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Dream Interpretation, Symbols And Clairvoyant Dreaming Spells. See The Future Of Your Life Through Dreams.

Welcome To Blood Love And Lust Spells Dream Page......enjoy this interesting and very informative article and may you have sweet dreams as a result.The soul is able to consciously able to view one or more grid programs at the same time - splitting the consciousness - moving in hyperspace - quantum physics - with a greater understanding of the dynamics of its total experiences. While in a physical body - it takes most of your conscious effect to focus on events around you - as they are guided by emotions - the duality of the physical experience - which is bi-polar. 

This mirrors swings in emotions and constant changes in environment as all grids are in flux. In the physical - the goal is always to create balance and stability. Many dreams are laced with emotions masking their true meaning. A dream can warn us of potential danger. Frequently things that trouble us crystallize in a dream. Everyone who sleeps - dreams - including animals.When you take a nap - you are ten times more likely to remember your dreams. On average, we sleep for a third of each day. Take your age and divide it by 1/3 and you will know how many years you have been asleep - on the other side - in this lifetime. For example - if you are 30 years old - you have slept for 10 years.

Many dreams bring messages - some part of your soul's evolution. Dreamtime is often a place of transformation for the soul where it awakens afterward enlightened about the next step on its journey into awareness. This is a time where the soul and mind process the path of the questor who returns in higher frequency of thought and personal mission.If you can perceive of your dreams as projected illusion - in which you are experiencing and learning - then so too shall you look upon your experiences in the physical - and unlock the mysteries of humanity. From the point of view of dreamtime and other realms of conscious awareness - our reality is but a projected illusion in linear time.

... Dream well, my child ...


Dream Categories



Dreams are projections - just as we are projected thought experiencing in physical reality. Dreams can be comprised of still images where you may see a face and telepathically receive information from that person or they can be animations wherein you view animated scenes.

Anxiety Dreams - Nightmares 

These dreams often are fear-based and result in waking up with sweats and heart palpitations. There is generally a situation going on in the person's physical life that results in such dreams. Heed their warning and create change.

Creative Dreams 

Within your dream you are shown something you are to create - perhaps something affecting the destiny of humanity. Famous inventors, writers, artists, and musicians were inspired by their dreams.

Color vs. Black and White Dreams 

Some people feel that as a dream manifests into third dimension it moves from black and white to color definition. Other believe that black and white dreams are dreamtime but dreams in color are parallel experiences. Further - dreams in black and white indicate an event in the far future - then same scene later manifesting as a dream in color meaning it is getting closer to physical reality.

Episodic or Sequence Dreams 
Your dream is like a movie, involving a story that goes on and on in sequential order.

Teaching Dreams

Dreams can have layers that unfold over many days. In that time - Spirit can teach you through symbols of light or other means that raise your level of awareness. Shamanic dreams often teach lessons.

Flying Dreams 
These dreams are common. You fly free, escapism, ascension to source - time travel or move through grid realities.

Repetitive Dreams 

You have the same dream over and over as if a message is being sent from other side, which you have to understand. Very often it is you sending yourself a message - often a warning.

Precognitive or Prophetic Dreams 

You dream about events that manifest in the future usually within 3 weeks if not immediately. These can be personal or universal messages. You may also see your future partner, your children, a place you will live, or future events for the planet.

Universal Dreams 

These dreams are related to information you receive from the collective unconscious - the grids of our experience - akashic records - hall of records - that which creates the reality in which we live. Whenever a dream presents symbols of a cosmic nature, in all probability it is a representation of a Universal dream. Such dreams are reflective of religious experiences, and denote changes that are to occur at some future time.

Shared Dreams 

You remember the events in your dream, that involve another person. At the same time, another person in your dream remembers the same events.

Spirit Dreams 

Messages are given by those who have crossed over or a religious icon. These are often the soul of someone you knew - guiding your journey or telling you that they are okay on the other side.

Sexual Dreams 

Sex plays a major part in our dream world for many of us. This depends of its importance in our everyday lives. It's a powerful driving force, like hunger and ambition. While we're awake, sex is ruled by social restrictions and conventions, but in our dreams, even the most timid of us can have explicit and excitingly sexy dreams once our repressed selves are asleep. Sexual dreams are very coming during puberty.

Tunnel Dreams
You experience yourself moving through a tunnel into a white light or returning from the light. This may be accompanied by the sound of whooshing water. You may meet someone - or meet yourself - at the end of the tunnel - much like a Near Death Experience. While moving through the tunnel - you may move alone or see others. You can fly quickly or slowly. You can experience emotions with this dream journey - which often brings transformational messages.

Lucid Dreams
As consciousness is evolving to higher frequency of light and sound - so too are our dreams. With this comes the lucid dream in which you can control and alter the events in your dreamtime by realizing that you are dreaming. If you become a lucid dreamer, this does not mean that all of your dreams are of this type. Dreams vary as with all things your consciousness experiences. There are many methods to use to create lucid dreaming. Here are just a few. Before going to sleep - tell yourself think, I am going to have a lucid dream. This phrase will remain in your mind. When you dream - it will activate and you will know you are dreaming.

Next you must fnd a symbol that when seen in dreamtime allows you to recognize that you are dreaming. Let's say your symbol is the 'sun'. Whenever you see that symbol in a dream - your mind will realize that you are dreaming and begin to interact freely. For example . . . you are dreaming that you are walking on the beach on a nice sunny day. You look up and see the sun! Your mind relays the message to you - this is all a dream. You now can stop alter the events of this scene - projection - or move to another. The important things is expanding your conscious awareness to the point that you preceive the dream as a dreamtime experience.

This takes practice - but can be done. It will help you realize what is occuring on the other side when you sleep and the nature of dreams as projected illusion. ate fear and panic as they are warnings.Crystals can enhance dream state in many ways, depending on the type of crystal and how it is used. It can be placed near your - under the pillow - or worn - Books  Photos - Audio tapes or other recordings playing while you sleep- Music- Sound Machine that creates a soothing noise - water - white noise - other - Astrological Influences - Moon - Depends on your chart - Scents - Herbs- Health issues- Diet -Chemicals in the Body- Emotional Issues- External stimuli while you are sleeping - Ex. It is raining heavily outside, so water could be incorporated in your dream. The soul can take information from anything it is experiencing and incorporating it into your dream.- Events occurring prior to going to sleep: Media (TV, Radio, Video), something you have read, a conversation, or other physical activities can impact on your dreams.

Before and After Dreamtime

As reality is programmed illusion - you can preset your prgramming for dreamtime - before you go to sleep. The power of suggestion often works when it comes to dreams.If you want to remember at least one dream - tell yourself that before going to sleep. If you do not want to have scary dreams - before you go to sleep - mentally state that, I do not want to have scary dreams. This is good to do when your life is in turmoil. If someone is attacking you in dreamtime - tell your spirit guides to protect you - and never allow that person near you. Example: An old lover who wants to contact with you in dreams.

It is often helpful to review the events of your day before going to sleep - as if watching a movie. This is helpful if you wish to work out issues during dreamtime. After you wake up - it is best to remain still and focus on your dreams experiences.We dream in a higher frequency of thought and light than our physical experience. Therefore when we slow down our frequency as we return to our conscious awareness to the physical mind and body - we often do not have the means to understand what occurred in dreamtime. Once consciousness enters - the physical mind - we return to the 'realms of forgetfulness' about who we are and the nature of a soul's experiences. Our thought processes move too slowly. Many view the physical as the dreamtime - as a result - as we are no longer aware. they see reality as a dream.

Some people remember their dreams while others have little or no recognition. Dreams help you work out issues. Emotions can distort memory. We often do not remember dreams because we do not wish to deal with the issues addressed.Most people remember what I call 'wake-up dreams.' As your consciousness returns to the physical mind - it slows down to a frequency where it become aware of something that is occurring on the other side that it wishes to remember. You wake up and you remember - if only for few minutes as your consciousness slowly returns to physical frequency. It is then you must record your dream information before the events are lost in time.

Dream Journal - It often useful to keep a dated journal of your dreams. Keep it by your bed. Write the notes in the journal as soon as you 'wake up.' You may not understand their content until later. using a tape recorder is also advisable.Interpreting Dreams - Interpretation of dreams often vary. One must know about the dreamer and what is going on around them if this is a personal dream. If it is a universal dream - it may be more easily understood. For example - a friend of mine dreamed about the Twin Towers in Manhattan being engulfed in water and collapsing. He dreamed this over and over again but did not understand its full meaning until the events of 911 occurred several weeks later. He is a fireman. He saw the water from the hoses. He lost many friends on 911.

Some dreams are exact in content while others are metaphoric. Most dreams have symbols. Your mind can only process the events in the dream based on symbols it understands. If you experience a dream that is not within the vocabulary of your mind, you will not be able to process and remember it. The physical mind has to be able to make sense of a dream, for you to remember it. It's like a young child being taught calculus. It has no way of understanding - and therefore processing or interpreting what it is being shown - so it forgets what it sees. In dreamtime you generally receive messages in symbols or archetypes whose meaning you must later discover. This is not unlike messages received in meditations or other states of altered consciousness.

Here is an example - You dream about 'keys.' Keys open locks - doorways. Something new will be shown. You must then look at the number of keys given - the metal of which they were made - and anything else given in your dream related to these keys - such as ... who gave them to you. Death in a dream does not necessarily mean a physical death in as much as a transformation - old giving way to something new and better. A Dream Dictionary is often helpful in deciphering symbols as well as searching the internet for the symbolic meaning of that which has been shown to you.

Asking for Guidance - What I have discovered about myself is that when I am uncertain about an issue I go to sleep and ask for guidance. Sometimes I am shown events in a dream that I remember and help me focus. Other times, I don't remember the dream when I wake up, but I know I have processed the information and know what the solution is. I often wake up with feelings of closure about issues. My soul has made the decision that is best for me in third dimension.

Dream Wizards or Oracles
As far back as memory serves - humans have always dreamed and in some way were aware of their dreams - if not able to understand them. In pre-historic times - dreams were recorded on cave walls where one might find a prone body with an image above it and wavy lines connecting the 2 images. Most dreams were linked with the 'supernatural' - messages sent from gods or ways to heal the person dreaming as reality has always been about healing and the journey of humanity back to its creational source. Every ancient civilization developed some manner in which to record dreams - often recorded as oral tradition to be kept by the Record Keepers - Elders - Shaman - of that culture. If a message came from god - it was prophecy - holy and would one day determine to journey of the people.
The earliest recorded dreams are derived from materials dating back approximately 5000 years, in Mesopotamia. The Sumerians - the first cultural group to reside in Mesopotamia - left dream records dating back to 3100 BC. According to these early writings, deities and royals, such as the 7th century BC scholar-king Assurbanipal, gave careful attention to dreams. Within Assurbanipal's archive of clay tablets, portions of the story of the legendary king Gilgamesh were found. In this epic poem - one of the earliest known classical stories - Gilgamesh reported his recurring dreams to his goddess-mother Ninsun, who made the first recorded dream interpretation. His dreams were taken as prophecy and used to guide actions in the waking world. These attitudes recorded in the Gilgamesh epic provide a valuable source of information about ancient dream beliefs.

ASSYRIA - The Assyrians believed in dreams as omens. For example, if a person fled in their dreams it indicated all would be lost.

BABYLON - The Babylonians divided dreams into two categories - Good dreams were sent by the Gods and Bad dreams sent by Demons. Mamu was their Goddess of Dreams.
Ancient Hebrews believed dreams were connections with God. However bad dreams were the work of Demons. The biblical figures Solomon, Jacob, Nebuchadnezzar and Joseph were all visited in their dreams by God or prophets, who helped guide their decisions. It was recognized and accepted that the dreams of kings could influence whole nations and the futures of their peoples. The Talmud, which was written between 200 and 500 AD, includes over two hundred references to dreams. It states that "dreams which are not understood are like letters which are not opened." The Hebrews incubated dreams in order to receive divine revelation.
ATLANTIS : Atlanteans used dreams temples and crystals arranged in a specific matrix
to enhance their dreams thus receiving messages from those of our realms.Today, many people dream of a place called Atlantis - merging this reality with their experiences there. They often view themselves in the final days of Atlantis - before it allegedly sank into the 'sea of creation' as it is a parallel running grid. Our dreamtime is spent in parallel grids of experience.The fall of Atlantis mirrors our current experience in which we are shown through dreams - and meditations - the ending of this reality and the beginning of a Golden Age - the Alchemy of Consciousness through time and illusion - dreams and projected reality. Many people see themselves as priests or priestesses storing or hiding information in crystals as Atlantis fell.

This information would be found in our 'current' [as in electromagnetic energies] time line - in computer technology - communication devices using crystals - crystal grids - gemstones and more.To Dream of Atlantis ... or any lost or alien civilization is to remember one's destiny and the geometry of creation.
EGYPT Originally dreams were thought to be part of the supernatural world. Ancient Egyptians had great temples which they used for initiations and as dream shrines as they believed that the Gods showed themselves in dreams. The King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid was one such place.The Egyptians believed dreams were based on real events.
The recording of dreams in Egypt may be traced back to 2000 B.C. were the Egyptians wrote these dreams on papyrus with dreams symbols. Egyptians were among the early civilizations to attempt interpretation of their dreams. Egypt was where the process of "dream incubation" began. When a person was having troubles in their life and wanted help from their god, they would sleep in a temple, when they would wake the next morning a priest, which was then called a Master of the Secret Things, would be consulted for the interpretations of that night's dreams.

They believed there were three main types of dreams.
- Those that happened as a result of ritual.
- Dreams that contained warnings.
- Dreams where the Gods were demanding some type of action.
The earliest Greek view of dreams was that the gods physically visited dreamers entering through a keyhole, and exiting the same way after the divine message was delivered.
The fifth century BC marks the first known Greek book on dreams, written by Antiphon, an Athenian statesman. During this century, the Greeks developed the belief (through contact with other cultures) that souls left the sleeping body. Hippocrates (469-399 BC), the father of medicine and Socrates' contemporary, wrote On Dreams. His theory was simple: during the day, the soul receives images; during the night, it produces images. Therefore, we dream.

Aristotle (384-322 BC) thought that dreams could be indicators of conditions within the body. He did not believe they were divinely inspired. He hypothesized that external stimuli are absent during sleep, so dreams are manifestations of a profound awareness of internal sensations which are expressed as dream imagery. Galen, a Greek physician born in 129 AD, emphasized the need to observe dreams carefully for clues to healing. He was so trusting of dream messages that he carried out operations on the basis of his dream interpretations. Artemidorus, his contemporary, wrote on The Interpretation of Dreams (Oneirocritica). describes this as the "best source we have for the dream interpretation practices of antiquity." His theory is extensive, but within the five books he wrote, he describes two classes of dreams: somnium, which forecasts the future; and insomnium, which deal with contemporary matters and are affected by the state of the body and mind. He stated that the dream interpreter should have information about the dreamer including:

1. Images that are natural, lawful and customary for the dreamer
2. Circumstances at the time of the dream
3. Dreamers occupation and personality

Healing - Incubation
The practice of dream incubation was at least as important to the Greeks as it was among Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Chinese. Dreams also aided in their practice of medicine, sending sick people to particular temples in those places where the "gods of the body" had their shrines. The ailing Greeks would visit these temples, perform various religious rites, sleep, and hope to have a dream that assured a return to good health. Night after night they would sleep and sometimes this would go on for weeks or even months until they had the "right" dream. The most famous for dream pilgrimage was the Aesculapius at Epidaurus. Aesculapius was a Greek healer who was believed to be the son of Apollo. He was linked with cults that began the practice of dream incubation. Aesculapius visited sleepers, miraculously curing them.

A shrine to Aesculapius was established at Epidaurus in the fifth century BC. It may still be visited today.There are thought to be around 410 Aesculapian sanctuaries near Athens, generally being active from the sixth century BC until the third century BC. Prophecies would also be given through dreams to those who slept in dream temples or shrines. Almost like initiations of the ancient mystery school teachings - certain would go to the temple - where they would purify themselves first by making an offering to the Gods. Sometimes there was an animal sacrifice such as a ram - its fleece removed and then used as a sleeping mat inside the temple. The magistrates of the city also used the temple to receive answers to difficult questions.
Chinese considered the dreamer's soul to be the guiding factor of dream production.
The hun, or spiritual soul, was thought to leave the body and communicate with the land of the dead. They also practiced incubation in dream temples.These temples served a political purpose through the 16th century. Any high official visiting a city reported to a temple the first night to receive dream guidance for his mission. Judges and government officials were also required to visit dream temples for insight and wisdom.
HINDU - INDIA God spoke to the dreamer.The time when a prophetic dream occurred indicated when the event will take place. The Sacred Books of Wisdom, or Vedas, were written in India between 1500 and 1000 BC. In the Vedas, dreams of violence were thought to lead to success and happiness if the aggression was pro actively handled in the dream, even if the dreamer gets hurt in the process. If the dreamer remains passive and becomes hurt by his own passivity, however, it was considered a bad omen. Van de Castle (1994) states that these dreams might be more indicative of the dreamer's character than prophecy, since "those who take an active role in their dreams are likely to be more active, and therefore, more successful, in their daily lives".

The Upanishads, written between 900 and 500 BC, articulates two perspectives on dreams. The first maintains that dreams are merely expressions of inner desires. The second closely resembles the Chinese belief of the soul leaving the body and being guided until awakened. It was also thought that if the sleeper was awakened abruptly, the soul might not return to the body quickly enough and the sleeper could die.
The 'Aboriginal Dream time' is that part of aboriginal culture which explains the origins and culture of the land and its people. Aborigines have the longest continuous cultural history of any group of people on Earth - dating back - by some estimates - 65,000 years. Dream time is Aboriginal Religion and Culture. The Dream time contains many parts: It is the story of things that have happened, how the universe came to be, how human beings were created and how the Creator intended for humans to function within the cosmos.

As with all other cultures - it speaks of Earth's Creation by Gods and Goddesses - some of whom were kind hearted - while others were cruel. The Australian Aborigines speak of jiva or guruwari, a seed power deposited in the earth. In the Aboriginal world view, every meaningful activity, event, or life process that occurs at a particular place leaves behind a vibrational residue in the earth, as plants leave an image of themselves as seeds.

The shape of the land - its mountains, rocks, riverbeds, and waterholes - and its unseen vibrations echo the events that brought that place into creation. Everything in the natural world is a symbolic footprint of the metaphysical beings whose actions created our world. As with a seed, the potency of an earthly location is wedded to the memory of its origin.
The Aborigines called this potency the "Dreaming" of a place, and this Dreaming constitutes the sacredness of the earth. Only in extraordinary states of consciousness can one be aware of, or attuned to, the inner dreaming of the Earth.
Wandjina - More About Dreamtime

NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS Many Native American tribes believed that dreams revealed the hidden wishes of the soul or the messages from the Spirits above. Dream Catchers help us to remember and work with our dreams. It is a very serious tool that is much more than a decorative ornament. The opening in the center determines the volume that you are asking to receive and parallels the changes that will occur in your life.
I will be adding more pages on dreams when I have time to write them.  Until then, sleep well, rest, repose, and be well.

Jan Windglows