in Genesis 3:15 - "But God/Divinity shall BREAK the heads of His enemies." One reason I am pointing this out is because of the way that real magickal spells manifest by the Hand of God/Divinity in a person's own natural environment.  

Seldom will you find in old or new testament scripture where God/Divinity actually came down from The High Thrones Of Heaven to accomplish something but instead either sent an Angel or Angels to accomplish the task, or used a human in their own natural environment and simply orchestrated the entire manifestation by sheer Divine will.  Spells begin working in a person's mind, then grow into that person's natural environment beginning to produce evidence of actual spell manifestation.  

Notice in this particular scripture how “God/Divinity in the book of Judges chapter 11: vs. 21 how God/Divinity gave Sihon and all his men into Israel's hands, and they defeated them. Israel took over all the land of the Amorites who lived in that country......” { again, God/Divinity gave Sihon and all his men into Israel's hands, etc. God/Divinity used men to accomplish His plan, and or perfect will for that particular situation at that time. }

“But the LORD, the God of Israel, gave his people victory over King Sihon. So Israel took control of all the land of the Amorites, who lived in that region.”  ( The New Living Translation ) Again, take note of how the LORD, the God of Israel, gave Sihon and all his people into the hand of Israel, and they defeated them. So Israel took possession of all the land of the Amorites, who inhabited that country.  God used the Israelites to defeat the Amorites, a classic Old Testament story.

And in one of King David's accounts we find that God used King David to smite the Philistines......First Chronicles 14:11 states: “So David and his troops went up to Baal-perazim and defeated the Philistines there. "God did it!" David exclaimed. "He used me to burst through my enemies like a raging flood!" So they named that place Baal-perazim (which means "the Lord who bursts through").  

Divinity uses situations, people, influence, the mind, that is where magick starts and or begins; it is like the dividing of tiny cells in the womb when a pregnancy starts, then eventually it quickly gives birth to the actual result....which is living, breathing, and very real manifestation of the actual magickal spell.

Miracles and astounding accounts of this are found throughout Holy Scripture.  It is truly amazing and provides for we life long students of the Holy Scripture the perfect example and proof of how God/Divinity will work in any given situation, so there you have concerning the blood as the ultimate sacrificial offering, blood offerings are nothing unusual because they have been used for thousands of years.  

Most people today are not knowledgable concerning offerings to the High Thrones of Heaven, but keep in mind that unless a Priest or Priestess approaches the Throne of God/Divinity to ask a thing or things they should not approach empty handed so as not to disrespect or offend the Higher Powers/God/Divinity/The High Angelic Host.  

Of course much depended on what kind of offering was incorporated, as not all offerings require blood, but on the contrary, depending on the time of year, what was being petitioned, sometimes bread and herbs were offered, this is written throughout the Old Testaments and New Testaments alike.  God/Divinity being very specific in instruction as to what TYPE of offering was required for what purpose, for instance. 

There were drink offerings, grain offerings, herb offerings, this is where many are confused concerning why we offer blood in our spells, however keep in mind that we do not always offer only blood in our spells......but at times, and depending on the spell, will offer a single offering, or many offerings of very diverse components.   For an example of an offering that was not required to have a blood offering, allow me to illustrate this from the book of Numbers.

Numbers 6:15 : “And a basket of unleavened bread, cakes of fine flour mingled with oil, and unleavened wafers anointed with oil, and their meal-offering, and their drink-offerings.”  We find many in the church and or many of the fundamentalist groups that blame everything everyone does that they do not necessarily agree with on “the devil” or on “satan”.   

Perhaps God/Divinity would do more for humanity if humanity would educate themselves about what the scriptures really are telling us and allow people to take responsibility for what they are or are not doing instead of pointing the finger at some “demon” or “devil” or a “satan” that they have no idea of what they are or are not doing, as long as some devil out there takes the blame for the fall of the entire human race......

Man has a free will.....that God/Divinity gave and created, and along with that free will and choice comes responsibility and accountability.  Choose this day Whom you will serve. Yes, we all make mistakes, and that is when we need to stop making excuses and step up to the plate and lay our cards on the table.  God/Divinity will listen to us much more if we do and will be much quicker to move on our behalf if we have something that we ask for, or need.

Jesus Christ Himself stated “prove and test all spirits” moreover, please note here that defined in a more detailed definition along with cross references to show the statements of Christ, what proving means as demonstrated in this particular foot note we find a few meanings of the word prove:


proov (bachan, nacah; dokimazo, peirazo): Means (1) to test or try; (2) to establish, demonstrate; (3) to find by experience. It is for the most part in the first (original) sense that the word is found in Scripture. In the Old Testament it is most frequently the translation of nacah, primarily "to lift," hence, to weigh (Genesis 42:15, 16, etc.). God is said to "prove" His people, i.e. to test or try them for their good (Genesis 22:1 Exodus 15:25 Deuteronomy 8:16, etc.). The Psalmist prays that God may prove him (Psalm 26:2). The word is frequently rendered "tempt." See TEMPT. The word bachan, primarily "to try by heat," has a similar meaning (Psalm 17:3, the heart, like metal, purified from dross; compare Job 23:10 Psalm 7:9 Malachi 3:2, etc.).

 In the New Testament the word most frequently rendered "prove" (sometimes "try") is dokimazo (Luke 14:19 Romans 12:2 2 Corinthians 8:8, 22; 2 Corinthians 13:5 Ephesians 5:10 1 Thessalonians 5:21). Peirazo, "to tempt," "to prove," used in both a good and a bad sense, frequently translated "tempt" (which see), is rendered "prove" in John 6:6, "This he said to prove him." 
Both Greek words occur frequently in Apocrypha (Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus). the Revised Version (British and American) has "prove" for "tempt" (Genesis 22:1); for, "make" (Job 24:25 Galatians 2:18); for "manifest" (Ecclesiastes 3:18); for "examine" (1 Corinthians 11:28); for "try" (1 Corinthians 3:13 1 John 4:1), etc.

Here is a thought in introspect for you perhaps feel that mabie after all these thousands of years, and all that God/Divinity has given to the human race despite it's shortcomings, that God/Divinity may perhaps be growing tired of playing “church” and would like to see the people step up to the table, to His table, tell the truth, stop playing games, and be who God/Divinity created us all to be, and take that which Jesus Christ gave His life and spilled His precious blood for?  

Are we going to stand on the Truth of God/Divinity even if we are tried in the fires?  Or are we going to continue to make excuses, lie, and hide the truth or are we going to be real for a change?  What decision have you chosen to make?  Are you going to blame everything that happens in the world on a “satan” “demon” etc.?  Or are you going to be real, and stop excluding part of God/Divinity as He created The Divine from the beginning of the foundations of the world? 

Now that I have that out of the way, we shall go back to the discussion of the planetary rotations and types of offerings.  Metals that correspond with the planetary rotations we may be working with at the time, along with specific herbs and plants that correspond with that planet, that actually draw the very energies of that particular planet, for instance. As before stated, we believe that blood is a spiritual currency in which some aspects of the Spiritual kingdom requires in return for any favors that they might grant unto us for any reason.  

If you have ever combed through our web site, you will see on the Testamonial pages many, many stories and accounts from actual clients that have received their miracle from Divinity/God; some that have written as many as three testamonials, take some time to read that page and you will see how Divinity/God, the God of Israel, The God Of Abraham, Isaaic, and Jacob STILL to this very day, is still The Giver of Miracles.

We as a race are born into sin and thus, we believe that atonement for our sin is required first of all through the most humble offering of life force and penance for any sin we, or another might have committed.  The Holy Scripture in the New Testament states that "Jesus Christ cleansed the sins of the world with the power of His Blood" : John 1: vs. 7.  

Jesus also stated that we would go on to do greater works because He was going to The Father, so how much more should we as High Priest and Priestess strive to follow the precepts of Jesus Christ according to His will, and the Will of The Father? If I may expound on this for a moment, notice in the account of the disciples of Jesus receiving the Holy Spirit, Jesus said, " Ye shall go out as sheep among wolves, and those things that I do ye shall do and greater because I now go to my Father which is in Heaven."  In other words, this is Jesus stating that because of the spirit of God/Divinity within us, we shall do yet greater things.  

We know that sometimes the world as they see things do not always understand the higher things of the Gifts of The Spirit, which is one of the many reasons we decided to write this paper so we could give the people of God/Divinity a deeper understanding of how all the things of God/Divinity come together and work miracles for our clients through our spell castings.Consider this for a moment if you will.  It is such a miracle. While Jesus was on the earth, he healed the sick, raised the dead, and cast out devils, and so much more that was not even written in Scripture.  

The thousands of people thronged Jesus Christ and followed Him for days until the people grew weak and had nothing to eat or drink.  Jesus had pity upon the people and so wrought one of the most famous miracles in the Holy Bible.  

He fed the multitudes of people with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fishes and the thousands were full and satisfied of their hunger.  Jesus still gives out miracles every day.  Read the Testimonial page.  

All of the accounts there are from real people that have experienced first hand the miracle power of God/Divinity for themselves and wrote their story to attest to that fact so the world may know that God/Divinity is alive and the Spirit of God/Divinity still moves throughout the earth and upon the face of the waters, and in the depths of the ocean, the fire, the wind, and the earth.

And in that great Hallmark moment of faith Jesus announced to His disciples that they would go on to do yet even greater things because He was going to ascend to His Father.  So how much more greater things shall we do because of Divinity's/God's Power that lives within?  

( Hebrews 1:11 states, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not yet seen"  which tells us that Faith is an actual force in itself that causes us to see the by products and or the effects of our faith, which is the evidence and living power of sheer faith, which will move mountains. )  " If thou hast even the faith of a mustard seed, thou shalt say unto the mountain be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea, and it shall be done."  ( Mark 11: 23 )

We also believe that our personal offering of blood is in itself is  not enough, and that we as human beings must earnestly learn from our mistakes and over come our weaknesses and further, abstain from carrying out any other sinful acts in the future along with any sacrifice we might make to Divinity.

Likened to the Druids, we work with the Elementals found in nature along with every manner of walking, flying, swimming and crawling creature found within these elemental realms of Earth, Sky, Sea and Fiery depths. We further study the Universal stars, planets and constellations while observing the traveling course along with recognizing both mescalin and feminine aspects of divinity, or God and Goddess natures of Divinity much as can be seen in pantheistic practice or disciplines. We sometimes refer to them as Angels or Demons according to the light or dark cycles they might be in upon the times of conjuring.

All Of Creation Sings Glory To The Most High:
Jehovah Tetragrammaton

We discern that all facets of spiritual creation are under one unified, omnipotent and sovereign Force Of Creation unto Itself to which blends us into, and is drawn from the monotheistic One God head belief system such as the Coptic belief structure. 

Even though we may, or may not believe in every element of doctrine put fourth by the seven churches in that prescribed Coptic system, we still find great wisdom’s in these teachings. Even though we might not hold the same point of view, we look at this as more of an opinion or point of view on our parts rather then a blatant disagreement with any world view. 

We like to think of our particular belief system as being in line with the Gnostic Gospels that recognize all ancient wisdom’s and teachings geared for personal life empowerment. We further recognize all the teachings and wisdom’s originating via the many prophets including the Christ known as Jesus.

The message we teach is nothing new and can be found both in the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha, Judaism, Islam and other old world doctrines found in the Celtic, Roman, Egyptian, Persian, Babylonian, Greek and Chinese systems.

The Secular World And Magick 

We also draw off of, and incorporate other secular fields, or systems of practice such as philosophy, science, psychology, realism, logic, basic problem solving and common sense practices in working with our clients.  In essence, we are here to educate the world while magically achieving the common dreams for those whom wish to transcend the troubles of life through spiritual and practical means. 

We aren’t about “evil”, or what some may term as “evil”.  We  perform everything that we do in the names of Holy Creation and or God/Divinity, and that's a fact.  Even though we describe our spells as black or white magic, the truth is, that it is anything but black or evil in nature and more so, about bringing the masses back to Divinity through our spell criteria or process that we have developed down through the years.   

Magick is magic, a spell, a tool of prayer and further, it's only as good or evil as the intentions of the client or person casting the spell.  And so, if a spell caster or client has evil intent then it would do no good in asking Divinity for a evil deed least it not work, or doom that Soul to dark and horrible places both in this life and the after life.

Also, I'd thought we would touch on a couple of other topics that have been spurred on by urban legend.  Just because one practices prayer casting or magick, this in itself is not “evil” according to the Bible. Why? Because the holy doctrines state that anything that is asked for  in the name of God is not of the Devil.  Anything performed with righteous intent in Gods name isn't of the Devil / Satan / Evil.

Jesus only spoke of what he considered to be evil witchcraft’s and no more on the matter. Besides, spells can be seen given by Angels to both the commoner and prophets alike throughout the Christian Bible old and new. Not leaving out finding this same ritualistic activity in certain forms of Judaism and Islamic textual content.  We can also find where these same holy doctrines speak in regards to spirits but are moreover describing Extra Terrestrials and their craft, just as a added note.

You will also notice curses, love prayers and prosperity requests asked of Divinity in these holy texts as well should you decide to look them up. Another point that I'd like to make here is in that a person must discern that who are of the true Prophets of Divinity from that of the false prophets, once one has become proficient at this, only then will the enlightened ones see that all that is good leads back to the same place concerning the many holy doctrines found in the world. 

I am sure everyone has heard that we are in the latter days, according to the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures.  Even in the book of Revelations we notice that many things in the world are happening now right before our eyes; we see them televised on the news almost on a daily basis.

Therefore, false prophets are already out there, trying to confuse the people of Divinity/ God with their false teachings, and even using actual scripture in order to try to convince people that what they are saying is true.  Try all spirits, Jesus said, once again.  Test them.  The scripture speaks about trial by fire, the purging and cleansing of the all consuming fire.

However the scriptures also state that false prophets will have their end of destructions that they will bring upon themselves. 

2nd  Peter 2:1  “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them--bringing swift destruction on themselves. “

So this is great news, right?  We know there are many false prophets already here and taking matters into their own hands and that will greatly suffer and be punished with the wrath of God/Divinity for their attempts to mis lead the people of God / Divinity.   

Second Peter even describes the actual manner that false prophets will present themselves which is introducing destructive heresies, thus they will in turn bring unto themselves their own swift destruction as a result.   

Thinking about this reminds me of a moth that cannot stop hitting a hot lightbulb.  Even though the moth is getting tired and very hot hitting the light bulb, it simply cannot stop although it knows what is going to happen to it as a goes on and on....just like a lot of the false prophets go on and on....some know they are false prophets, however some do not know and actually believe the false prophet's lies.  

Think about this for a moment; the moth looks really cool going for that light, doesn't it?  Then after a while, the moth does not look so good's wings are torn, and it is befrazzled, and getting ready to be destroyed by the very thing it was so attracted to.

So the moth is going down.  All lit up and nowhere to go, except into that hot light bulb, and while taking as many other moths with it as possible.  Now there seems to be quite a few buzzing into the light right along with the original moth.  I do not know moth language, but am only using this as an example of how false prophets can decieve the innocent and what happens to them as a result. 

Matthew 18:6 says, “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me / God /Divinity to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.  

So a warning to false prophets: Did you know that it is biblical prophecy that false prophets are the forerunners for the Anti Christ?   So unless you have an asbestos suit on or know how to swim to the surface of the water with a millstone hung around your neck, you had better change your tune and quickly, lest you become part of the end time prophecies being fulfilled and are willing to become a by product of one of the Angels Of Choice sent by God / Divinity.

Because God/Divinity will not suffer the meeker ones who worship God to be allowed to fall by the way side at the hand of a false prophet attempting to lead them astray away from their true worship and service to the Most High God /Divinty.   Puts things into perspective, doesn't it, especially when we are already seeing a lot of this very same thing happen on the news.  Just turn on CNN and listen.  Some of the things you see and hear will outright shock you and tell you in no uncertain words that yes, we ARE in the end times.  That is NOW.

Explanation Of Typical  Religious Systems 

Let me firstly address this topic by saying that even though we address what we consider to be the God Head via calling this force by Jehovah Tetragrammaton, Allah, God or Divinity.  We also address the male and female parts of Divinity by using the pantheistic names of the God Pan Lucifer and Goddess Diana however, this in no way can be construed as Satanism, simply because it's not.

Lucifer was a Babylonian God of light and wisdom and Pan was added to this name as this was the first agreed upon Greek name given to Divinity once humanity left the realm of simple Elemental worship. Later, and through mistranslation, Lucifer was grouped in with the Serpent found in Genesis and then to the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar whom was prideful and arrogant in all his ways towards God, as you can read in the next paragraph following below. 

 "For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high" (Isaiah 14:13-14). 

You might like to visit this link to see the Church's invention of Satan and propaganda, or propagation the myth of Satan at:  

After this, we later we find the Devil and Satan in the New Testament to which was a old Jewish slang name used to describe the Roman tax collector to which met “Adversary and Accuser” whom the people hated very much. 

Of course, for theatrical purposes Pan was then taken out of context from being a God of fertility, music, and joy into being a red skinned Devil with horns and a pitch fork residing in Hell.  Hell is just a Hebrew word that means grave, hole, pit or place of darkness. 

On the other hand, the Goddess Diana was a Roman Goddess of grace, beauty and whom is referred to as the Huntress Goddess that moreover f aired better over time then the other Deities mentioned above. 

Of course we have other descending Angelic presences in our line up such as Mettatron, Sandalphon, Orifiel, Meechalel, Gahbrayalel, Dobbiel, Uriel, Tartarus, Rahfayalel, Manakel and Ariel who are also just as well known yet, their just not as controversial. 

Ok, now that I've blown away the whole “Satan” thing and put it back on us please check out this link of:   in which talks about the number of a man being 666 found In the New Testament, the Book of Revelation (13:17-18, Not belonging to any Angel but a man or race of men. Actually, there a debate amongst scholars currently due to new text found that equates the number of 666 into 616 to which deals with the un evolved human being.

I believe in facts and not myth or mistranslations, as you can see. Now, what does this have to do with our web sites of  and or ?  Everything, as we are going off of the FACTS of history, the real truth, and NOT fundamentalism or occultism distortion that you see on so many other sites via the Internet.

As I've stated before, we're realists that stay as close as we can to what seems logical and good for all of humanity and not just the few. We also reinforce our views and beliefs according to personal experience and scientific means or experimentation. We believe in personal responsibility and accountability in life and further feel that to blame everything wrong in our lives on someone else, or an alleged malevolent supper being called “Satan” is juvenile at best.  Ok, a bit about what we're not, and what we actually are in the preceding lines below.

We're not about mind control or large followings.  Not about power or notoriety, or making up things to fit our physical or spiritual needs more so, then spreading Divinity's Good News while giving you the viewer the empowerment to succeed in your life with spiritual fortitude and clarity of mind in over coming any situation that might be troubling you.

Even though this is a business that needs to take in revenue, we still answer to a higher power and it's not all about the money with us thus, we try to show all people the love, honesty and respect that they will hopefully show us.  We're not about the dark or anything counterproductive yet, we are about teaching the messages of life to a populace. 

Whom perhaps feel somewhat disenchanted in what they're being taught from our spiritual leaders.  As Jesus said “You will know them by the fruits of their labor” and “A good tree can not bear evil fruit no more then a evil tree can bear good fruit” and thus, know us by the fruits of our labor.

The Way, The Truth, And The Life Verses False Cults & Ideology

The way is through the truth and through truth leads to not only a happy but prosperous life, an eternal life as well according to just about every doctrine written by any hand of the Scribe and Prophet down throughout the ages. 

Truth about yourself, truth about others and truth about Divinity is what sets you free, in our opinion.  Knowing who you are and how to connect with others, yourself and Divinity is a key issue on this site that causes all spells to eventually work depending upon a persons acceptance of these truths.

This is the key to not only straightening your life out but in allowing you to connect and re-connect to a whole other Universe that you never knew existed, or forgot about because you were so caught up in this crazy mixed up and extremely confused misinformed world.

Yes, this is a spell site that works very hard in achieving your dreams for you through magical practice yet, it works just as hard in revealing certain personal truths to you that in turn allow us to move forward in life beyond our present ruts in such areas as love, finance, health or problem personalities around you. 

Truth can only be found through logic, free thinking and honesty with one's self hence, this is what we're all about. We're about breaking the dogma and getting you to think outside the box or, in a more realistic way concerning any issues that might be affecting you in life.

Again, this isn't about brain washing however, it is about you reconditioning your mind in looking at things with a common sense view instead of charging off into a given situation half-cocked with irrational behavior or mind-set. 

We're not about harvesting “follows” yet, we do seek to empower each and every one you in a effort to make ALL, the masters of their own destinies. How?  Through planning and emotional discipline. By positively thinking, speaking, and doing the right thing at the right time, to the right person.

We're not about amazing wealth or other forms of gain from our clients but we are interested in bettering their financial standing, health, emotional welfare and relationships with others moreover, over all quality of life through spell work and the philosophical, or free thought wisdom’s that we offer free of charge in our counseling program.

The Differences Between Occultism And Cults

Typically, when someone mentions, or speaks the word Occult or Occultism, usually connotations of “Satan” worship come to mind along with a bunch of people all clad in black cloaks dancing around a fire with a freshly laid virgin stretched out over the altar, lol. 

People envision the inverted pentagram with the Baphomet goat beast, hovering over the whole affair with his “satanic” wings spread wide in preparation to consume his newest victim.  To further instill this ill preconceived notion to the public, we often times see these scarey but fictional movies driving this concept of the occult home to us. 

Then of course there's the famous number of the Beast being 666 that we see in the horrible mistranslations of the Bible to deal with speaking in regards to a war and fall out of Heaven.

When the Occult is mentioned down at the local hang out, people start envisioning what they've seen on the news, or in the paper recently regarding some killer trying to vindicate his murderous deeds through some half baked religious practice.

Unfortunately, the killer's deeds doesn't stick with folks so much as the freshly painted pentagram on the wall behind him, and this is sad because the Pentagram is actually a talisman against evil and stands for life not death yet, many associate it with the dark and evil, or moreover with the Devil himself to which isn’t the case at all.

If the truth be known, there will always be some jack ass out there abusing religious symbolism while hiding behind religion to further their nasty deeds, and this applies to all religions or faith systems. 

The term “Occultic Science” vastly spans about every major and obscure faith system found in the world today as there's so many variations of religious practice. In other words, what might be mainstream to some might be considered Occultism to others and vice versa. Please read this link concerning the Occult at: 

Please read about Satanic Cults and ritual abuse at: 

Ok, now that cleared up the main differences between Satanic Cults and the Occcultic Sciences, let's move on to say that cults are often times misdirected and further, or typically ran one or more people in some cases whom have abandon all religious structure of one kind or another, within exception to their own. Most often, these are young adults following a older person out of a need to belong, or in feeling connected to some group that gives them the self-worth they crave. Most cults aren’t engaged in any real magical discipline and more or less make up their own rules as they move along. 

The Occultist, may be secretive in their ways and in sharing their knowledge but always seeks the higher Divine truth for all and further, is far more concerned about solving the Universal mysteries and not harming other folks with made up or false made made doctrines. Not only this, but most persons in the Occult can be seen following a long held religious structure going back at least six to ten thousand years having to do with Christianity, Islam or any of the other well known religious disciplines. 

Persons involved in the magical sciences are more likened to scientists, philosophers and theologians and not really concerned with dominating others, or having crazy sexual parties such as can be found in just about every make shift cult. Basically, Cults are formed by some ignorant idiot who happens to be good at swaying younger people to their way of thinking such as David Karesh or Jim Jones. These leaders were proficient in playing on the emotions of the needy and unsuspecting while secretly having a doomsday agenda all the while.

Concerning the fly by night Satanic Cults, these usually consist of very young people around fifteen years to twenty five years of age whom tend to be into the Goth scene predominately.  Most of these youngsters are perfectly harmless and are pretty much just looking to throw out a "Don't mess with me" persona and nothing more.

In fact, if you ask most of them about the actual religion of Satanism they would fall short in addressing your questions about their own proclaimed faith satisfactorily. Actually, real Satanism doesn’t condone the harming of anyone and moreover, and for the most part doesn't engage in ritualistic sacrificing of anything. If you would like to read up on modern day Satanism please visit this link of: . So, in essence the media, churches and false prophets or doomsday cultists have woven a pretty good web concerning the malevolent party boy “Satan”  that's out to get us all and take us all to Hell with him, or get inside someone and make that person throw up green pea soup all over a bunch of priests, LOL.  

Not only this, but have done a pretty good job in drawing everyone up in this web of conjecture and deceit should they differ in view. The truth is the truth and HUGE DIFFERENCES do exist between all spiritual pursuits, and that’s a fact. If you would like to read about Pentacles and Hexagrams, please visit this link of: and . In closing, thank you very much for taking time to read this.  We know it has been very enlightening to you, as it has been to us.

Magical Belief System

Unlike most fundamentalist systems of belief and worship, we don't believe in a Satan or any other form of malevolent supper being put fourth via doctrine and scripture by the seven churches. Why? Because the doctrine's simply fail to back up this belief with undisputed proof of such an Entity existence, and we simply don't believe that God would create a being that was capable of tormenting humanity beyond his power, or that could burn down the gates of heaven.

Most doctrines are filled with mistranslations and one sided opinions to which tend to contradict one anther before you even get through reading the first verse or page. Again, most doctrines are said to be divinely inspired and written however, this doesn't change the fact that these holy works are still written by the hand of man. Anything written and put out by man or woman can be corrupted and thus, may or may not be of Divinity and this is where sharp discernment in needed to separate the wheat from the chaff, or what was actually given to the Prophet and what a false Prophet has perpetuated and tried to pass of as divine truth. 

We believe in a spiritual kingdom that is perfect inwardly and outwardly, an omnipotent force of creation with conscience and positive directive with self-preservation in mind for all in the realm of creation both tangible and intangible, Universally and Earthly.

We believe that evil rest solely in the hearts of men and that Heaven knows nothing of war and treachery like that of humanity and moreover, that all spiritual aspects of what is known as Angel, Demon, Dragon, Gods or Goddesses are on bended knees to this spiritual kingdom. We move on in stating that there exist aspects of the spiritual kingdom known as Angels of choice that is moreover, acting in the capacity of earthly teachers under Divinities sovereign rule yet, their goal is to test and offer choices to the human spirit for reasons of humanity exorcising its ability to practice free will and make choices at will be they right or wrong.

Further, we believe that Heaven has many halls, creatures and beings in the ranking of creation including but not limited to Extra Terrestrial’s and other evolved life forms that were not aware of at present hence, we don't believe that man is the highest creation upon the earth no more then we believe that all the planets in our solar system revolve around the Earth, or that the Earth is flat.We also believe that every spiritual teacher sent by Divinity such as Mohammad, Buddha, Moses, Jesus the Christ and others have much to offer in their teachings concerning spiritual growth yet, One must take care in discerning what is of the Prophets of Divinity and that of the false prophet worked into the doctrine over the eons by corrupt men. 

As the rule of thumb goes, a person discern's evil from that which is good and true via this measure, (1): to be sincere in your prayer request with righteous intent to Divinity (2): and to psychically or emotionally harm none including yourself.  Anything outside of this principle is construed as wicked and it will draw Divine judgment known as karmic lesson. In short, if you walk in Gods / Divinities ways of righteousness then love and finance will find you and your enemies will be made to lay at your feet for all time. Even though this belief system draws off of many different faith systems via taking that which is good and consistent for human spiritual evolution you will primary see us conveying the teachings of Jesus most of the time.

 This is a prevalent tendency because this particular doctrine seems to be more widely excepted and understood amongst those of a European decent however, other truths that seem to be absent from this particular doctrine of Christianity are taught when needed such as the teachings from Judaism and Islam etc. Judaism being the first leading to Islam and then Christianity was the recondition of Divinity first noted past the pantheistic, Olympian and other neo-peganistic faith structures.  Again, what is good for quality of life and spiritual evolution has been pulled and incorporated into our faith system along with what we hold as our own spiritual truths. 

Our faith system also draws off of other faith systems in that we've found these systems to be both consistent and beneficial to the human condition and similar to our own beliefs concerning Divinity and its connection to humanity. We are a non-judgmental site and welcome all no matter the walk of life or religious preference your from. We believe that the Atheist, Satanist, Hindu, Witch, Muslim and Christian etc all have something valid to contribute to the world and to our own personal knowledge and thus, we belong to Divinity and no other particular denomination. In short, we can learn from you and you can possibly learn something from us. 

Lastly, we are not here to be tormented, abused or taunted in any way, shape or form and thus, even though we are spiritual people we understand that we live in a wicked world and will act accordingly. In other words, we will honor and respect you as much as you will bestow these same positive attributes back unto us.

System Of Magical Practice

As was mentioned above, this site DOESN'T condone anything that is evil or anti-productive and more so, not about harming others as we here in the capacity to spread the good news of Divine truth and to teach and empower those who come to us in their lives through philosophy, science, theology and magical practice. 

We cast spells, or otherwise known as prayers in the names of peace, love and over all justice for a persons situation and then further, guide them on through a time tested and proven spiritual spell criteria to ensure the best spell results for their life wish or crisis. Please ask about the spell criteria when contacting us along with any other questions or concerns you might have at the time. Again, all spell casting operations are performed in the names of  Divinity and thus, it is Divinity that either grants or rejects a persons spell request, and that we in ourselves can't force something to occur for either others or ourselves. 

It is through following the spell criteria and our additional guidance that increase a Clients best chances for spell success, or over all best quality of life and resolution of a particular situation. In essence, the spell will work as hard as the person works with the spell criteria not to mention following and implementing our sound and common sense advice into their personal situations. 

The magical system in which we primarily use can be seen at the end of the Druadic period moving into the beginning of the Old Testament, or more specifically in the realms of Solomonic magick having to do with King Solomon and the temple of King Solomon to which is a form of ancient Judaism, or magical mysticism.

Druid’s were of a priestly class found in the Celtic traditions of Ireland and further occupying the British Isles during the iron age whom believed in both the male and female aspects of Divinity, or the God and Goddesses. More so that these same Gods and Goddesses manifested through Earthly Elementals such as Spirit, Earth, Wind and Fire.

They also believed in working with all of nature in its physical aspects along with making human sacrifices in their rituals, as many ancient religions did at that time in those particular regions of the world. However, we don't believe in human sacrifice for the obvious reasons, but we do believe in making a blood offerings that come solely from ourselves via controlled and sterile means such as extracting  a small sample of blood through IV needles. A special note here, ( We do not harm others or any other living creature) via this process of extracting blood for ritual purposes. 

Blood as you know has certain qualities to which have magical applications to it and thus, it is considered the life force in that allows us to exist and further, draws certain spiritual and Elemental aspects to us used in spell rituals. You can find blood letting in just about every faith system in the world at one point or another all down through the ages such as in the Old Testament leading up to the New Testament with the sacrificing of the lamb and or, Jesus the Christ that shed his blood for the sins of the world.. 

Concerning the Testament of King Solomon, we can also find blood letting here as well in that they routinely made animal sacrifices, unlike ourselves. They offered their first born and offered their enemies up to God, unlike ourselves. And in certain instance, God ask the one show their faith by offering up a son or daughter. Again, unlike us LOL. So, the use of blood as a offering is important to magical practice especially when following the old venue of magical practice, or spell casting. Of course we subscribe to other practices of the old traditions of magical arts such as doll craft, star craft, working with magical alphabets and angelic signatures along with practicing advanced archenemies and working with the planetary days and times regarding the type of work that were doing at the time.

We also work with mirror, candle and Elemental Hex and Pentacle magick while incorporating herbal magick into our spell charts and doll craft. We work with Tarot and stone castings along with the various tablets of union to ensure that a spell casting operation is as strong as it can be.With the combination of items and art presented here and the illustrated spell pictures on the sites, or what can be seen under the spell previews section of the site, you can see why this is the strongest magical art in the world. The invoking s and racks of God we use are based in, or found in the Old Testament along with utilizing other scriptural passages found both in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. We also utilize a very ancient form of spell writing in our master spells that can be directly linked to Biblical texts as well.

In essence, what your viewing on this site is one of the strongest and fastest acting magical systems in the world that's geared towards personal success without suffering any sort of karmic pay back. Why? as it's all performed in the name of God, otherwise affectionately named Divinity by ourselves.

There's nothing dark or evil about this process as it doesn't promote domination over another nor, does it condone harm to any of Gods children or creatures however, it does promote rational thought, common sense and acting out in a way that is beneficial to all involved.

It teaches Godly principles, to honor and be true to others and yourself, to obey and follow Heavens teachings while moving away from Earthly sin and toward Heavenly bliss. The site and magical practice therein is all about Divinity and not leaving out teaching everyone in how they can develop a better working relationship with Divinity, others around them and themselves. This particular spell process along with it philosophy, or ideology teaches the Client how to manifest their fondest wishes in life without ever paying for another spell or having to personally perform another spell for themselves. 

The term Black Magic has been given negative rap down through the years yet, magick is magic no matter how you spell it lol, as it is a spiritual gift and tool given of Divinity for all of humanity to use and benefit from. Of course, and like all things, some people will abuse and misuse it for evil purposes. Magick, or prayer casting is only as good or evil as the practitioner casting the spell, no more and no less.

There is no such thing as Satan but there does exist evil, treachery and war in the human heart and this is abstract from the glory of Divinity to which only wishes to see everything in creation mutually benefit from the wisdom it teaches to all that will hear the message. It is the human heart and the darkness within that keeps us from the light of holy grace, that keeps us blind to the divine truth, that destroys our lives one by one and little by little. It is the ignorance of humanities Satan that causes us to become our own worst enemies, the adversary and the liar that refuses to see and recognize the truth.

If you want to set yourself free and think for yourself then this is the place for you. If your one of the brave seekers that happen upon this site, then you owe it to yourself to come in and look around. If you are lost and trodden down by the worlds inconsiderate behavior, then take a gander at freedom through Divinities love and grace.

Evil can not exist in the midst of holy radiant light and thus, ignorance is blown away in the face of true wisdom and further, this message has been heard through raging wars and rumbling seas over ten thousand years so there must be something to it, one would reason. I hope this has put you to rest traveler in that you now know where you stand. If you cultivate your spiritual nature then all things in the world will be given to you without your asking for it. For it is through Divinity that all things are made possible for both the King and servant in the fields alike.

"The Magickal Marriage & Language Of Alchemy"

By Master Wizard  James R. Morgan ll

The Alchemical Marriage that has consistently been present between the Earth its sister planets in which encircle it throughout our solar system has had a inseparable bond that's existed since the dawning of time itself. Over the years we've been subjected to a numerous array of scientific explanations such as the Big Bang Theory, the implosions and explosions of stars and other planets, not to mention huge meteor showers blasting their way through the our atmospheric shield and thereof impacting with the earths surface, and thus giving us our lakes, rivers and oceans that we enjoy so much today. 
These theories, in my opinion are much more then just hypothesis made by theatrical dreamers, as the evidence of these events can be presently found every time One turns over a stone or activates their water tape for a drink of water around the home as many of these alchemical components from distant planets exist in that water your drinking, and can be found throughout the soil right in your back yard in the forms of mineral and metallic deposits, for example : mercury, lead, prosperous, storax along with other items that are routinely used in magical practice such as crystals and fossils etc.
Of course, all these mineral and metallic substances that make up the very earth in which we live can be found most any place you look, and thus it only stands to reason that all plant life growing on the earths surface would absorb traces of these hardened material deposits such as can be found in trees, grass and or other refined herbs likened to mugwort, basal, nightshade belladonna, foxgloves and dill. Practitioners of the art are more then just people running around writing prayers and casting spells in most instances as they are astrologer, numerologist, theologian, artist, scientist, alchemist and philosopher just to name a few areas of interest. These are the folks that combined the worlds of science, theology and technology in a attempt to explain their surroundings and bring a desired result into physical manifestation through the manipulation of primordial and astral energies, to draw a certain planetary influence to them, our to use another widely used terminology: drawing down the moon as it were. 
Of course, we don't actually believe that we can draw down a entire planet to us but we do concede that we can tape its energies. Through the alignment of planets and stars coupled with the use of certain herbs, stones and minerals, we can simulate what we believe to be a specific energy or electricity given off by a chosen planet, and thus hopefully draw and focus that planetary energy towards the specific and ultimate goal be it in drawing money, love or protection to us.
For instance, the Practitioner will use such metals as gold for the sun, and silver for invoking the planetary influence of the moon along with combining certain herbal content like oak, pine needles, cider, wormwood, mustered, honewort, laurel and rosemary depending on the purpose at hand. Now, what does all this have to do with magick, you ask ?.  I would say, that it has everything to do with magic, as these components be they herb, metallic or crystal in essence, are all natural material that goes on to possess a natural form or level of universal energy, and quite possibly a primordial consciences generated by its electricity and or bio-electricity that conjoins with energy found within each planet in our solar system.  
Magick is both the combination of scientific principals correlated with the spiritual and natural flows of living creation upon the earth, and or throughout the Cosmos in short.  To once again take it a step further, these various herbs, minerals, metallic substances and components have also be associated with not only the planets and the ancient Gods, Goddesses, Angels and Dragons, but also with the Astrological signs belonging to each planet under the zodiac as we know it today.
Again, for an example, let's look at Aries belonging to Mars and Scorpio to Pluto, Mars is considered to be the God and planetary influence of masculinity not to mention that of war, as Pluto is deemed to be the God of death and re-birth, verses Libra attribute to Venus that is recognized to the feminine Goddess influence, and Pisces attributes to the Moon and water, The Cycle of all that is fluid. 
To navigate these polarities correctly in a magical rite, One must research the exact times and rotations of these planetary orbits in their perspective months, days and hours via the calculations made through the established charts long observed by the Masters, moreover, along with calculating of the ascendants and descendents of these particular astrological signs found within the zodiac.
In the early part of humanity's history existed four major planets in which the Magician found himself working tightly within the confines of, however by the fifteenth century this expanded to the seven commonly known planets such as the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. The discovery and usage of the influences from Neptune, Uranus and Pluto came along much latter as magical and scientific technology advanced in the latter part of the seventh and eighteenth centuries. Yet,  Neptune, Uranus and Pluto came even latter in the astrological line up.
It was in this same instance or time period that Botany was vastly explored along with the further experimentation of other alchemical contributions concerning precious stones and other purposely mixed metallic combinations that seemed to work better in the way of drawing energies more so over their previous predecessors.
For instance, the combination of gold, silver and copper started to surface in the crafting of various talismans and amulets to be worn, or kept close in a persons environment to draw wealth or to offer protection from negative forces verses the laying out of these certain components side by side as was commonly performed in the ancient world to prevent the clouding of a specific alloy and or their energy out put. 
Such components as lead and sink are combine today with a side order of pouter or coal to make up a cursing disk that can be placed in the home or yard of a enemy, that is moreover engraved with the planet seals of mars and Pluto with the Angelic signatures, or names of the dark polarity invoked within these items to do harm to the given target of a spell. Such is the case in the usage or creation of amulets and talismans consisting of tin, iron, aluminum and steel concerning the purpose of spell ritual be it for the resolution of a problem in a negative or positive way. 
During a spell casting, various spell offerings are burnt along with certain soft alloys likened to gold or silver along with precious stones to make up a alchemical energy in a specified  time and hour of a  specific planet for whatever purpose at hand, this is done in the hopes of drawing that certain planetary influence into the Clients life. We refer to this as the first calling, The second calling consist of invoking of Divine names to purpose, or rite when the planets are the most closely aliened and in full strength to ensure a faster spell manifestation or result. 
The third calling is in the way of the blood offering to which comes directly from our own veins as this is the spiritual currency required for both light and dark Divinity to complete a task.  Even blood has its alchemical uses, as it consist of iron, prosperous, calcium, triglycerides, blood urea nitrogen, uric acid and glucose that makes up our life force, and thus mixes well with other natural components in a alchemically charged offered mixture.
So, in essence, Advanced Alchemy is used in conjunction with proven Divine conjurations along with the observance of Astrology and the Zodiac, and thus this results in a better polarity connection to a given planet or star for a specific spell goal. In short, you have the perfect marriage and divine language of magical communication.  This process can be taken further with the usage of Star craft, Doll craft, Alchemical symbols, Alchemical alphabets, Ancient alphabets, Angelic signatures, Angelic invoking and planetary signs and sigils to enhance this communication factor.
We believe that laying out a spell in this way not only assist us in compounding the natural energies that have always existed all around us, but further pin points our wishes or specific goals to a living Universe that not only hears, but is receptive to our magical goals. This living Universe or Source in which I speak is known by a numerous assortment of names throughout the world, along with the many concepts that the world and over all religion has regarding it currently. 
The alchemical use of specific items in a rite along with hex craft, doll craft etc are merely the building up of energies through maps and combinations of chemical in which we exhibit our magical goals to a natural and divine presence.  In essence, were attempting to work through the natural laws of Earth and its Universe to procreate cause and effect for positive purposes of change. 
Magick, is the use of divine communication through solid or vapor alchemical use coupled with other components such as dolls, charts, planetary and angelic signatures used in the capacity of maps, and thus conveying our wishes and or magical goals to a living, breathing Universe with a strong sense of direction and positive purpose.
We, being humanity are nothing more then a highbred species un-likened to every other living creature in the natural kingdom, however and again, unlike other creatures, we also have the spiritual fortitude to understand the Universal laws and principals of our world, and the free will to act out on them either in a good or bad way.  We have the known gift and capacity, to not only communicate with the natural world or wild kingdom, but with a spiritual realm that is quite capable of changing things in our lives given the right circumstances and commutative technique.

"What Constitutes Spiritualism?"

By Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll

What constitutes spiritualism,  or even religion in a ever growing society?  What causes the loss of spirituality and faith in a conformed society ? Why do some in society choose to include a diverse and unending form of Divinity into the daily unfolding of their lives while others choose not to ?.  

Some address this unseen, but largely evident spiritual force with such names as "Lady Luck", "the powers that be", "a rabbits foot", the lighting of a candle and the the Source and thus continue on to develop their perceived notions of Creator, God or Goddess. Let me first start off by saying that this would be a pretty dull and hopeless world without the presence of some form of Divinity, especially in light of all of its chaotic turmoil  going on in the world at present. 

I believe that One's perceptions of Divinity or spiritualism will in turn hold the keys to that persons spiritual longevity in short, I say this for the sole reasoning that what a individual has actually experienced, or is currently experiencing in life beyond the explanations of science will more so determine and subjugate that individuals personal conceptions of his or her faith, the world and over all Divinity in the long run.
Even though their is much to be gained from modern mainstream religions and ancient doctrines alike, one must realize that all the crafts of humanity including religion or faith system are fallible, corrupt and sometimes inaccurate at best, that moreover will tend to lead more of society astray and away from Divinity rather then bringing that same society back into a true form of worship, and or  a realistic concept of what the spiritual realm is all about in its many inseparable forms.
Worse, and as a result of these chaotic inconsistencies found in the mainstream religious practices it fails to yield the correct constitution of any form of spiritualism or religion by not recognizing the true make up of Divinity and how it interacts in our personal lives. The Buddhist, is in constant pursuit of self- realization and spiritual growth through the taking the middle road of enlightenment,  He tries to line himself up with the laws of the Universe concerning his daily actions towards self and others that he comes into contact with in life.
 He attempts to correct his bad behavior in a effort in becoming a beneficial force in life's creation and there of becoming a friend not only to himself but to Divinities creation as well. The Christian attempts to be Christ like in their daily actions towards self and others by adhering to the universal principles, these principles dictate that one should be a positive force in the world and not a detrimental factor that harms any part of life or creation as we know it, likened to the Buddhist through positive thought, speech and action.
The Islamic person of faith, like the others involved in the mentioned spiritual systems above, will praise the various forms of Divinity everyday and night with good conscience, while also recognizing that all things that come from Divinity are positive and good for the Soul, be they widely perceived as good or bad occurrences in ones life. In short, without chaos or change in a persons life, that person is inhibited to any psychological or spiritual growth.  Islam recognizes the one true God as being Ali as Judaism recognizes this same God as Yahweh, the Islamic Profit being Mohamed and the Jewish Prophet long held as Moses. 
The Buddhist have Krishna, and Christianity has God or Jehovah with their Profit being Jesus The Christ, or the Saver. In Christianity, Jesus acts in a duel capacity of both the Prophet and the Creator God in the flesh, who subsequently died on the cross for our sins. This is a widely accepted universal principal as can be found in many doctrines of faith throughout the world and over the ages as some key figure intervened to save the human race through pain and suffering. Most faith systems believe that any spiritual person should alien themselves with the divine laws and principles of Heaven or Nirvana and thus Heaven and Nirvana may be obtained at the end of ones life.
Other faith systems such as the Chinese, African, South American and North American religious will primarily follow similar formats of faith, however in each diverse faith system mentioned, the names and events will very to a greater or lesser extent.  Within the system of Christianity it is believed that a malevolent being exist referred to as Satan, The Beast, Serpent and Lucifer who only wishes to bring humanity to its knees as it is so often stated. I personally don't take stock in this perceived belief as nothing really substantially supports this to any degree in any holy text as far as I know.
Also, many of these same religious systems mentioned above have their own version of this same malevolent being who in turn loathes humanity for one reason or another. Most, if not all religious systems believe that all things are from the Heavenly realm and that a person can actually anger Jehovah, Ali, Gods, Goddesses and or the entire Divinity via wrong thought, speech or action. These systems also emphasizes that one should take responsibility for their own actions and there of correct any negative actions to stay in the graces of the Divinity in which they worship. To avoid karmic retribution if you will.
Even though Christianity values these same time tested principles shared by the other faith systems above, it also maintains its concept of the Devil and further emphasizes that this evil being is highly capable of breaking down a persons will,  and thus being directly responsible for causing that person to perform a evil act instead of the person performing this negative act of their own accord.  A few other faith systems also share this Christianized ideology while having their own various names for the Devil etc as seen above, however they don't place as much weight or emphasizes on this concept of spiritual evil so much as can be found in Christianity when you view their over all faith structure.
The Satanist, and or Devil worshiper as they are commonly known by these days,  believes in the ideologies of Aleister Crowley whom thereof named himself the beast or 666 for publicity reasons and that of Anton La Vey who derived his concepts of Divinity from the Catholic Church stemming back to a group of rebellious priest that didn't agree with  a certain Pope, that moreover went on to reverse all the holy rituals and rites of the church and ultimately the Sabbath, and thus this ritualistic behavior became known as the black sabot or black mass. This in turn re-ignited the Satanist movement  that we know to date.
Aleister Crowley never considered himself to be a Satanist, but in his writings such as The Book of the Law and The Equinox basically says otherwise, it was these works amongst others he completed that became the basis for modern Satanism. Anton La Vey however did consider himself to be a Satanist and went on to revive the Church of Satan based of Crowley's works.  Crowley's credo was in (( Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law and repeated this frequently in his work (( The Book of the Law )).
If one takes a closer look at modern day Satanism, they will quickly notice that there are many facets to this faith system as well as vitiations of belief. Some, believe that we are the masters of our own universe while others believe in the malevolency of the spiritual realm that moreover doesn't recognize the benevolent condition of Heaven other then knowing it as a enemy in all of it forms. 
Yet others believe that Divinity is nothing more then raw energies floating around that can be manipulated via a persons focus, will and intent.  Most of these biblically based faith systems such as Satanism, Enochian, Christianity and some forms of Wicca or Wiccan witchcraft can be found based either in the old or new testaments. Yet, Other forms of Wicca predate these systems and can still be found worshiping the Pantheistic, Greek, Celtic, Egyptian, Roman Gods and Goddesses to date without variation.
For example, many faith systems step out side of their format by engaging in certain forms of magical practice such as Necronomicon, the book of the dread to which means the book of dead names ,and not the book of the dead. This style of practice was moreover explored in-depth by Dr. Jonas Faustus in his pursuit to extract information by conjuring the dead and Dr. John Dee in his pursuit of researching higher or advanced alchemies. 
 Many magical people misinterpret or confuse the Book Of Dead Names with that of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead to which was intended to lead the dead through the afterlife and past the perils that await them between life, death and then spiritual life again. This faith system uses the ancient names of Divinity from Samaria, Iraq and Mesopotamia just to name a few points of origin.
Faustus, likened to those who came before and after him, used a combination of Babylonian, egyptian, and catholic deities to carry out his rites and or to invoke, and contain spirits. Faustus, unlike Crowley carried out his rituals in a similar fusion, however stayed closely to Christianity verses Crowley intently hating any form of Christianity and so compelled him to invoke deities from other faith systems such as the Samarian system and very little, to no entities found in Christianity depending on what he was trying to accomplish at the time.
Other forms of Wicca, or new age magick that can be seen widely spread throughout the internet that mainly concentrate on the elemental aspects of nature,  and moreover call upon this elemental force of creation via the names of the Gods and Goddesses of old world Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylon and Samaria etc. ( And It Harm None ) is the law of the new Witch, that is further rooted so deeply in the ancient traditions of times long past. Some,  in modern day witchcraft have added to this credo by saying: Love Is The Law And It Harm None, Do What Thout Wilt Is The Whole Of The Law. 
Lastly, the Atheist is a person that chooses not to believe in the mainstream systems, however this doesn't necessarily that they don't believe in anything just because they proclaim themselves to be Atheistic and or refuse to accept other traditions of belief, as these traditions just don't seem to fit in with what they feel to be their own personal truths etc.  If the truth be known, very few Atheist exist in the world to date, however their are numerous free spirited individuals that refuse to follow the mainstream or organized religion as it is.
I ask you, is this a bad thing in thinking of yourself?   I would say not, as all the great men and women all down and throughout history have been set apart from the rest via marching to their own drummer by asking the question: Why.  And to the true Atheist I would say, that even though you don't believe in any form of Divinity, it's of little matter to the Divine as Divinity has always believed in you.   It's to no great importance how the world perceives the spiritual realm of Divinity more so then the individual choosing to believe in something beyond themselves.
A person may choose to believe in one or many Gods and Goddesses that go on to rule over the Earth or the Universe, perhaps both.  It doesn't matter if a person believes that a god manifested in the flesh, or has always viewed the earth from a lofty place in the heavens, it never mattered, if One perceived Divinity as a clump of mindless energy that could be manipulated around, or a Force Of Creation that has maintained full realization of its self and all within. further that has directive and positive purpose for eternal physical and spiritual growth. 
 It doesn't matter if a person believes in the presence or the spiritual realm or not as it still exist. Lastly, One may call or invoke this realm of Divinity for specific purpose by a assortment of various names and it will come to the believer and unbeliever alike.  What constitutes Spiritualism ? The belief in something beyond yourself would be the answer to this.  Ok, now that we've established what constitutes spiritualism, let's move on to what Divinity actually is and how it interacts with us in our lives on a daily basis.
As can be seen in the paragraphs above, Divinity can be invoked by a unending array of names through out the world under perceived concepts of established theologies or basic faith systems and theories.  We can divide it up into good or evil realms either warring with its self or against humanity for whatever reason. We can view it as living energy all around us or just something that ends once are lives are over, perhaps something that we return to upon our deaths to some degree or level of parallel existence in universe.
The possibilities are endless really and thus we have devised various holy text such as the Torah, Koran and Bible for example in order to assist us in understanding why we are here in the first place and what happens to us upon facing our ends. We however aren't limited to the disciplines above concerning life after life as we can also refer back to such text as the Egyptian Book Of The Dead or the Necronomicon that deals primarily with the Soul avoiding certain obstacles after death in finding the promised land or Heaven as it were. 

"What Constitutes Our Hope And Faith In The Miracles Of Divinity"

By Master Wizard  James R. Morgan ll

 I personally consider this to be the latter days upon the Earth that is more so in its time of trial and tribulation set fourth by Heaven its self,  perhaps it's mans own need for his own infliction of self-fulfilling prophecy for destruction.  I would surmise the reason for all this would be because the world has grown so wickedly evil in its long held pursuits of power, greed and world domination, perhaps humanity is tired of swimming in its own filth. Maybe man has more than deserved to draw the wrath of both the natural and spiritual worlds upon it, this has occurred  in the way of natural and man made disasters, mass genocide and world wide corruption on a monumental scale etc.   
If you doubt this to any degree, just stop and look around at the carnage taking place not only in the world around you but in your own back year as well.  How many Politicians have been exposed of late ? how many innocent children have been killed at the hands of their own mothers and neighbors ? How many unjustified wars have been started in the names of peace and human rights, national security, money and resource; and still yet, how many Martyrs have been killed in spreading the message of love, hope, peace, faith and divine knowledge ?  How many suicides and homicide suicides have taken place in these last couple of years ? And at a increased and alarming rate. 
How many loves have we lost do to chemical imbalances and insanity, how many family members and once love ones have turned enemy to one another ?. If this doesn't send a wake up call to the entire family of man, then I don't know what will if anything.  Be it a self made or self fulfilling prophecy, or a really pissed off Divinity, one should take notice and act accordingly as it would seem that we as a race are walking the fringes of total global and spiritual annihilation. Really, does all of this have to occur before the New Heaven and Earth can be established or can we stop the lunacy taking place, can we reverse it in some way ?
Is the new Heaven and Earth something that is brought about by divine proclamation or is it something that is constituted into physical reality by the human race simply through the change of priorities and mind set. In other words, can we start to recognize what is really important over keeping up with the Jones's or the concept that he that dies with the most toys at the end wins and so fourth.  Can we change our bleak out looks or futures by reaffirming the old moral and value systems that was in fact successful in guiding our grandparents and great grandparents through life.
 One has to stop and think about what these holy text are attempting to get across to us when they refer to a new heaven and earth in the way that it's not so much something initiated by a supernatural forces but through humanities own self efforts in the reevaluation of its self  or how humanity deals with certain issues either in our personal lives or on a national and international scale. Can we change our selfish directives to selfless actions directed at ensuring that both our planet and selves go on to have successful futures via positive thought, speech and actions.
I happen to be a fervent believer in that Divinity helps them who help themselves, and so by taking responsibility for your own personal actions while trying to be a beneficial force in the world instead of something detrimental to it,  the spiritual realm will in turn view us as a helpful or righteous beings, I believe that Divinity will recognize a personality or Spirit as righteous or evil by its actions, thoughts and speech and act accordingly to what it sees in a individuals life.  One must have hope and faith in themselves to change the world first before they can expect the rest of the world to change as the world will change to the positive via the one or two leading by example.
Heaven will be the changing force behind the human condition, not by force but through the God given gift to humanity of free will to change positively through righteous choice.  I would say that it's still up to us at this point in time concerning the out come of our lives however I also believe that our time is running out either as a result of ages of bad choice or by possible divine proclamation.  In other words all the basis are loaded in the cosmic schema of things and were up to bat in the last inning, will we win the game or will we strike out is my question, lastly, I wonder at times if will we be the fuel to our own destruction in the end or the antidote to the illness that has overtaken us in this millennium, the sickness that has completely covered the world likened to a plague, you be the judge.

"There's A Lot To Be Said For Religion & Faith In The World"

By Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll

When one is attempting to find a place of worship they should consider a few things before pledging or taking part in any group of faith or faith system, firstly remember that any organization made by humanity can be and is corrupt in many instances to some degree as they are operated by human beings. Human beings are of the flesh and there of are not exempt of temptation or evil act.  When looking for a faith system or church be sure to maintain your own spiritual strength first and don't depend on others to lead you to Heaven, know who Divinity is by spiritual exploration and what they expect from us before you ever walk through the front doors of any spiritual intuition.
Be your own ship under sail and know the course in which you traverse and you'll never be lead astray, please know that spiritualism isn't about money or things more so then it is about investing in life and eternal life.  Spiritualism isn't about popularity, ego or who knows more then the other guy, it isn't about who gave the most when the offering plate was passed around more then it is a investment into Ones spiritual growth and acquiring spiritual knowledge in how a person should be living their life.  Going to church isn't about appearances or trying to buy your way into heaven more so then it is about developing a stronger or better relationship to Divinity, yourself and others.
Spiritualism and faith in Divinity is about taking responsibility for your thoughts, speech or actions to self and others, anything opposing these principals or moreover abstract to these rules of life or correct living are not the path to be followed.  Any religion that teaches that you will be forgiven for all sins here on this earth is incorrect and should be avoided, any structured faith system that states that all sins will be paid for after death is incorrect in my opinion, any faith system that says that only they can lead you to heaven is mistaken as only you can do this and no one else.
Only Divinity can forgive and lead you to the place of eternal life and this is done through your own absolution, only Divinity can teach you the ways of a righteous life however Churches and other faith systems can offer you a structured way to go about it, they can offer you fellowship and moral support.  Don't go into a fellowship or faith system thinking that they have all the answers because they don't,  but they can help you along in your times of need for the most part.  Never enter a faith system that says that they are the only way and that everyone else that doesn't believe the way they do are going to hell, Not True.
Many of us know wrong from right and thus if you are in a faith system or church,  if  something occurs that you know to be wrong, then know it to be wrong and don't turn your head away from it or avoid it as Divinity is watching to see how you will handle injustice. Remember that we are all Seekers looking for the true way to which can only be found in Divinities teachings and further not coming from any man or woman in the church. Humanity is corruptible and Heaven is infallible and holy. The spirit within you is holy as it is a part of Divinity, however can be taken to dark places through your free will and choice and there of becoming evil if you don't take care.
Churches and faith systems are classrooms much likened to life itself, one must learn all they can from them, grow spiritually and then move on to higher learning and know that these teachings are not about death but life and then eternal life. The teachings of Divinity are about being beneficial to all that you meet in life and self and not about disruption or chaos, these teachings should be about mental and spiritual contentment or a sense of having divine wisdom and security.  All that should matter in your life when its all said and done should be Divinity and nothing else as it is only through Divinity that all things in heaven and earth are made possible.
Your sense of decrement should heightened or made sharp between that of good and evil, beneficial or detrimental action, anything in a church or faith doctrine that suggest or acts out in a harmful way to self or others is abstract to the holy teachings of Divinity.  Take what is good from the world and learn it and grow, take what is bad of the world and clean yourself of it, trust not any harmful teaching least it lead you into damnation, take what you hear from any Priest or Priestess and weigh it out in your mind and heart to be true or not. 
If you are having trouble or are unclear with what you've heard coming from others or from the podium then offer it up to Divinity for resolution.  You know, even Jesus said : ( Take what you have learned and build upon it ), this was primarily a warning against being dogmatic or never changing or growing spiritually by not asking questions of yourself and of Divinity.   Remember, ANYTHING DETRIMENTAL initiated by yourself against the innocent or self is not of Divinity more so then coming from the flesh Oh Seeker of the Holy Grail, Nobel Knight of Camelot. 

"Behold The Ancient Mysteries"

By Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll

Behold, the ancient mysteries of eons past when gazing upon these most holy ritualistic spell drafting's of Angels adorned and planets rising. Please know, that this is the last time that you will ever witness this most intensive, and one of a kind magical art. Understand, that  these are the rarest types spell castings ever practice and further are knowledge long lost and wisdoms forgotten to most in the magical world. Never again, will you see this again on the Internet or in the modern world anywhere, for this is the old way to which hath been guarded by the Angelic Host of Heaven, Earth and those Dark Ones of the Abyss over the the countless centuries past. 
The secret wisdoms of the Gods, Goddesses, Angels and Dragons if you will, shared only to the worthy upon the earth. Experience, the hostile Moon rising whilst crossing the course of Venus in retrograde, See the Dark Gods and Goddesses ascend from the pit and out of the hidden places between our astral worlds. Hear the screaming of the Banshees or that of the Djinn howling in the vast deserts of Mesopotamia. Behold, great Angels descending from the Heavens to bear holy messages of wisdom from unknown spiritual realms. Be not afraid though, for they only wish to befriend, protect and yield your fondest dreams unto you.
Look deep into the mysteries of the planetary star charts in which you view, and know that this is our divinely inspired renditions of Divinity as we know them, and moreover realize that there exist no stronger, or more powerful spell in Heaven or Earth that can come quickly to heal in your life. Know, that these enchantments that you have been graced to witness here on this site will supersede all other spell castings that you've ever had performed for your particular situations. See, the fast spell results and over all fastest spell manifestation.  Be a witness to real magick and know that we are not alone.
These one of a kind, and or customized spells are hand drafted with the in-depth specifics of your situation in mind whilst the seasoned Enchantress and Wizard stand ready in invoking the most powerful Entities known in the Universe and for all time to act in your behalf. Feel the vast energy pulse through your mind, body and soul as these glorious spells are being cast and invoked into your life, notice your living environment change instantly to you liking as your problems start to resolve without exception. Experience the touch of Angels upon your shoulder and the wrath of Demons sting upon all that would call you Enemy or who persist in keeping you down.
Feel the Force Of Creation, moving positively in your life while opening up new expansions and opportunities that only you shall greatly befit from like no other before you. 

Look deeply into the spell charts, and think of what could be in your personal life as the result of having a spell cast for you just like the spells you have viewed on this site. Think about it, who shall stand against you in these wicked times or hold you back from obtaining your most deserved happiness with the whole of creation guarding and clearing your path to a much brighter future.Why hesitate in hearing the message and call of Divinity ? Why reframe from being the true child of light to whom all wishes are granted.  

It is said, that when One  looks into the mysteries of Heaven and the abyss, often times the Heavens and Abyss look back into the One. They shall know you and take care of you as one of their own forevermore say they. We have such things to show you of the spiritual realms, come and experience the true faith of Divinity's kingdom and see what all the magical Masters like Crowley, Faustus, and Dee have seen and know that you have truly been blessed. Hold the keys to the natural and universal worlds, read tomorrows news paper today and hold close the keys to a progressive and beneficial future through the use and connection of the Divine.  

Be the one, like many before you that walks with Divinity on a daily basis and where dreams quickly turn into realities with a simple thought or spoken word. See these charts not only as the work of human hands, but the keys to unlocking the doors of knowledge and wisdoms that shall only lead you to bliss in all your earthly and spiritual travels. Be the one who is the master of their destiny and who has obtained control over their life when others are wondering around aimlessly with no hope of a bright future. Be the child of the Nephilim angels and brother or sister to the astral races that are in the world, but not of it.  

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This site isn't about evil, influence or power, it's not about notoriety, however it is about giving a person the positive power over their own life through Divine communication and spiritual evolvement, It is about sharing a Divine message. This site is about self-growth and personal effort in becoming closer to Divinity, the Source of all things in existence. 

We are about showing you a new way and thinking out side the box.  This site is about excellent customer service and spell casting at its finest, and thus if this is what your soul earns for, and or what your looking for, then you have come home and we await your email or call. Look into the spell pictures and know, it's not so much where a person finds themselves standing in presently more so then where they choose to go from there. Read this site then make your decision as life is about the right to choose through your Divinity given free will.  Love is the law, "Do what Thou wilt" is the whole of the law......

"Separation Of Church And State"
By Master Wizard James R. Morgan II

In more distant times the church and state maintained more clear and decisive boundaries concerning the interaction with issues of faith and the political world however these days the once pre existing lines of separation between the two have become very blurred not to mention chaotic and contradictory at times.

One has to ask, "Why is the separation of these two institutions so necessary and moreover what might be the over all result of combining these factions?"   I must say that it's very difficult to separate the two as what were really talking about here is two very different types of governing bodies that seem to merge at times.  
One is apparently over the daily affairs of enforced societal order, and the other is considered to rule over spiritual matters etc.  These governments have collided in the past in certain instances regarding the human condition where as spiritual issues conflicted with the laws of Civil Authority however and for the most part these two governing bodies would together in covenant instances such as the Crusades. Inquisitions and so on. 

These days the church has in my opinion has lost most of its influence primarily due to the numerous sexually related scandals that has occurred over the last ten or fifteen years that has in tern brought irreversible damage and decline or loss of faith by the mass towards this intuition of faith and trust .
The church is also finding its self more and more under attack from those that it had once condemned as being sinful and or those that came under harsh judgment by the church for this and that and rightfully so in my opinion. 

Given the downward spiraling effect that mainstream and or organized religion has taken over the years the church has become that much more oblivious or complacent to the set boundaries between church and state laid down from the start. I've also noticed that this institution of the spirit seems to be interested in aggressively infiltrating issues of state and over all government as a result while using the guise of human rights and spiritualism etc. In other words the church is looking for another job as its been fired from its previous one lol.
Seemingly, such issues of abortion. homosexuality and whatever other issues that were once considered instances of faith and morality governed by the church have been delegated out by today's church to civil government offices. In today government these same matters are handed over by the church and handled by the state through specific laws and thus enforced by the government and not by the church. 

Moral decision is handled by government and has been taken from the individual and their Divinity concerning what is right or wrong action to some degree .  When moral leadership and guidance are absent in a given society thorough loss of respect or other then the second governing body to which is government must resume this task of moral decision and leadership.
The problem being is that this particular body of civil government isn't so much interested in morality or ethics more so then it is with absolute power or in this case absolute global power and domination or influence at very least. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.  

In retrospect as we look back at the divisions between the church and state one can see that both governing bodies were and are necessary in the way that the church does or did in fact handle certain issues of morality and faith that moreover governed our daily living through right action all the while determining what was morale or immoral etc. At the same time state government was presiding over the stately of affairs  by passing beneficial societal  laws to invoke peace and order in a otherwise chaotic civilization. 
Many laws that government holds today have their origins or roots from the church and or past doctrines of faith such as the Bible. Torah and Koran just to name a few however unlike these dogmatic doctrines or unchanging spiritual laws governmental laws are in a constant state of changing to address ongoing issues or problems that a growing cavitations may be experiencing.  

Again, the problem with these new civil policies would be in the way that even though state government might have the best intent for the people it serves.   One has to remember and realize that there always exist a hidden agenda in the political world especially when elected officials are involved as this is by its very nature compromises right ruling or action regarding a certain law to address a given circumstance in society.
In other words our state and government laws are changeable and are subjugated to the wants and wishes of the over all society and thus mass opinion takes predominates over a matter be it moral  or not in the government body. The government only wants to give us what we seek be it good or bad for us and thus by doing so it can in turn obtain office status through votes.  

In short the Church may rule it immoral to have an abortion because this interferes with or goes against its doctrine of taking life and or ( "Thou shalt not kill"  ) listed in the ten commandments while the Government body is more preoccupied with meeting the needs of its Voters and thus by doing so ensures a place in office for its self etc.  For government officials to do otherwise in standing by church doctrine or to take a ethical or moral stand against a  issue would mean certain political death in most instances for many Politicians.
When church a state mix or become as one this compromises moral and ethical laws or practices set in place to ensure order and the progressive motion of healthy lifestyle and or existence by corrupting or distorting the original content and intent or purpose of Holy Law and thus Society as a whole becomes weak and eventually collapses in on itself as a final result.  

In light of the modern day church and or faith systems of the world, yielding their influences to the political governing civil bodies either freely or by force has caused a over all decline in morale and ethical judgment of the mass on global scale and has set us all on a path to utter destruction should this not be corrected in time.  

When Church and Civil Authority mix then this is like handing over spiritual matters and authority to the Tax Collector or someone that has their own agenda with everything else in it but a concern for spiritual matters and thus what I call a Yes man is born says one thing up on the world stage but practicing something entirely different behind closed doors.
Even though the Early church had its Flaws of what I call: ( in and out politics ) or political practices it was still a excellent moral or spiritual system that worked for the most part however as time went on and it quickly gained a influence to be reckoned with thus intuition became more and more like its Civil counterpart and moreover the distinction between church and state began to be misconstrued or considered to be non-recognizable from their original forms. 

The church in today's world is nothing more then a figure head or a political puppet on a string at the mercy of civil and federal government bodies for it crimes against children etc and as a result these government bodies pretty much governs what the church now does verses the church looming over a lawful government back in the 1500's before these two very diverse systems of government combined forces and thus compromised the set of spiritual laws regarding Righteous thought. Speech and Action.
Today, moral or ethical ways of  behavior and or matters of  Conscious are now put up on the auction block for debate and sale so that emotional modification can occur in fitting mass societal Needs. Wants or Wishes through government decree in many instances. In the end the two governments of civil and church are a direct reflection of you as even total dictatorships are subjugated to mass opinion and rule or worse takeover unless these bodies of rule submit to the needs of the majority. 

Many presume that the high governments of church and state are beyond ones control however this is not entirely true as stated above. On the other hand as also stated above these intuitions are also a reflection of self and thus when One projects judgments or conclusions against these forms of rule then I would say that were all judging our own handy work as Civil government is dictated by us and through our votes and this in turn controls the main stream church.
It's all about money and influence with these intuitions be it through the collection plate or through contributions and taxes. So, these days where does the real separation of church and state take place ?Here, I'll help you out a bit by quoting Jesus: ( Render Unto Cesar What Is Cesar's and unto God What Is Gods ). Let's make it even that much simpler while going on to say: The Kingdom of Heaven is within and all about you

If this is the case then the church be it in its purest or most corrupt forms has little relevance when it comes to your life in light of your preexisting distinction  between wrong from right. You are the master and navigator of your own life and must moreover use great discipline or self-governing to stay the course of Right Thought. Right Speech and Right Action, Correct ?
 In my opinion the church is a either a part of actual civil government or is heavily influenced by civil government these days and thus it would be better just to assume that both forms of rule are one and the same to some extent and thus the separation of church and state comes through self-realization of each faction and your direct relationship to Divinity. 

Now don't get me wrong and I'm not saying that everyone should stop going to church as church can be or is a good thing in the way of both remembering and paying tribute to Divinity and or a place to learn about Divinity to some extent however remember who the church is and what your separate relationship to the Divine either is or will be. Remember that the church is what we all have made it and that Civil Government  is heavily influenced or ran by votes and the funds we pump into it for this candidate or that candidate and or via taxes. 
Our man made government and church are corrupt by their very nature like anything else devised by humanity and so these organizations of church and state have been used and abused from the start and could be considered things of the physical world that is intrinsically tainted and separated form human spirituality through their base corruptness. 

The condition of faith and spirit are pure in essence and stature and thus not hindered by power or monetary gain. In short Politics and church exist hand in hand and cannot be separated and so would make them one governing body through shared association. The separation of church and spirituality and or Heavenly relationship exist only through our own morality and standers of living. A direct relationship with Divinity minus the second and third parties of church and state in a nut shell is the key to success in our lives.
The separation of Church and Civil Government only exist through the lawful boundaries we set fourth for them by saying to Civil government: This is a moral issue that church and I must decide upon and moreover is out of the scope of federal or civil rule. On the other hand we must say to the church that this is a issue between civil or federal government and myself and beyond the scope or function of the church etc.  

When Jesus was taken and placed under Roman rule for trial he was ask by both Governor Pontius Pilate and then by King Herod : Where can the Kingdom of Heaven be found and are you a King of this land ?Jesus replied: ( My Fathers kingdom is not of this world ) and by stating so indicated the separation that which is of Heaven from that to which belongs to the world. 
The relationships between Divinity and self should be kept separate and private at all times. The relationship between government bodies and church should be clearly separated without falter. failure or breach in order to maintain a clarity and order in ones life not to mention creating another part of government rule that hides under the guise of spiritually. Think about it and ask yourself: How many Masters can One serve..... and what is it to gain the whole of the world only to lose your eternal Soul ?