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“The Advanced Black Magick Love Eternal Spell”

The uniqueness of this spell allows a client to, in effect add components or to take components out of this spell thus making it a very client friendly enchantment. This spell is highly personalized for the client’s personal needs and wishes and is made to order to fit their highly delicate situation. The shelf life of this particular spell can be indefinite if the client implements a few simple and easy principles within their relationship to which I will help them with upon the commencement of this spell’s process. 

And lastly the composition of this spell consist of many other spell combined such as not only a love spell but also spells for health. wealth. sex. finance. protection. Good communication and so many other positive reinforcement spells to numerous to mention here. The $1200  Advanced Black Magic Love Eternal Spell  is by far one of the very strongest form of Medieval Love Magic known to the Wizards of the 15th century renaissance period. This spell is thought to have been invented and conjured up by Merlin himself at the request of the King Arthur in a effort to enchant the Lady Guinevere into the eventual marriage to King Author of the British Isles.  

Of course Sir Lancelot did come along a time latter but this was the spiteful workings of Lady Morrigan the High Black Sorceress of England as it was her intent that the Castle of Camelot should fall forevermore.This was a result of her hatred towards both the Merlin and the Kind for a deed transgressed against the start of her bloodline and the introduction of Christianity into the world of ancient God & Goddess worship. However the breaking of this Enchantment won't be the case here for I myself have descended from a long line of Morgan's who's very bloodline is traced back to the Black Sorceress of Britain. 

The Love Eternal Spell will bend the mind and will of its unsuspecting recipient causing a person to be all consumed with the client of this ancient magical operation. The spell will also cause the target to get a type of tunnel vision of sorts hence causing the target to block out everything else in life  within the exception of the client of course.. The spell will also strongly invoke that the person should return back to the client without any delay nor fail and with all hast as the client at that point will become their life's love goal as no other suitor will do with them.   

The Target will be caused to think about the client until their brain is on fire with hot and unquenchable sexual passion as their bones will shake and ache at the least little bit of resistance that a person might offer up or exhibit . This spell is geared to strongly compel the person to return back to the client and to yield under their influence.  This Enchantment unlike other enchantments in the way that it uses a more complex style of invoking and numerous other styles of magical art that when mixed together in this fashion are quit powerful and can not be resisted for long if at all. This spell is like a unstoppable hurricane that will wash across the Target’s heart clearing away any and all things that aren't  meaningful in that person’s life as at the same time it will strengthen and magnify that persons love for the client 100 fold.

 The spell will also heal any misunderstandings, misdeeds, and so forth that a relationship may have endured in its digressional state as it will also at the same time keep at bay any and all other destructive factors such as troublesome family member, neighbors, ex-lovers, ex-wives or husbands, untrue friends, hateful bosses, and all other enemies seen and unseen that may not wish this relationship to manifest or just may not wish a client well concerning their over all life.  This spell will also induce the target to dream constantly in a good and highly sexually way that will cause the Target to fall under the client’s full control eventually as it will also at the same point ion time add pressure in the way that it will cause sleep deprivation to the Target, loss of appetite, muddled thoughts on everything else because their only goal in life will focus around returning to and marrying the client of this unstoppable spell.

This spell uses wax doll effigies, ancient Hebrew, Egyptian, Celtic and Angelic alphabets, blood offerings  from the Wizard and Enchantress, Herbs, precious stones, crystal alchemies, Universal and Planetary signs, sigils, seals and Angelic signatures, hand drafted Astrological and Numerological charts, virgin parchment paper is used for the hand written spell along with the finest biological alchemical components. A spell of this magnitude most generally takes two weeks for the creation of it in most cases and can take upwards to two to four hours in the performing of it. However, the results of this magical operation start [[ immediately upon the entering of a client’s information into it ]]……

 The FREE Services that would be rendered with this spell casting operation are such services as : Spiritual counseling:  Which would give a person that extra guidance needed in the way of knowing what to say and what to do in a trying situation and as a result of this place a persons actions in accordance with the spell action thus speeding the over all process of the spell and would insure the best chances for success in the end. Crisis Hot Line : This is a line that is open to a person 24-7 day or night just in case a client would need to speak to us or had a problem that needed our immediate attention. Spell picture: The client would receive a large and clear picture sent to them via email with the day, time and date of their spell included if they wished; of course this is optional to the client and done according to the client’s preference as to if this is sent or not.

Free Recast: The recipient of this spell would receive mutable recast if needed but you won't need them……however this is available and optional for the client. If this is something you should be interested in but would like to hear a more in depth specifics as to its inward workings then please contact us either via our business telephone of 1-208-714-4348 or our email address of and we will personally address any questions or concerns that you may have about this particular spell casting.  Thank you for your time and we hope to hearing from you soon.. Imprint Information:

Please know that you don't have to come up with all of these items , Just the ones you can get laying around the house or that you can easily obtain from yourself or the person involved . [[[ Best ]]]] Hair, toe nail clippings, finger nail clippings , blood sample,signatures ,pictures , pieces of clothing, hat bands, body fluids , jewelry, love letters,

[[[ Medium ]]] Cigarette butts ,lint from the person’s clothing, finger prints. buttons , tooth brush ,hair brush,napkin that they have wiped their mouth with, inside sole of a shoe,
old razor.E-Mails ,E-mail Pictures,shared items of  clothing ,Photostat copies of signatures, etc. Please place all available imprints in separate zip lock bags or envelopes concerning  everyone that you want included in your spell work, and if you will please print the first and last names of everyone clearly on the outside of the envelopes.  Please do not write on photographs or the back of photos as handwriting is an imprint so it is better to label photographs on the outside of the envelope or outside of the zip lock bag. 

Please place these separately packaged imprints within the package along with your letter of request and money order then mail it express or over night Priority Mail to the address provided for you below.. Address Information: Mystical Spirit Spell Castings James R. Morgan ll Janhett T. Windglows

P.O. Box 386

Tetonia, Idaho


Phone: 208-399-2719



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