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Web Site Disclaimer

Blood Love And Lust Spells Web Site Disclaimer Page..

If you decide that you want a casting with us, it is your responsibility to read this entire page before beginning any kind of spell work or other work with us.  

If you the client or potential client has not asked us about this page or anything this page contains, we will assume you have read it and do not have any questions about our business policies and fully agree to this web site disclaimer page and all it contains.

Blood Love And Lust Spells is a licensed spell casting Business in high standing with the state of Idaho that further maintains and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time and or, at our discretion, this includes folks coming to us as a results of adds via land based companies and advertisements, radio advertisements Internet promotions, web or search engine listings over the directories whom choose to call, or write into us.

We reserve the right to stay within the policies of our sites at concerning any spell or otherwise services included with any spell action that we may or may not offer at the time.

We also reserve the right to suspend, pause or entirely terminate a client's case and or, other services offered by the sites to a client as a result of the clients either possible or direct misconduct, at our discretion .

We won't tolerate a client's possible, or apparent inappropriate behavior, maliciously designed verbal speech, negative written content and or, being psychologically  violent and or, otherwise demonstrating hostile behavior either directed at ourselves, themselves, or another in their preexisting environment, or over all situation regarding anyone involved thereof in question.

We reserve the right to stop, cease, pause, or entirely terminate a case should a we be notified that a client is acting against our advice, lying and or, otherwise takes part in any stalking, hacking, or other malicious and unlawful activities against ourselves or others in their immediate, general or long distance environments, at our discretion.

We reserve the right to carefully screen and either grant, or deny any potential client whom may contact us via email, telephone, wire or otherwise through electronic communication device and or, written letter with a spell request of any kind, at any time and for any reason.

We reserve the right to refuse, reject, turn down, or to ignore any further communications coming directly from any client or clients, or otherwise free spell client that have had been found in violation of site policy and served a reprimand and or, case termination notice due to repeated misconduct. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse any payment that might be sent in for spell work and or, any other services that relate to the spell castings that we offer, at our discretion.

We reserve the right to refuse payment sent to us by any paid or free spell client under any and all circumstances via check, wire transfer, money order, bank draft, national or international bank draft, cash or otherwise not mentioned here but having to do with any type of payment activity.

It is our right to refuse, cancel, abolish, reject, or stop all spell work entirely while refusing to perform any further spell work, or accepting funds for that mentioned spell work and or, its services should a person be found in contempt of our policies via lying or otherwise deceptive activities against us or the site policies.

We reserve the right to review all pertinent case facts from both current clients, potential client’s, caller or emailed situational history’s submitted to us in good faith by a perspective or current client in order to yield a concise and professional opinion concerning an estimated spell success rate on that particular situation.

Once a client's case with us begins, it is forbidden for clients to discuss their cases with one another and or attempt to counsel or advise one another in any way concerning their spell cases.   All client information is strictly private and should not be shared past the client in question and ourselves, Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows and James R. Morgan ll.   Upon our finding out that clients are discussing their cases and or attempting to counsel one another, that will result in immediate case termination. 

Should a potential client elevate in status with us to being an actual client, and we find out that vital facts concerning their situation have been purposely or deliberately withheld, then we can not and will not be held responsible for the out come of any spell work performed in that client's behalf. Also learning about withheld information after the fact can and often times will lead to case termination, just so you know, so please be honest and do not withhold any valuable information concerning your situation. We only want your wishes to come to pass, so this is vital to the success of your spell.

All facts to a client’s situation must be disclosed at the time of contract and to the best of the clients ability or knowledge however, should these facts not be disclosed in a timely manner, or in good faith, and we find out about concealment of the fact, or facts a later date, please know that we can not properly address your case and further, depending on the severity of the withheld information could again, result in case pausing, suspension or out right case termination.

Once a person becomes our client, we do not work with or allow our clients to work with other spell casters, or psychic readers, or psychic spell casters, and we ask that any potential and or, current client formally disengage with any activities with any and all current or previous spell caster and reader services before beginning their work with us.  Also the client is forbidden to use or take part in any psychic readings from any outside psychic readers, psychic spell casters, mystics, and so forth. 

There are reasons that we ask this of the client and we will be happy to elaborate on the issue further should you inquire within however should you retain these services with any previous spell caster and reader services without our knowledge, then this could be reason to stop, pause or completely cancel your services with us entirely.

Please don't let this be an issue in your situation as we need your full attention when working with us. Our advice is the only advice that counts in your situation when working with us and we don't want this good sensible advice to be second guessed by someone else working on a client's case  without our knowledge.

As a long held policy of this site, (All Sales Are Final) at the time we receive your package and payment, ( we do not issue refunds ). So, once the contract and or the spell work agreement has been concreted between the client and ourselves, it's a done deal and your stuck with us, just so you know.

This site doesn’t guarantee spell work for a couple of different reasons the first of which being, we can’t guarantee that they client will stay within the spell criteria, we don’t second guess Divinity's plan regarding someone’s life and thus, we leave the final decision to either grant or not grant a spell, or prayer up to Divinity.

And lastly, the client may, or may not accept or implement our advice into their life and thus resulting in or leading to a very negative or adverse effect concerning their life and over all situation that we can't be held responsible as a result of a clients impractical behavior or conduct.

We seldom do offer psychic readings, on occasion depending on the situation, however we do not offer any type of psychic spell castings, or other mental rituals on these sites, and we will not be held responsible for the use, or misuse of any items that we might send out free of charge to any client, clients, person, persons, group or groups, such as candles, money or prosperity powders or otherwise tangible items having to do with a particular case or site service. 

Any tangible items sent out by this site at anytime, to any place, in any way, to anyone are not meant to be consumed by a person in any way via mouth, injection, insertion or otherwise, rubbed on their skin, or placed in the eyes, ears or otherwise introduced into the human body for any reason, or given to another person, or to be applied, or consumed by another person either willingly or through the deception of another.

We can not be responsible for any other spell work that might be performed for a client either by another spell caster, psychic spell caster, tarot reader or by the person themselves. Should the client begin and or maintain outside spell activity either with self or with the aid of another unknown to ourselves, then they do so at their own risk and we will not be held responsible for the outcome of any given situation in this particular set of circumstance, and this also may be cause for immediate case termination depending on the circumstances.

Be warned, this outside spell activity could place a client in jeopardy of stepping out of our spell criteria to which could cause their case to be paused, suspended or terminated entirely. There's a reason for this folks and so, inquire within should you like us to elaborate on this topic.

Spell work is spiritual in nature, and therefore is not a tangible service that cannot be guaranteed such as putting one's car in a garage to be fixed. We do however, fully stand behind and guarantee all of our specialized and elite spell casting services within exception to guaranteeing the spells themselves.

We guarantee that will remain with our clients for as long as they need us and will help our clients in every way possible to ensure that they are happy in every way with the results of our wonderful spell casting services.

We guarantee that we will do everything magically possible while staying with the client in navigating them through not only their crisis situation, but in the spell process itself. We guarantee that we will stay with the client until they are completely happy and satisfied with the results of their spell.

We would ask that you please read the web site over completely while you contemplate the nature of this work and know what you want before moving forward with a spell. Spell work is SPIRITUAL in nature therefore, you as the potential client, must also take responsibility for your own spell work and follow the instructions given by your spell caster to ensure spell success.

Blood Love And Lust Spells will not tolerate any kind of abuse of any of our services in any way, shape or form and at anytime from anyone concerning the spell process, spell castings, telephone or e-mail counseling and thus, the penalties for such infractions could be case pausing, removal of service, case suspension or worse, full case termination.

Please understand that we are here to assist you for the betterment of your life and situation and we just don’t have a lot of time for drama, as I'm sure you understand. Quite simply put, this site is about knowing Divinity first hand, mutual understanding, positive thinking, enlightenment, respect and courtesy towards all involved.

We reserve the right to deny, reject or not respond via telephone, email or written letter to any further request to perform additional spell work, or continue any service to anyone, at anytime and for any reason that seems best to us, we cite this on the grounds that more spells aren’t necessarily better no more then, having several spell casters casting different spells for the same reason or reasons.

The spell and service options for this is of course at our discretion concerning a special case circumstance, just so you know in advance. In other words, one good spell is better then ten spells being cast by ten different spell casters, follow our spell criteria and you will certainly be very happy that you did.

It is required by both clients and potential clients that they take responsibility for their personal actions and decisions as we do ours here at Blood Love And Lust Spells, so please keep this in mind should you move through our spell process.

We will do whatever it takes to keep you happy with a successful spell and more so, work with you at length if necessary to get the wish of your spell granted however, you must do your part and work with us as well. Should you take the time to read the web site and further, get involved in the spell process, we can guarantee that it will be a positive life transforming experience for you.

The spells will work forever and as hard as you will work in bring them into reality in your life. In other words, this is a three party dance that includes Divinity, you and the efforts of ourselves to make it all come together and work itself out in your life. You now have this wisdom and your free will and the choice that will determine the outcome of your spell work.

We do have a privacy policy and a procedure in the destroying of your information once your case is concluded with us as your information will not be given to anyone past being shared between Enchantress Windglows and myself, Wizard Morgan.

However, we do retain the right as a magical site to hold as our own personal property anything that might be sent in to us in the way of emails, clothing, jewelry, information, pictures or otherwise to use in the spell activity as we will via cutting, shredding, splicing or burning and thus, any property, information etc, will be used at our discretion for whatever magical purpose that will in fact, not be returned back to the owner, person, client, or potential client at anytime unless by previous special request.

Please know that we are by this truthful statement that we are not psychologists or doctors of any type of medicine, and that we would strongly urge anyone under psychological or medical treatment to follow the prescribed treatments and or, the instructions of their professionals to the letter and strength of the designated advice and treatments may be for your situation.

Even though that we feel that all things are possible with Divinity, we also understand that Divinity works through your doctors in assisting you in every possible way. Again, magical practice is not a "cure all", and one must use common sense when dealing with serious medical or emotional issues.

Furthermore keep in mind that we are not attorneys or otherwise skilled professionals in the court on any level and thus, we would strongly recommend that should you be engaged in any court or legal activity that you listen to the advice of your legal professional to the letter so that he or she can navigate you on though your case in the most beneficial possible. God works through attorneys as well, just so you know.

We will work with you concerning our wonderful court and legal spells, as well as other spells, however concerning wanting or requesting any type of legal or medical advice should be discussed with your attorney, or doctor as we are not licensed to give medical or legal advice.

In essence, we are at the top of our field concerning casting all diverse types of spells that will change your medical or legal situation for the betterment of your life, however you should always have the final word concerning any legal or medical issues from your attorney or medical licensed physician should your particular situation require that.

Please know, that we understand that some folks will self medicate however, DO NOT call us in a intoxicated or high state as we will have no choice but to hang up on you and then resume the conversation at a latter date when sober.

Be warned, that if a potential, or otherwise client is found to be psychologically unbalanced, unstable and or are incapable of understanding simple instructions then that particular case will be terminated without refund, at our discretion. If a minor or person under the age of eighteen approaches us for spell work we will consider a one time white magick spell casting depending on the given situation, however they must first attain the express permission of their parents and provide their parents with our contact information so we can officially attain a parent or parent's permission to cast a spell beforehand.

This site doesn't condone, encourage, or advocate anything illegal or subversive to the laws of the United States and or, specifically speaking in regards to violence, adversity, disruption, psychical or emotional harm to another or to self. We can't be any clearer then this and we will enforce our policies in the event of misconduct concerning client under going our spell process.

Notice: Concerning any spell casting, or spell rituals that we may, or may not offer at this time, no spell has any specific time frames of manifestation as each case is different and will fully manifest at different times depending on how well the client can listen to good and common sense advice while implementing this advice and or, instructions into their ongoing situations.

We work hard to achieve the quickest spell results for our valued clients however, and as I've stated before, the spells will work as hard as the client works to bring them into fruition in their lives, and buy client listening to, and acting out in a positive way regarding our advice.

Also, having a realistic spell request helps a lot. A unrealistic spell request would go something like as follows: “ I'm a fifty year old man whom wants to be a twenty year old model”, or “I want to physically fly over my house every night”, or “I want my thing to grow to 15 inches over night”, or " I want to turn into a grizzly bear, " etc. dream on lol. Be realistic concerning your spell wishes and requests, and remember that very seldom ever will any spell manifest immediately, in a matter of hours, or overnight. Be real with yourself and with us.

This isn't a scene out of the Harry Potter films....however, even though all things are possible with Divinity, we are bound by the laws of physics and Divinity's laws that will work against such request.

Keep in mind that if your particular wish or wishes are not coming true, then consider what you have asked Divinity to grant to you, and remember that ultimately, Divinity has the final decision in whether or not your wishes are granted, as Divinity always has your very best interests at heart, also remember to be open minded when beginning any spell and be open to the blessings that Divinity has in store for your life.

Regarding our one time spell castings on the fifty percent off page, these spells don't come with any services such as spiritual counseling, recast, booster spells and or any other service that you may see on the site. We offer these spells at such a cost effective rate because we have in fact, cut away all the services to make them more cost effective for you our valued friends.

The spell criteria is as follows:

(1):Love Divinity above all else in your life, and keep them first always.

(2): Be true and kind to yourself, and to any others around you, even in the most chaotic of times.

(3): Do not harm yourself or others in your life.

(4): Release your trouble and let Divinity lead you from the dark times your'e in.

(5): Don't engage in conflict with anyone at any time.

(6): Perform the Negativity Releasing Prayer.

(7): Soul search and build upon your communication and connection with Divinity, be open to Divinity's Wisdom and trust Them to help you discover what has sabotaged you in life and get rid of it by working on yourself daily.

(8): Release the spell and pay attention to the rest of your life and know, that Divinity is standing besides you.

(9): Understand, that it's all about righteous and positive thought, speech and actions that not only yields a better life for you but gives peace and light to the world as well.

Please know it is mandatory to read the site as this is for your own good. Don't follow anyone blindly and make sure you know what your getting yourself into before leaping into the void. These sites are constructed to invoke light, thought and wisdom into your very Soul should you take the time to READ these pages of wisdom.

This wisdom is yours to either accept or reject as your personal truths in life. A divine gift from Divinity and us to you and thus, choose to be the explorer and Seeker instead of just being another follower in life.

And lastly, all pictures, literature or textual content on this site is copyrighted to Jan Windglows and James Morgan and or, to the sites themselves, but may be used personally by anyone by this written permission statement, in the aiding of their intellect and spiritual growth, or to be use as screen savers or computer backgrounds however, none of the content on this site may be used for financial self-gain or professional financial gain via an outside entity unknown to ourselves.

No outside company or otherwise private person or group may advertise any product or service put fourth for sale by themselves personally, or by a competitor company under our site names, and or company names without us first yielding either our verbal and or, written consent to do so. Please know that these activities shall not occur at anytime, or in any way, shape or form by anyone, group or company in place, or for any reason.

I would also warn that none of the spell content should be downloaded to use in any Individuals personal spell castings for either themselves or another as the spell effects can, and most likely, will be advert to any request that a person might make while using this posted spell material.

Ok, So once you come to us, your spell fee has been paid and your work is underway, remember to follow instructions and do your part, and we will support you with whatever it takes to get your spell wishes granted. We look forward to hearing from you and have the best day for us.   

You are welcome to print, sign and date this part of the page and mail it to us inside your package containing imprints and your spell fee.

Blood Love And Lust Spells And Or Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye Web Site Disclaimer Agreement:

I. _________________________________________________ fully do understand and fully do agree with all the policies on this web site disclaimer page and profess that I have read it completely and fully.  I understand and agree that once I have mailed my package and sent my payment for my spell work and or any other work conducted by Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows and or Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll that there are no refunds, no exceptions.

I promise to stay within the spell criteria and that I won't carry out any action, speech or thought process that might be considered detrimental to my spell work, myself or others working with me, or against others in my local or long distance environments.

I have read the site in an effort to be informed of it theology and purpose in my life and agree that I am well informed in what I have read and thereof entered into as a client and friend to this site.

I,____________________________________________________________________ have hereby read this site disclaimer and both understand and agree to its written content. I furthermore agree to follow this sites policies and advice given to myself by Jan Windglows and Jim Morgan concerning any good common sense advice that they might offer me throughout the process of my spell casting and other services therein related to the spell rituals cast in my behalf.

Dated This Day Of ____________________________________________________.


Very Important Read This Carefully

Hello, and welcome to my web site. My name is High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows and my beloved husband is Master Wizard James Morgan ll of the former Dragon Spells LLC now retired and helping me in an advisory capacity only.

We respectfully do thank you all for taking the time to read this page. Please take your time to read this if you are considering participation in having a spell done.

 not to be taken lightly-- and shouldn't be played with unless you have a great desire to screw up your own life. 

I'd like to speak on the subjects of Spell process and Spell Criteria . Other aspects of these two subjects can also be found clearly posted on not only this site but the Dragon Spells site as well. Let me first start off by saying that this spell process isn't a joke.

It isn't theatrical or in place for those of you who wish to be amused. The spell criteria is definitely

When a person or persons inquire within about spell work with Blood Love And Lust Spells, they should know that this site is unlike any other site that they've been to.

We are so diverse from most magick sites, and the service that is provided to our clients by Blood Love And Lust Spells is a spell casting service that stands alone and is un-presidented all over the world.

For starters we address Client's entire situation both spiritually and psychologically
while maintaining a close working relationship with the Client with our additional services such as the Spiritual Counseling. Crisis Hot Line and Free Booster. Recast etc.

You can read more on the site about the spell castings and the other additional free services that come along with them. Today, I just want to offer everyone a warning concerning what they can expect regarding their spell work and what expected of them from Divinity and ourselves.

Once you begin to read the site you will see that we offer a host of services to not only guide and educate the client but to maintain 24/7 contact support.

It is crucial for anyone considering magical work with us to understand how this all works so here goes.

We are Spell Casters. We are your best friends. We are Guides and Teachers that will stay with you throughout the entire spell process yielding good and solid advice. We will do our part but you must do yours in turn.

Unlike other magical systems and or sites we won't be sending you any locket. talismans. amulets or anything else however we will be giving you the keys to spell success and to up the door to eternal life.

Unlike most sites we are not self-proclaimed Gods and won't guarantee you anything other then the fact that we will perform your spell to the best of our ability while utilizing every facet of our magical capabilities toward your case.

You must realize that even though we are gifted Individuals or magically endowed we are still human beings and have certain restrictions concerning the manifestation of any spell. In fact we are subjugated to the same Universal laws that you are.

More so with us as we are held ten times more responsible and or accountable then you by our higher knowledge of right and wrong not to mention Universal principles etc.

Here's the deal. When the spell process begins, the client is well educated in the areas of Spell Criteria. Viking Runes and N.R.P. We write up your spell up in the way of telling Divinity that you are the best thing since sliced white bread. We make you look very righteous in their eyes.

We not only write a spell up in this way but also word it in the most aggressive way that we can geared for speed and result. Then we perform the spell with great skill and effort.

We then advise you of this fact. Our job is to walk your through this entire process while educating you before. along the way and after the work is done. Again, there is a responsibility concerning you the client in regards to this spell process.

Now, with all this being said above please allow me to explain exactly what is needed from you the client. At the beginning of the process and after we have read your situational history along with the letter of instruction, after we have negotiated the spell or spell package, and after you have sent your package into us and we have received it along with payment we then set up a phone call date to perform a Viking Rune interpretation that will eventually be incorporated into the Negativity Releasing Prayer and or meditation that you in turn will be performing.

The Viking Runes and N.R.P. are time tested tried and true no fail tools in which we use to invoke longevity, quickness, and strength of your spell work thus it must be PERFORMED to the letter in order to have the very best and strongest most rapid spell success and case manifestation.

Remember that we walk you through this whole process making it very client friendly so don't become overwhelmed and start thinking that you are going to have trouble with this aspect of process and or that you are incapable of doing it.

These tools make a huge difference in a clients spell work for these following reasons: Thus process builds a working repore between Divinity and the client. It spiritually and psychologically grounds the client.

It allows the client to look within to change the negatives about their personality that have been solely responsible for closing the doors of love and financial success to them for years.
Over all this aspect of the spell process makes you worthy for spell granting by in essence by making you a better person. 

You will be changing old and negative ways of doing things, and of acting out on any given situation and diverting those negative energies into positive actions that will be beneficial to all.

There are other far reaching benefits to performing this area of spell process. Should you come in for your spell work with us I will explain more in depth regarding this area of interest.
After these processes are completed above Divinity will leave us as we have no more to tell or ask of Them.

The next spell movement is in the way that Divinity moves toward the client watching to see if that client is making good on the promises made during the Rune and Negative Releasing meditation. The N.R.P and the Viking Runes are all about self change to the positive and is similar to making a set of new year resolutions.

If the client doesn't deem it important to perform the N.R.P or the Viking Runes then the spell has a much less chance of working for the client as rapidly as the client wishes it to. If the client mis-uses these spell tools to "check in" on the Target, then the spell will not work or will work very slowly.

If a client is caught engaging in this activity of using the Viking Runes for their own divination or caught engaging in psychic readings or working with other spell casters after beginning their spell work with us, then then their spell case will be terminated immediately without refund simply because these tools (WERE NOT) meant to be used in this way, nor do we advise getting psychic readings or working with other casters while working with us simply because we do not know what other casters are or are not doing magikcally concerning a client that has began work with Blood Love And Lust Spells so we simply want to protect the client and make sure the client has smooth sailing through our spell process without any outside interference from some caster or casters we know nothing about or what they are or are not doing- that could cause serious damage and or complications to their case once they have begun working with us.

Nor do we know what a psychic reader may be telling a client which can cause great interference to a client's case which is why we advise against this.

Very important also; once our highly specialized work has begun, we strongly advise the client to stay close in their communications with us and refrain from working with psychic readers, using the Viking Runes for their own divinations, or getting spells cast for them by any other casters once their work has started with us.

We simply want the best results for all of our clients and we strongly believe in protecting our clients from other interfering factors from in-experienced other casters and or in-accurate psychic readers, that could potentially tell a client something that is not true or advise them against what we are working on accomplishing for the client. So this advice of course is only us taking care of the client for we have all the client's best interests at heart, as does Divinity.

If a potential client is working with another caster when they come to us and enquire about possible spell work, we will advise them to finish their work with the other spell caster first and then if they still feel they want to come to Blood Love And Lust Spells after their work with another caster is finished, to formally end their business working relationship with any other casters before actually approaching us again for possible spell work.

In our combined over 60 years of magickal expertise, we know what works best and what can greatly interfere or cause damage to a spell or even to a client depending on what another caster or psychic reader has done for and or said to the client.

More is not necessarily better in the aspect of having numerous and or many psychic readings and or having several casters work on a case at the same time; in fact doing so produces the opposite results.

In fact, by doing this, a given situation could change and damage that can could occur to the client's case as a result. A client taking it upon themselves to buy spell kits or do their own castings at home after they begin their case with us will also cause damage to a client's life and to their case.

For instance once we had a client that had been sent a doll that came in a spell kit that he had aquired from another caster while he was working with us that he did not tell us about and his entire life was falling apart- and he kept telling us he did not know why.

Finally we discovered by speaking to him on several occasions that he had purchased a doll with a kit from some caster but did not tell us about it. We instructed him to burn the doll and kit and dispose of it immediately. After he did so, his spells with us manifested almost immediately. You see, just because there are other casters out there does not mean they all know what they are doing, lol.

Following Instructions. As I mentioned above - Spell Casting Is Not A Game in which you can do anything you want. This isn't something that you mess with and expect no adverse effects to come back later on down the road.

If you don't perform the Viking Runes or the N.R.P then you are taking a chance of a spell having a much lesser chance of manifesting as quickly as we would like it to, or in some cases the spell will not work if the client refuses to comply with this part of the spell criteria knowing that they need to follow through with the Viking Rune Interpretation to prepare and carry out and correctly perform the N.R. P.

If you go against our advice your spell could in fact reverse on you. If you break your promises to Divinity then what was given to you--- (WILL BE TAKEN BACK) from you as quickly as it came. If you intentionally cause harm or chaos in your situation or obsess continually and excessively against our advice your spell will be very slow in manifesting or will not manifest for a very long time over all.

If you miss-represent your case and or lie about any part of it Divinity will know the truth and you will pay the price.
So in essence once Divinity leaves us after doing our part Divinity is with you . It's not between you and us any longer concerning spell success. However we will stay with and do everything that we can for you.

We'll continue to teach and guide you however we can't force you to stay within the Divine guidelines. This is something that is on you solely. 

This is your responsibility that will determine to if your spell is a success or not, and we are taking the time to explain these things to you the client or the potential client because we truly do have your best interests at heart and wish you to succeed in each and every area of your life for many years to come.

This magical process is about creating great and wonderful miracles in a person's life, however we must give Divinity what they want and or expect from us in return as nothing is free in Heaven or earth. If your intentions are for love. better finances or even health matters then be prepared to make sacrifices of the spirit.

In other words be prepared to give up things that harm you and receive Heavenly gifts in return. I hope this has helped everyone understand this magical system a little better.
You can never again invest time and money into anything else in life that would be more worthy then what we have to offer here on Blood Love And Lust Spells.

This is something if performed correctly can take you throughout the rest of your life while making it a more prosperous and fulfilling journey.

If you have any questions about this page, site or ourselves please inquire within.
We are here for all of our many clients and are in this business expressely to help you be successful and happy on your life path journey.

Wishing You Light, Blessings, And Happiness,
High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows
Master Wizard James Morgan ll


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